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      Question Lucid Dream procrastination (in a dream)!!?

      how do u remember what it was you wanted to do when lucid while lucid? I usually go blank...

      Or..I end up 1) trying to do RCs to make sure, 2)escape my dream characters which seem to attach me only when I'm lucid, 3) try to get my dream guide to a private room where we can talk alone .... all of which waste my time and I end up waking up before i can do anything (or I lose lucidity and "fall back asleep" into another dream) - like a treadmill, i keep doing other things except what I wanted to do in the dream but there's so many distractions.

      It's almost like "Lucid dream procrastination" but within the dream... anyone else have problems with this? any ideas of how to fix it?

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      this is the exact reason i chose not to make an actually lucid dream check list until ive mastered lucid dreaming and have them almost every night, check out my sig.
      so in the mean time when i become lucid i just do the first thing that comes to mind which is usually flying, doing it with some chick or just enjoying the dream scenery and walking around.
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