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    Another night

    by .Val. on 09-19-2010 at 12:18 PM
    Day 7

    I only have fragments of this one. We were staying at a backpackers place in a small town. It was like in a square. A few places facing onto a central courtyard. We went into a store, and we had a locker at the backpackers to store our stuff.

    I went to this place, it was apparently an animal shelter. But they had all these cats in their house. And this cage. That was crammed full of cats. Most of them dead. Or near dead.

    I went back to the hostel. I went back out. There was a road running behind the square. Shopping center. Empty dirt lot. There were some girls playing on the lot. I asked them what they were doing. They were acting strange. They got mad. I walked up the hill looking for somewhere to go. There was a path through long grass.

    We reported the cat people. People went there and discovered that the people there were aliens. They vacuumed up the entire contents of the house. And then empty it all back out, replenished.

    Back to the hostel, we checked out. Hopped in the car, and drove off... to the next small town...

    Next one:

    Some kind o town. I was running from something. Someone. There were jets chasing me. I ran through an old part of town, that they were rebuilding, running through things, running, jumping, dodging, weaving.

    Came out to a swimming pool, open area outdoors. I ran, crashed through a phone booth. Came to some kind of big island in the middle of the sea. Boarded a plane that flew really high into the sky... exploded... I had to parachute out...

    And the big one...

    I was in the middle of nowhere. A sideroad, like a truck stop. The Cherry Poppin' Daddies were there and I asked them about a new CD. It was very different, I asked for tour dates. I left... over a bit of a hill, that went back to the main road.

    These cars went chasing another car down the highway. I hijacked a small car of my own and drove off. They went chasing the other car, but then some chased me, they shot at the car, it was about to explode, so I jumped out with my parachute - Just Cause 2 style - and landed up nearby embankment. Hundreds of police cARS appeared, they were all white, and there were so many they got stuck. I used my grappling hook to get away, hooked it onto a car that was driving off and got out of there.

    I hooked onto a truck. The man and woman in it offered to help me.

    The truck came out ot a small village, by the seaside. The whole scenery and everything was very similar to the game Just Cause 2 - and I remarked on this. Lush vivid greens and colours. There was a bridge that crossed a river, we crossed and were at a caravan park. I was there with friends to make a video.

    There were spaces for pitching tents. We went to the beachside part, there was a boat/submarine there. We climbed down a ladder into part of the thing that was underwater. We past lots of rooms and came to a main room. There was a bar, couches, everyone hanging out.

    I discoered a secret room - some of the others were there and it was like their own secret room. I said people would like us more if we shared the room with other people and we could have parties and stuff. The guys got angry and said no, what if someone damaged the polished floorboards? Or got a hole in the bottom and the boat sank?

    Lady got really mad and marched everyone out to the deck. I threw an anchor overboard, and then reeled it in. Something was going on with people getting in trouble, so I launched my grappling hook again and attached it to the suspension bridge we had walked in on, and flew out of there.

    I then hooked onto a truck, and standing on top of the truck as it was chased by someone, it drove around the road, onto a side bit, and crashed into a farm. All these farm people came running out. Again, I grappled out of there and to safety...

    More Dreams

    by .Val. on 09-19-2010 at 12:01 PM
    Day 4 & 5


    Day 6

    I was walking down a hill to Sheas house. Her neighbour accross the road saw me, he had long hair and he was someone that recognised me. He said he knew that I liked Shea. I walked a bit more, but became scared. I walked back up the hill.

    I got a call from Shea, she asked if I was coming because we were meant to be going rock climbing. I walked down to her house. There were heaps of people rehearsing for a play. It was a really big house. Stretched into all sorts of corners of the land it was on. I went to one bit, could see to a pool in a courtyard. There was a far room that was big enough to have rooms to be a house. There was an old computer in a corner. A little boy turned it on.

    I went back into the next room. I got locked in there. I found a trapdoor, but then someone opened the door to the courtyard. There were people partying. A friend came to me and said, "Aren't you going to talk to Shea?" I walked over to Shea... she was sitting on a ledge kissing some guy.

    I left.

    I walked past some people.

    I walked back up the hill, accross the road, and up another hill. Across a bridge.

    I came to an area that was like near dads old house. I was looking for my street. A young, sexy, well off woman, stopped her car next to me. She gave me a lift.

    Her house was next to where dads used to be. It was a really fancy mansion. We left through an underground access that led to a carpark that was in the heart of Melbourne. We walked into the carpark, we were approached by people with cameras from magazines.

    They took photos of us. She was some kind of celebrity. She had some kind of draw to her. That I could not resist.

    There was a wide open park, I had to attend a function with her. There was a funeral, and then she was making a speech to people. There was media. They asked if we were happy together, she put her arms around me and said, "We are very happy."

    This wasn't right, I had to get out of there.

    I looked around. Saw bridges that were too slippery to cross.

    I ran.

    And ran. I couldn't find my house. I ran and ran. And found my street. But it wasn't. It ended too early. I had to cross through someones yard. I came to another half of the street.

    People drove past looking for me. I hid in a ditch. I called Donna, tried to call her, but she was angry from what she saw on TV. I tried to tell her that it wasn't right, but she wouldn't listen.

    On the other side of the ditch was a main road, there was a car that pulled over to give me a lift.

