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      Post Scary dream with bullys.

      This is the story of the dream i had the other night. Sorry its a bit undetailed but Its like an old 60's movie with scenes missing.

      My Dream:
      I was crossing the road near my local shop and the 2 main bullys of my life came up to me and pushed me on the floor, the main bully was wearing a grey hoody with the hood up, and the other one was standing over me with a black hoody and the hood was down. So I said "Get off me" and he didn't. He reached in his pocket while holding me down by the ribs and took out a small pen knife with his right hand and made it Flick-up and looked at me with an evil smile, I knew he was going to stab and kill me, once again I said "Get off me" and continued with "Leave me alone now! And if you come near me again I will call the police" And they got up and walked off, And I went to the shop and there's more but its missing,

      theres a Major error in my dream: When I'm looking through my eyes the bully is holding my down by pressing on my ribs, but when the, err 'Camera' is facing towards the right of my face hes grabbing my chin and neck.

      Any answers of what this dream is about or about that major error is welcome!

      Phil x
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      you arent meant to post your normal dreams here i dont believe only your lucid ones


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