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      "Burst" the Dream

      Alright, so I was just dreaming away quite normally (read: riding on top of a train with purple trousers on) when it came to me that this was really quite illogical - so I began to LD.

      So, as a test of power, I tried to vapourise the train. It worked! The train just puffs into watery rain stuff, and so I try it on bigger and bigger objects. First this boulder, then this skyscraper, then...

      I hear this huge pop sound, like a champagne bottle, you know?

      The entire dream world, sky and everything, just bursts into the rainy stuff, and sprinkles away into the blackness that is here.

      I'm now standing on a shiny black floor, in a large black space. I see a copy of myself walk towards me.

      I decided to greet him, and so I shouted out "Hi!" to him. He called back "Now you've gone and done it, haven't you? You broke this dream! You popped the damn world!"
      Then I woke up.

      Just though I'd share it with you, and has anyone else popped, burst, torn apart or broken any of their dreams too?

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      No, never did anything like that, but that is AWESOME!!!! (Panic? This looks like a celebration of awesomeness to me!! and that's how I use it here)


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