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      I had a night with a very bizarre dream, which became lucid, and an sp event. I first had a dream that i went to sleep in an unfamiliar bedroom. almost immediately when i started to fall asleep in the dream world, by body rushed with adrenaline and everything started to spin. I instantly knew i was dreaming from this and i thought the happiest thoughts possible, and the dream ended. in another REM session i had a similar dream, i was getting ready for bed in a strange bedroom, and i had a roommate, that lived next door to me in the dream. it was a girl probably in her late 20's? anyway i actually dreamed in my dream my real mother dying, and i again had that extreme adrenaline energy rush, and i woke up again in the dream world in the strange bedroom. my roommate rushed in and said whats the matter, i replied by saying there is something wrong with this place, and we decided to sleep in the same bed, lol. I again fell asleep in the dream world and once again i had a nightmare in the dreamworld and felt paralyzed, but i could move to a degree, i tried to rose my roommate only she was icy cold and dead. I then got bombarded with strange images in the dream and i then was aware i was dreaming. I shouted freeze in my mind, but the images merely slowed down. I finally said I'm out, and woke up, but the horror only starts there.

      I then woke up in my real bed, only something was wrong. the walls seemed to be concave, in the sense that they were bending. I also could not hear my fan running which always runs at night to help me fall asleep. At first i thought it was a False Awakening, and closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. Only i realized that i couldn't move anything, and it was very difficult to breathe. I realized instantly what was happening. an SP event. At first, an extreme wave of terror shook threw me, but i decided i would not fight it and i would remain calm. I kept absolutely still, and kept my eyes closes, for i feared if i opened them i would see some horrifying hallucination, and that would disturb my chill. It actually didn't matter. I simply swallowed, and i was overcome with a bombardment of hallucinations despite my eyes being closed, and it felt like someone was gripping my hand. Even stranger, i felt a hand massage my penis, or something, because it felt pretty weird down there. I simply shouted in my mind that's its all imaginary, and the images slowly went away. After what felt like an hour, but was actually probably only 10 minutes, i recovered from this event, and actually felt pretty relaxed.

      I sometimes get very short SP's during a WILD in the morning, but not usually at night and at this length.

      Has anyone else used relaxation techniques to overcome an SP event? are there better ways to battle SP events?

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      good post

      i wanna know how to battle it my self....

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      Haha sounds crazy man!


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