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    1. hey silly
    2. that's the funniest picture EVER! Haha What's up?
    3. kkljhlkjhlkjh
    4. Hey Puffin

      I think you rock

    5. Aww! That sucks What did you want to do in your dream?
    6. You'll get it! :3

      I got next to no sleep last night, so I didn't exactly do a WBTB. xD
    7. I didn't do it Lol, I forgot I was trying to WILD halfway through!
    8. Good luck! ^.^
      I have to get up early so I'll probably only be doing a WBTB tonight. Boo. ;_;
    9. I think I can do it, Puffin! I think I can do it tonight
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