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      PLEASE HELP this dream scares me and it keeps happening.

      I keep having this dream that a dead woman (whose skin is pale and looks like stone with deep purple veins running through it and she's maybe in the late teens early twenties) is attacking me. The dream will start out and i'll see her moving around out of the corner of my eye but when I turn around she's not there, and then, Bam! She's right infront of me and she has the most intense bright blue eyes I've ever seen. They pierce through your very soul. Then, she'll grab me and throw me on to the kitchen floor, and I'll reach back grab a frying pan and hit her with it. She'll stumble back and i'll get on my feet fighting her all the way in to my music room where I shove her down on to an amp and it breaks her neck. Then, I'll walk in to a room that is mexican style and is attached to the music room. (Though in reality there is no room attached to the music room) a nanny will come running in look at me then the girl and run to her. Then she brings her back to life and the dream starts all over. What does it mean?? It scares me and idk what to do.

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      It's called a recurring nightmare. I recommend trying really hard to have a lucid, telling yourself if the events of the dream happen, you are asleep. Then summon something you see a lot to kill the woman. I recommend that annoying fish from Mario three. He'll gladly eat the stuff of nightmares. (I used this a few days ago. Works incredibly well)
      I'm back!

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      Elegant use of words. Recurring nightmare as one has stated(YYNYM). Try to get lucid, since you keep getting the same dream, it will probobly be easier. Tell your self everytime you have the dream you will gain full control and become aware and know that it is a dream.


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