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      My longest Lucid Dream So Far!!

      Firstly I have had lot's of SP before, a couple of lucid dreams but this one was the longest!

      I was in bed last night and was tossing and turning for hours, I have a chest infection so my coughing kept distracting my sleep… I don’t remember sleep paralysis kicking in but I do recall being in SP.

      I decided not to fight for movement and decided I wanted to try and induce a lucid dream.

      As I started to focus, an image accumulated in my mind, next minute I was standing in a road and lucidity was vibrant.

      I remember thinking “wow I’ve got myself in”, I turned around and my car was parked on the side of this road, it was dull / miserable weather.

      I looked to my left down the road and one of my friends was walking down towards me (Chris), I remember he told me he had just been somewhere but I can’t remember what he said.

      I started to walk down the road with him and couldn’t work out if I was dreaming or awake so I decided to try and put my right hand fingers through the palm of my left hand.. to my surprise it acted like solid matter and didn’t go through, I then clapped my hands and touched my cheeks, the sensation of touch was numb but at this point I accepted it as reality.

      As we got to the end of the road we turned right and was suddenly in an alleyway with high buildings either side.

      I was now with Chris and another friend (Mike), I once again questioned if it was real and decided to try and fly, I jumped and lifted higher than a normal jump and floated back down slowly… now I knew I was in a lucid dream.

      Suddenly I could hear music, I looked up to my right and there was an open window in the side of the building.. I jumped up again to try and get inside but didn’t make the full distance so I grabbed a drainpipe and climbed the extra few feet.

      As I pulled up into the window and looked inside I seen the following.
      The room was dim and there were three DJ mixing decks on the window ledge, one guy was mixing on them, I looked around and there was some single beds and some bunk beds, to me it looked like a backpacker hostel.

      All the sheets where white and some beds had people on, the people all had the same headphone’s which had a florescent green light around the rim.
      I climbed inside and approached a guy sitting on the bottom of a bunk bed, I don’t fully recall what I said to him but he wasn’t happy that I had intruded.

      As he confronted me I tried to fire a energy blast from my hands (lol) but nothing came out, instead I flew back a few feet, he then stood up and came at me with a knife.

      I said something like “hold on I’m only messing” and turned quickly to the door, he followed me out the room and then apologised explaining that it was only a butter knife.. I looked at the knife and it was the same as the one’s in my kitchen draw.

      He went back into the room and I continued down the corridor, at the end of the corridor was a door that led to a roof top outside.

      As I headed towards the door I thought I’d like to confront my Ex girlfriend, I opened the door and was looking onto the rooftop, as I stepped outside I herd a door from the corridor behind me open, I looked behind and my EX walked out and started to climb a stair well.

      I stepped fully out side and it was raining heavily, I turned around to look at the building I had came from, the walls where open so I could see each level and the staircase she was climbing.

      I shouted “why did u finish me?”.. no answer, I shouted again “why did you finish me?” still no answer.. “why did you finish me?” then she replied “It didn’t happen in that room anyway” I have no idea what that meant, then she opened a door on the 3rd level and went.

      I turned away and scanned across the wet rooftop, to my right was a figure sitting on a step, as I began to walk towards this figure my lucidity began to fade, I tried the spinning technique to hold onto it.. as I was spinning everything went white and as lucidity came back I was now standing on my pathway outside my house and there was snow all over.

      I made a snowball and threw it, then I decided I wanted to try and fly again so I jumped up but once again floated back to earth very slowly.

      I tried again and this time imagined what it would be like to float and drift around.. I began to rise and lean forward but I drifted down again, as my chest hit the road I bounced back up and gained momentum.

      I flew slowly down my road and turned left into a coulter sack.
      At the end of the coulter sack there was two girls sitting on a wall, one stood out as she was wearing pyjama’s and as much as I wanted to continue my flight I was compelled to interact with her, I had the feeling that I had stumbled across another lucid dreamer. (she looked like moaning myrtle from harry potter)

      As I floated down to her I could see she was showing the other girl a book and I herd her mention “lucid dreaming”, I asked what her name was, from what I could process in my mind she said “menny henny”(spoke posh), I thought that couldn’t be right and asked again.. this time I couldn’t process any of her reply, I said “sorry you’ll have to tell me one more time”, then she said “menny hackmood”.
      As soon as she told me that name I lost lucidity again and woke up.

      I have never had such a long and distinct lucid dream so I decided to get up and jot it down for the first time.
      I have searched google for “menny henny” and “menny hackmood” but no results lol, the only thing that came close was “henny penny” which is a company that provides food storage unit’s from what I can tell haha.

      Keep your mind active and tune into the stereogram.

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      That's fantastic! Well done! That sounds very very interesting, I hope you have many more to come


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