    Another Dream

    I was at the Edge. I walked outside and saw Barchick in there, and people sitting at tables. There was an outside room. A back room. I met Donna at one table there. There was a band playing. Iain and Daniel were there. We went to get a drink. Shea came in. There was dancing. Someone stArted bleeding, Daniel and Iain took them to the toilets. I did some crazy dance.

    Then it was like some tall skyscraper we were in. We were at the top and it started swaying, so much so as to fall to the ground...

    Another Dream from the Same Night

    We are on holiday. Matt called to ask when I would visit. I drove to an island with Donna. Around and around. We passed a store. We stopped to purchase some food. It was a little store. But there was huge line. We skipped it.

    We came to a little park and followed a swampy track that cAme to a pond of sorts. Bigger than a pond.But not deep. There was a tree in the middle. We were looking at a flower, then we saw crocodiles. We ran.

    We caught a ferry back to the city.

    Forgot to see Matt.

    Went back to the Island. We stayed at a small accomodation Unit with the family. We left the next day. My sister asked if I had packed my stuff. I said I didn't know we had to, because no one had told me we weren't coming back. I went back into my room and tried packing my stuff, there was far too much of it. Books. Toys. Looked under my bed. Looked in the lounge room.

    And one last fragment

    There was some airport. Near my old school. We were flying back to the island. We had to wear rocket packs that we had to attach to ourselves. They had wings.

    Kylie came to see us.

    I messed my suit up. I couldn't fly, and all the others took off and got to fly.

    Day 3

    by .Val. on 09-13-2010 at 10:56 AM
    Shocking, shocking recall last night. Woke up a few times, dreams on the tip of my tongue... all have is one meager fragment...

    <B>Dream 1</B>

    I am at work, and a carton of stock arrives. There is a yellow envelope in it, which suggests freebies for me. I open it and there are two DS games in it. A copy of Art Academy, and a copy of the New Scribblenauts game... but it is like on of the preowned games, that has a made up cover.

    The End.
    dream fragment

    Day 2

    by .Val. on 09-12-2010 at 11:21 AM
    I woke up this morning remembering a dream, but went back to sleep. When I woke up, I only remembered my new dream:

    Dream 1

    I had been at a place, a hotel, and I went to the airport to pick up Shea, and Donna an the kids. We drove through a city to the hotel. The hotel was in a sort of cul-de-sac, with access to shops and things. There was a huge QUIT building across the road. I remarked to Shea that it would be a good place to stay.

    We checked into the hotel at the desk, and used an electronic card to enter into a large auditorium.

    There was a play. Or movie. Being filmed. I was there, I was meant to be in it. I walked up past some seats, and got in the way of the scene they were shooting. The director yelled at me.

    I climbed up on a scaffold, following another guy. At the top was a plank to the seating, so we could get to the seating without getting in the way. I crossed at the wrong time and got in the way again, and thought to myself, "I'm the star of the movie, and they don't even realise that I'm the guy that keeps getting in the way."

    We sat in the audience. I was next to Shea. The audience was all watching it now, like a play. A masked and hatted man climbed into the audience - he was the villain - and threw a blanket over me and kidnapped me, and dragged me out of the audience. It was all part of the show, though.

    He dragged me backstage, there were some people standing around. One guy was showing me some things - recorded footage on a small screen I think - and it started to trail off there...


    I spent about a week before this taking note of my dreams, but not writing them down. It's amazing the huge difference that actually committing things to memory makes.

    Back to it...

    by .Val. on 09-11-2010 at 02:22 PM
    Time to get back to basics for a little bit.

    I slept far too long last night, probably about 10 hours. Woke after about seven and didn't remembe much, dozed off...

    Dream 1

    I got to work an the store had been merged with another store. So now it was twice as big, there was a counter in the middle and on one side was my store and on the other side was some kind of book store/gift store. Run by an Asian girl. I wondered where the other girl was.

    I spent ages looking through the books for old Tintin books. I found some that ha never been published. I found one, written by a different author, that was only a few pages long, and kind of bad, but the only one authorised to be written by a different author.

    I had to serve someone, for the other store, and had to run it through my computer. It was confusing.

    Dream 2

    There was a platform, in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by forest, caves, hills, forest, impenetrable cliffs. It was like a setting from Halo. There were two teams, and we were running around shooting at each other. It went from Halo, to being like a game of paintball. It was like a a mystical sort of place.

    I remember hiding in a tent. I ran out shooting, got shot. There was someone (who?) standing at the entrance to a cave, but I couldn't go in.

    Dream 3

    I was on the phone to Daniel, talking about Shea. I had to go to work to pick up the new Halo game. I took a shortcut. It was a long rolling road, like through a freeway, lots of roads, lots of empty barren land in between, a rolling path criss crossing the country side.

    I came to a big cave. I was with two others.

    The guy at the counter said, "It's not out yet, I can't sell it to you."

    I went through a doorway to their storage area, hundreds of legendary editions piled up. I grabbed one and went back to him. "It is out."

    He said, "I hope you guys are right."

    And he started calling his customers to tell them it was available. People started coming. I got a text message from Daniel. People were lining up. I got a call from Optus about my reception issues. We followed a path around the outside of the cave, and it came to a huge park area.

    The cave, park, green spaces, trees, waterfall, pond, etc. A dreamlike area. I was with Rob and Snowy. There were dinosaurs. It was a Halo theme park. But it wasn't. A huge 3D generated hologram of a flying dinosaur flew at us, out of the sky, and down towards us.
    non-lucid , dream fragment