Want to give a quick background on myself...

I've been into larger reality stuff for about 6-7 years experimenting with everything from Lucid Dreams to OBEs to Remote Viewing. It was mainly for the sake of personal growth however, I've always been fascinated by the construction of Storyline-like experiences.

In my earlier years I'd always have a few experiences like this, but as the years go on it's now the standard. Usually it's a 3rd person storyline-like experience. Luckily today I was woken up by my brother which caused me to realize but remember vividly that I was dreaming...

Before I get into the story here is a map out of the environment...

Based on my interpretation of the experience...
- Blue Box = The Church
- Purple Box = Cave/Building
- Black Lines = Sidewalks/Roadway/Pathway
- Brown Lines = Flight of steps (Top Area was a long/wide flight of steps while bottom part were smaller steps that went up level 1, level 2, level 3 with walking space in between each flight.
- Gray Line = The walkway that would lead to the 2nd level of the Cave/Building
- Blue Point = The chain you slide down to be inside the cave/building ground level.

So Lets get started...

Green = My Party
Red = Neutral/Enemy

It all started with me standing around with a group of 10 people near the steps, looking over at the red area I noticed a Pope-like person and one of his followers. I look at religions as cults so I'm sort of skeptical in there behaviors because there sort of standing about with a few townspeople. After I look in the direction of the purple box and notice a huge cave on a platform and right below it is a big ocean with rough waves and lighting beyond the horizon. As I focus back towards the pope group I noticed them walking in a trance past me towards what I'd find out to be a church.

I'm standing there trying to comprehend why everyone is aimlessly walking towards the church and I look around seeing 3 of the people with me following. I drop down from the first few steps to see where everyone is headed and when I turn back to the south I see even more people passing by. Atleast 30 people walked by me.

I wasn't going to follow the crowd because I was very skeptical about what was going on so, I walked and noticed the church. As soon as I got there the Pope and his follower came out the church standing amongst themselves while 2-3 others walked out and went south. They seemed hypnotized or something which made me know something was up and I too acted like them to walk back to my group of 7 friend's.

When I get back to them I try to non-verbally signal that something is up and we need to get out of here. At the same time far south people are coming from that UNKNOWN ROADWAY, atleast 20. There was 2 dazed townspeople moving by my group one was walking alongside me while going up the steps. Then I abruptly turned around to try and signal everyone that we need to leave.

At this moment the 20 people walked by towards the church and 1 of the 2 dazed people bites the guy next to me on the side of his lower back. Chaos erupts amongst us as we hit the 2 people and run south towards that step area.

Part 1 - One of the dazed people attacks the guy with me and there is a stove right next to me so I pick up this heavy pot and slam it on the attackers head. At the sametime the guy who got attacked hears me telling him to grab a weapon and he picks up a pot killing the other dazed person.

Part 2 - As we head up the next flight of steps randomly another dazed person comes after us which I had a small saute pan and smash it into the attackers face. We spot the pathway which eventually would lead to the 2nd level of the cave/building

Part 3 - We stop to realize we can see right below as inside the building. (At the start I seen it as a cave) Everyone begins to slide down besides me and a friend. Down below they find weapons and throw up a metal bat alongside another weapon which I forgot. Now were just waiting for them to arrive.

Part 4 - I started hearing a sound that I've heard before, surprisingly enough it was from a game "Left 4 Dead" when the tank monster is coming. This caused me to slide down the chain to be inside the room which I then noticed it was a cache of things. Sleeping Pills, Fire Bombs, Oreo Cookies, and other things I never got to notice.

This was the final stand as the tank monster came rushing in a killed 2 others with me. We were now down to 5 people, 1 guy on the platform above and 3 others inside with me. When the tank monster rushed in we threw sleeping pills, I also gave each person steroid like pills that would make us strong, and we threw oreo cookies. The people were all bunched in the corner grabbing these things so I start throwing fire bombs creating some space with the fire. (Indicated as white)

I knew we were close to death because I was yelling for everyone to throw things as the only thing separating us from them were these two wooden tables and the fire wall I created. But the others with me weren't really that active they weren't throwing much of anything and just standing around.

It seemed like it would be the final stand and then...


I really wanted to see this one to the end because generally my experiences I always get in during the middle and get the ending which results in credits or me waking up at the "Happier ever after" scene. (Unless of course I die)

The whole thing was pretty vivid as I remember the slamming of the pan as they dropped on the floor and the struggle trying to go up the steps while one of the enemies were holding on. The anticipation waiting for the tank monster to enter the building was also vivid.