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      "Ill Build you a dream guide"

      So I finally had my first LD since joining this site two weeks ago.
      I was in a dream where I was being lifted in the air by a cable way into the sky, I was really scared because my friend was holding it from the ground and I was afraid he was going to drop me.
      The dream faded and I became aware of my body, the room I was in, and my dog moving around in the room.
      I layed still and I felt my body become very uncomfortable and tingly, Almost instantly (x<3 seconds) I went into SP. I was reciting a mantra in my head and then I think my mind fell asleep.
      Next thing I know I am laying on the ground with two of my friends as I giant orange dinosaur shaped cloud passes by, I quickly guess that I am dreaming and I do a RC.
      I am able to breathe through my nose with it plugged so I quickly rub my hands together and start spinning to see what dream scene I will enter.

      I am instantly alone in a strange setting. It is not very vivid and nobody is around me. I scream out to "increase vividness and increase lucidity". The wind picks up and the scene becomes more vivid.

      I go and steal a ford mustang GT and as I pull out I see an audi R8 and attempt to cut it off so I can steal it but the driver gets away.
      I seem to have forgotten what happened after this but I know there were some annoying DC's trying to steal my jacket.....They come back around as I regain my memory.

      Next thing I remember I am in this shop inside of a mall. The man who works there creates these really cool statues and stuff. I feel like I have met him before and he seems very interested in meeting me. I ask him where I can find my dream guide and he tells me that he can build me a dream guide. I feel like this is a bad idea so I tell him no (I wish I would have said yes so i could have seen what he built). I decide to throw a chair through the store window and break some stuff, he becomes noticeably upset so I give him the keys to my girlfriends car (as I know its a dream) and tell him the car is his and I am sorry.

      As I am apologizing to the man two DC's steal my jacket that is on the floor and run away, I started chasing after the DC's and I tackled one of them. I started punching him and asked him why he stole my coat. He started crying and told me he had to pay his credit card bill.

      I woke up shortly after, very vivid and fun lucid dream.
      Dream Goals: Base Jump, Freefall through a roof, converse deeply with a DC(x), better dream recall(x), Blast off into space (x), Mutual Dream, Learn more about my unconscious, Succesfully WILD, Find my dream guide(almost)Complete Task of Month().

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      Wow, interesting. Poor statue man lol. Good luck on getting another one!

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      lol, musta been a nice jacket! *steals it from DCs*


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