the dream starts off im in Florida, i guess i was causing too much trouble it seems and my dad sends me to california with i think a friend of his who pays for my ticket, he seems to be a jerk though, some other people also came with me.. as soon as i got to california i went to my brothers house for the day, then i went to another house that i was stayin at with that guy and a few other people that happen to randomly appear like my mom was there, and all i can recall is her crying and crying about her life, and i told her its because he both have some sort of disorder and she agreed, she is bipolar and has alot more pyschological problems, and i think for sure i inherited that as well.. but anways theres this girl inside the house that caught my attention, she would gaze into my eyes as if i was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and that made me feel good, she would compliment me saying i have beautiful eyes, and we formed some sort of bond, relationship then for some reason she mysteriously died, an me and 2 other people tried to contact her like we were ghost hunting, all of a sudden i see a shadow pass by, and i would get this tingly sensation then someone else sees a shadow, i watch alot of ghost hunters so i began trying to contact her by asking questions like "if there is someone with us, would you please come forward, make your presence known, knock on the wall, do anything" it was weird... anyways it was our last day here and i started packing up my things, everyone was already done packing and was waiting for me in the airplane, as i walk out the house the plane is already starting to take off, i chased it till they could see me and he went right pass me that guy who i said is a jerk was flying that airlplane, i was so pissed that he left i called up my sister apparently she was with me on the trip but was in the airplane i called her and started cursing tellin her that when i see that guy im gong to beat the shit out of him and she was agreeing with me and trying to tell the guy to turn back but he said its too late he said i took to long.... so im all alone and i tried calling my brother but he didnt answer.. and i think i woke up from there.