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      Thumbs up Grrrreat Success!!! I like very much!!!:thumbup:

      So after nearly six months of no success, I finally had my first lucid dream today. I had not only one, but four in a row during a span of 30 minutes. All four were of the WILD variety, at least I think they were. The subsequent ones technically may have been DEILD. All four dreams consisted of me exploring my room and trying to control things with my mind. I tried to make a person appear but somehow I got a naked fat man in my room. This I did not want . So I immediately and unequivocally ended his life by means I will not discuss on this board. After I solved the problem of him being alive, I now had the issue of his lard ass staring me directly in the face. I picked him up using my mind and threw him out the window. I watched him flop around like a ragdoll as his legs hit the edge of my window and he tumbled to the ground. YES! AWESOME!

      Anyway, it was a cool experience. After reading all of the horror stories about sleep paralysis and whatnot, I was a little disappointed. It was only 2 or 3 seconds of mild vibrations and static noise. I felt as if my body was spinning to the left each time, always to the left. It would make one complete rotation until the point where it completely broke off from my real body. Then it was as if I was floating in blackness, like space but without stars. Then I waved my hands in front of my face and it was like I was wiping the blackness away as my dream room materialized before me. I also noticed that if I moved my eyes to the left while I was spinning, the process would speed up, but if I moved them to the right (oposite direction of rotation) the rotation would stop and I would wake up. Thanks to this experience my enthusiasm for lucid dreaming has been renewed. All you young kids out there, take this as a lesson in persistence. Good luck and Godspeed!

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      Very nice. I normally don't support dream violence, but that was funny enough to be worth it.

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      Congratulations. The first one, or four in your case , are always the most exciting. My first one I got so excited I woke up But I continued to get more and have also found that persistence is key.

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      Very well done! I love hearing people's first times! I lol'd at the description of the fat guy's death.


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