Dream 2/13/10
green means where i am lucid
I was playing super smash brothers. I was going into a room . There were 3 rooms to choose from. I chose the one in the middle. The person said he only got to 20 or something like that. But I said its 25. When I entered the room. I was snake. I was in the dark metal pace with only stairs. I tried to hit the person. I saw the person coming up the stairs. I hid behind the wall. I was trying to bonk him but instead I threw this smoke screen of green fart than ran down. Then the game ended. I was in the family room with my brothers. I ask my brother how to do the missle move on snake but then I was describing the missle that you shoot up. He answered I don’t know.
I join this other game. I was Lucas. I was against 2 ness, one red and the other purple. I can’t really describe the stage. On the right there was a small platform. Right under it was this dark, purple place filled with the dead players. Then the rest was a platform lower the other platform. Like the picture on the bottom. I was fighting on the long platform with the two ness. My character defeated the purple ness. Now I’m up against the red one. I was doing a fire move. (This move was not in the game) Lucas breathed fire but it was really slow. The other did the same. I did it first. When the 2 fires collided my overrides his fire and damaged him. The game suddenly ended. And I woke up and feel back asleep again.
Dark purple place
___________________________ _____________________________

So I was in the forest. There was snow on the ground. I was following my ally. But then I heard something. So I hid in this snow hole that covered me whole. But then this anime girl with light brown hair showed up above me. I saw the shadow. I got up and ran. I saw a pig along the way. I came up to this house or somewhat of a house. There were 2 walls next to each other but there was a gap. Behind the wall there was a small hall. There were 2 openings to enter from. I saw someone in like a window like opening. It was the blue haired guy that I was watching on youtube. It was Kaito from Vocaloid. He had a book in his hand. He was walking towards the right opening. I slowly hide behind the left opening. Once he passed I went behind the wall. I ran through the small hallway. Then I heard him coming back. I saw stairs leading down. I took those stairs and found a room with a tv, couch, and more. There was carpet on the floor. Behind the tv there was wooden flooring. Next to the tv, on the right, there were pillows and blankets piled up as high as the tv. So I quickly hid there. I went behind the pillows and cover myself with the blanket. Luckily the wooden flooring and the pillows let me sink in. When I went inside I heard some blankets and pillows fall of. I said to myself hopefully he doesn’t notice. When he walks to the wooden flooring I saw him. Well only his legs. I know he wouldn’t see me, and he didn’t. When he passes by the light brown girl came back in. She said, “you better go but you have to pass the eagle dog.
I went out. There was a fence. I saw my house at a distance. When I heard my other allies calling, I looked. I saw them inside the fence. The fence stretched pretty far. Then I saw the Eagle dog. It had the face of a dog and the legs. The fur had gray feathers. And the body had wings. It was facing where the 2 guys were. The eagle dog barked at them. I was using my right hand to lure it and saying kochi kochi, which means come here, come here in Japanese. The eagle dog came my way. I knew it was going to bite me but I didn’t care. I reminded myself it’s not going to hurt. The eagle dog bit me. Pressure and the teeth didn’t hurt I just felt it. And right there my body felt lighter and more me after that bite. That’s where I became lucid. I was like whoa I’m lucid. Cool! The eagle dog was chasing 2 people. I climb over the fence. Then I heard the girl with the brown hair say, “Hey daddy! The eagle dog is barking!” All three of us quickly ran towards my house. While I was running towards my house, flying crossed my mind. I remembered a video from youtube where you jump 3 times and the 3rd jump you’re suppose to fly. I tried that but failed. I reached my cul-de-sac. Looked the same thing in real life. I entered my house through the garage.
Everything was the same inside. I went upstairs towards my room. I looked at my brothers room, which was right next to mine. Then I heard my lucid music. When I looked back at my room. My aunt was where with her pink PJs and a santa clause hat. She was trying to turn off my iHome. My desk was full of hair accessories but I ignore that. When I turn off my iHome I saw my glasses that’s always there when I sleep to take them off. Then I saw Michelle Phan from youtube next to me picking up the hair accessories on my desk. She picked up the red bow with a roller and a pink bow. She was saying the warner brothers product are not as good as the other one cause it fades. But it’s much cuter. I was like okay. So I continue downstairs. I went to the door with glass behind my dinner table and try to breath fire. Fail. I went outside, on my driveway. I was thinking to myself maybe I could fly. I jumped nothing happened. My second jump was a little successful. I was suspended in midair for 5 secs. I continue doing this the whole way on my street. Everything was starting to blur. So I remembered to rub my hands. Everything got a little better. Well I at least it felt like more me.
When I turned it was already getting dark. I saw 2 friends. Which they weren’t but I assumed they were my friends. We all held hands (WTF). We all saw fire works everywhere and a star shower. There was red, white and blue. There were from a distance but still seeable. We turned right. There was a sidewalk. It was already dark. I felt something on my leg. When I looked there was writing written in fireworks. It felt like needles attacking my leg. It was on the sidewalk. We went on the snow on the side. I was being swung around since our hands are still connected.
At the end of the road we saw an off roadway. We took it. It was Halloween again. Along that way we saw monsters. My friends weren’t afraid. I was laughing at them. I saw this store I decided to come in. It was a wooden store. (I just noticed almost every single house never has a door or a wall.) We went to the right side. I saw someone in a black hoody that reminded me of a hunter from L4D. Although, he had sticks for arms. I said, “HUNTER!” and I crouch and pounced on him like a hunter. I pretended to rip out his guts. When I looked at his face it was a person from school in real life. Even the other 2 people who looked familiar. They said, “You guys are not going this way.” I answered, “OKAY FINE! We’re going around!”
Then I woke up.
Awesome dream
I don't know how after that eagle dog bite triggered my lucidity.