1/1/10 is the date of occurrence

Hello, my name is Kris and I've come here because of a lucid dream I had last night and I'd like some outsider help in analyzing my dream. I've made some observations but I'd like some other opinions.

This is partially cut and pasted from another forum's post I made, with alterations:

My normal dreams are always of third person perspective, watching me or some other 'main character' of the dream going about their business in a floating, 0-gravity world where chaos and order pull and tug on each other. Nothing unusual ever happens.

This is my second lucid dream, and I find it amusing it happened on the evening of 1/1/10, because 111 has been a haunting number of mine for 10 years (I'm 22 now). Bit of a stretch, but a amusing regardless.
The dream:

It started like any other, in the third person floating above a person down below. I looked harder, and recognized the person as me. In that instance I felt a shock, like an electrical or static shock, and I was looking through my own eyes out into an endless field of grass and soft rolling hills. Nothing else. I looked down at myself, and I was well dressed, with a tie and jacket. I looked behind me and saw a building - alone in this endless world of grassy hills. It was a three story theater - not for movies, but plays. A sign extended from the building over my head displaying the play that night, but I do not remember the words on it, or if there were any at all. Below the sign was the revolving doors leading into the lobby of the playhouse.

-*1* Here I should note that I had no power to manipulate the world around me or consciously create anything I wanted. It was me, my waking consciousness, in my subconscious world where real world physics applied. It would be similar if I had been transported in real life to another planet. But I knew it was a dream, and I was in control of myself.

Because of my curiosity of the lucid dream, I entered through the revolving doors, and inside I saw many people. I recognized them all as people I knew in my past - not closely, but perhaps a student I sat next to in a class. Some I recognize more closely than others, but when I asked them what was happening, then had a confused look on their faces and could not answer me. I looked around the room and saw decorative plants and paintings (I don't know of what). Then what looked like a hotel doorman emerged from the crowd and announced the play would begin soon, and he began accepting tickets from people to enter. When he came up to me I said I had no ticket, and he said "We have a VIP lounge for you, sir." and I said aloud "Of course there is" and laughed.

The VIP lounge seemed to be on the second floor, but I don't remember walking up any stairs. I took my seat and was startled when I noticed a person sitting the shadows with me. It was a beautiful woman - black hair, black dress. I could not then nor now place her face to any person I know or knew, but there was a familiarity about her. I asked "Hello, who are you?", and she said "Shh, the play has started. It's quite rude to talk during a live performance." So I turned to watch the play. In the dream, I could not recognize the play, and I found it very boring, so I stood up and said loudly "This 'play' is shit, and entirely uninspired." and left the VIP lounge.

-*2* Later today, after more thinking, I remember one scene of the play. It was 5th grade at recess. If I were to guess it would be the event that led me to 'quit school'. I became so distraught that I didn't go to school for 3 months. I am now curious as to what other scenes may have held. What also interests me is that the scenes were wrong.. in that it wasn't the right people playing the roles, it was entirely chaotic.

After I left the lounge I was in a hallway and the woman was blocking my way back to the lobby. I asked her to move, and she did not. She said "Look outside." and I commented "There are only endless fields of green out there. Quite disturbing, actually." She insisted, pointing to a window to my left, and I looked out and saw that the land was now dirt, rubble, and stone, but the bright blue sky remained. I shrugged to her and said "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me.. I have things to tend to, please excuse me". She said again "You should really finish watching the play" and when I said no, she said "Well, the exit is not that way. Come with me". She left me to a back exit - one of those metal doors with a push bar to open it. She said "The play is quite good, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it." and ignoring her, I stepped through the door.

Now it seems I had entered a different world. The door behind me had no handle to open. I was standing on a narrow metal bridge that led to a square room directly ahead of me. Below me, several hundred feet, I saw a world of ash and stone, and saw only one living thing down below, a shambling creature that seemed to be amorphous and fleshy, but it was hard to see. The sky was very bright and blue - no clouds, and no sun. I walked to the building and everything kind of blacked out.

