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      Red face My inspiring dream

      I'm the type who knows INSTANTLY when he's dreaming.

      I think that I know it's not a dream because It's not a realistic place... It's 2d! E.G the time I dreamt of being together with spiderman on spiderman's flat, 2d web.

      However, this dream... Scratch that! These two connected dreams were amazing, inspiring and one of them was different then usual...

      I've had this dream before. But it seemed like a different one.
      Please note: I didn't write this down instantly...
      I'm in this crowded building, I'm a boy (in both real life and this dream).
      Then this girl bumps into me and says some thing and these two sentences appeared next to me... I chose the most polite one.
      Next thing I remember is that we are friends and she warns me about a fire then we go somewhere together. Next thing I remember is that she's playing piano... Then this lego world appears and I get to place lego...
      #2- I wasn't ready for this type of dream:
      I wake up then go and I'm eager to check if my previous dream was a game on This Website And I find it.

      I open multiple windows in this choose your own adventure game (That's the first dream!).

      Then I wake up thinking that my second dream took place for real yesterday. Took me some investigations to see if it was real (very close to thinking my dream was reality after dreaming).

      So to summarize:

      had a dream
      wake up (not for real) and go on game site to check if it's a game and find/play it
      wake up (FOR REAL) and think that my second dream (which was connected to my first) was real.

      Then I found out it wasn't because of the fact that I didn't remember many things I should have (after going on that game site).
      It was a beautiful event in my life, taught me about those hard-to-tell-from-real-life-dreams.

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      Yeah, you experienced a false awakening. False awakenings can be extremely realistic, which makes them a troublesome obstacle for many dreamers. Easiest way to counter them, is to perform a RC every time you wake from sleep. I must admit, they kind of "blow your mind" at how real they can be sometimes.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dreamerforyou View Post

      I think that I know it's not a dream because It's not a realistic place... It's 2d! E.G the time I dreamt of being together with spiderman on spiderman's flat, 2d web.
      Wow that must have been so cool to have a 2D dream, I should try that one night.

      I usually find that false awakenings are very realistic too.

      Always try to remember to do reality checks when you wake up
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