Haven't visited the site in well over 2 years, I'm back.. again, for the 4th time.

I was arrested a couple of days before Thanksgiving of '09. During my 3 week "vacation," or so my parents called it, I had at least 6 lucid dreams that I can account for.. During this time I was not allowed tobacco. I read on a couple of articles, somewhere on the web, that tobacco withdrawal causes rather vivid dreams. On top of that, I experienced my first sleep paralysis episode. Being paralyzed with your eyes open and staring at your cell mate saying "Help. Help." can send off weird messages..

Anyway, here is one of my lucid dreams whilst staying at the County Inn:
It starts out in a modified version of the current jail I am in.. I notice the oddness of the facility and end up checking a clock and trying to read my book I always kept under my sleeping mat, but in the dream happened to be in my locker. The clock gave off weird symbols, but I was able to read a part of the book (Note: I've always been able to read parts of books in my dream before setting the book down, has anyone else had this experience?) I realized I was dreaming from the clock but did a double check. Thinks were very vivid and I tried getting out of the jail, but somehow couldn't (maybe not fully lucid?) So I decided to start flying around and having fun with the cruel and inhumane inmates that were giving me trouble. I do remember being able to alter the environment how I wanted, but couldn't leave..

I have a few more dreams from this trip to the jail, but I do not want to type them unless you guys would like to hear more.. The others are a little more detailed than this one. This one just seemed relevant. One I wouldn't mind discussing and having help interpreting is what led up to the sleep paralysis, but it was not a lucid dream.. a nightmare really. One that I have had before, but slightly altered.