I awoke in a jail cell in a large square room. There were 6 other small cells, none connected. We could all see the sky above us, and the beast below us. I recognized 3 of the people in the cells with me - Tomas, a childhood friend, Katie, a girl I knew only passingly at middle and high school. And my great-grandfather, who died when I was about 11. I asked them what this place was, but they spoke in gibberish... I recognized some Latin, German, and Spanish, but they spoke fluently and each word was as if it were from different language. I could not open the bars to my cell, and after some time the Warden came, faceless, bodiless force shrouded in blackness, and took a faceless prisoner out the opposite door.

We could see the prisoner go across another narrow bridge to a large circular room, also suspended hundreds of feet above the ash world. Then the beast below was slowly elevated up into the chamber, and what seemed like hours had past, only hearing crying come from the room. The prisoner never left, and the beast was back on the ashen floor, roaming about. Now we all sat quietly, for what seemed like days. I said I was bored of this dream, and I'd be leaving now, and I tried to open the doors again, but when they wouldn't budge, I tried willing myself to wake up. Then the three people I knew started panicking, yelling at me in their gibberish. I was then able to break free from the cell. Surprised, I decided to stay in the dream to explore some more. Then the Warden appeared at the exit, and forced me to the circular room that, in the dream, I dubbed the 'special room'. I had to power to manipulate or stop the Warden.

In the special room, I looked about and there was nothing here. I found a tool near one side, it seemed to be a half a jaw bone with some teeth, and I took it, anticipating the monster. I tried to pry open the door, but it was sealed tightly and I could not pry it. I saw below me the creature being lifted up into my room. I started getting flashes of images. I saw my great-grandpa, when I was 10 - December 14th. I was asking him what a certain present under the tree was, and he humored me but would not tell me. I kept pestering him. Flashed to that night when we got a call he had a stroke. A flash of my first dog Sam, looking at me. I can't remember any other flashes.

The beast was then in my cell, against the back wall. Flesh was stitched onto it, perhaps to look more human, but it was not of humanoid shape. I saw one eye on its left shoulder blink. It didn't attack me, and I laughed. I said to it "Wow, this is pretty twisted. What are you supposed to be, then?" then I started feeling very nervous, like an anxiety attack. These waves of overwhelming panic, stress, frustration, nervousness. I asked it what it wanted, but it remained silent. I then said, shakily, that I was leaving now, and I tried to wake up, but couldn't. I took back the tool and began prying at the door again, with no success. I looked back at it, it opened its mouth. In its mouth was my head, empty eye sockets. I was very amused by this, and laughed, but disturbed at the same time. My head spoke "The exit is behind you." I looked behind me and saw the same revolving doors from the theater, and I stepped through.

I woke up with a migraine.

I think the bars of the jail cell represented my own social anxiety, and the closed world I've created for myself in real life - I am a rock, I am island, emotionally speaking. I couldn't break the bars until I tried will myself awake, so I believe my subconscious allowed me exit to tell me more. I don't know what the Warden represents, I don't think anything important. The monster, I believe, is my own emotional baggage (I don't have much, nothing very traumatic has happened in my life) manifested as a terrifying monster. Maybe the feeling of guilt I carried for a good 7 years after my grandpa had his stroke. I blamed myself for pestering him that day.

Perhaps the play (of my life) was trying to tell me something. I was supposed to watch and learn something, but I left. The ash world is obviously how I envision life - a bleak, dull, and depressing existence. I don't know why Tomas and Katie were in the jail cells - maybe fillers. My great-grandpa, again, was there.

What I can't understand is the woman from the VIP lounge. She had a recognizable face - I KNEW this woman, but she was not from any person in my life, I know this. I think she may have been a subconscious manifestation of a guide for me. She tried to keep me at the playhouse, but when I refused, she led me to where I would be forced to understand something while locked up.

This is all I can remember of the dream now, and I'm not even sure if I should be posting here, but I just want to know if anyone has a different idea of what this might mean.