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    Tuesday, 16th of the 6th, 2020 - fragment

    by 9volt on 06-16-2020 at 08:20 PM
    I'm playing a shooter game, Valorant, and as usual with my video game dreams it's in first-person perspective but I am the character. I was using a pump shotgun, and crouching down and using my alternate fire mode made the shotgun fire a slug instead of its usual spread of pellets. I was waiting around the corner and I head the enemies walking by, so I waited until I saw them then fired. They were far enough away from me that I could use the slug effectively. I ended up getting 3 kills on them.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Sunday, 14th of the 6th, 2020

    by 9volt on 06-14-2020 at 08:02 PM
    Dream 1: Driving
    I was supposed to get to Rosamond, I think to meet Dad for something. I pulled up the map, and accidentally tapped the wrong town, whose name started with a “B,” that was right next to my destination. The map was completely fictional – The land mass I was on was a large island, and the surrounding towns were all in their own little sections of the map. Rosamond was to the southeast of me, and the GPS had me taking a highway that went south and then out east to the town. I set my destination and started driving.
    The freeways were crazy – they all had ridiculous hills and steep, sharp drops. I felt myself going too fast at times, but when I went to slow down the freeway would smooth out and I’d be back to going 70-75 mph as I usually do. At one point I took the wrong exit; instead of the one that was labelled for my path to the left, I took the exit to the right labelled “Superman,” and took an almost 90-degree drop. My car started to flip over, but the scene switched into a third-person perspective, and I was able to right my angle to land all four wheels before the road started to flatten.
    The dream scene changed as I made it to my destination. It was a big city, reminiscent of Chicago, but it was supposed to be San Diego. The freeway had one more giant hill and drop, but there was too much traffic to get up to it. It was easier just to take the elevator up to the top of the building the freeway connected to, then drive one of the rental cars off the top. So, I got out, met a friend of mine, then we waited in line. The scene changed and ended before I got up to the top.

    Dream 2: Dinner
    Before this begins, I am now not too sure of myself – is this a separate dream, or just a change of scenery?
    I met my family at an Italian restaurant called Rigatony’s, in San Diego. It was rather small and busy inside. This was the kind of place that the locals would eat at. The walls were decorated with these façades of Italian buildings, so it was supposed to feel like we were eating in an alleyway, or in the middle of the street. There was a family a few tables across from us, who had a baby that wouldn’t stop crying. My Dad said this was a pretty popular place, and I asked him how that could be if it was so small. He pointed to one of the doors of the façade, a screen door with frosted glass, and I noticed there were some lights behind it. He told me that door opened up to a whole ‘nother section of the restaurant just like the one we were in. the dream faded out as R2-D2 from star wars was trying to scoot past our table.


    Here I would like to describe the feeling of the decoration in this restaurant. I would describe it as an indoor space trying to seem like an outdoor one. It gives me a strange, otherworldly feeling – like it is completely fake, and I can see that I’m inside if I look closely enough. But if I decide to ignore the details, then I can be immersed and feel like I am outside. Once place in waking life that gives me this feeling is the Venetian in Las Vegas. Look up some pictures of the inside and you’ll see what I mean. The ceiling is painted and lighted to look like the sky, with clouds and sunlight, and if you don’t look closely enough you may be fooled.

    Friday, 12th of the 6th, 2020 - Big one

    by 9volt on 06-12-2020 at 06:15 PM
    Dream 1:
    Involved me and my family moving into a new house, in a very fancy neighborhood. My room had an incredible view of the sea, and at night the full moon reflected off the water and through the windows, bathing my room in blue, teal, purple, and pink light that danced on the waves.

    Dream 2:
    Okay, this one’s going to be quite long so buckle up. The perspective of this one is also confusing- I was watching a tv show, but it was in the first-person perspective and I was the main character.

    I’m a rifleman with incredible aim, due to my ability to perceive things that happen quickly as happening more slowly. Kind of like slowing down time, but only inside my own head.

    I’m hunting somewhere in South Africa, when I’m suddenly surrounded by tribal men, and I’m held hostage by them and taken to their camp. One of the other guys there had been cannibalized by the tribe, but managed to survive by putting himself into a “stasis” for over 200 years. He awoke when I got there, and had a tourniquet around his upper left thigh, so the leg could be removed more easily and he could grow it back. That wasn’t the first time he’d had his leg cut off. He told me I could wait out my escape, and he would show me how to put myself into the stasis. Or, I could join the brutal fighting ring set up for the tribe’s entertainment, and fight my way to the top.
    Fast forward and I’m holding his limp body in a shallow pool of water, surrounded by fire. I join the fighting ring in his honor, and in an attempt to secure my own freedom. I have to do what it takes, no matter the cost. End of episode one, credits roll.

    Episode 2-
    I’m transported to the fighting ring. It’s sort of like prison, only mad-max style; All the guys there have a communal food area, and outdoor time, but the majority of the time is spent training to kill each other. The buildings are all made with scrap metal patchwork, rusty and brown.

    I arrive at night, and I’m dropped right inside of the doorway, which is blocked off by fences and chains outside. A giant flood light turns on and I’m briefly blinded, then a chain whips around my back and pulls me inside. I fall on my face and hear everyone laughing at me.

    Fast forward and I have a few ‘friends.’ There’s a woman there, who’s one of the fighting coaches, who’s also my love interest. She has mechanical augmented arms. I have nightmares about showing up in the ring, and she’s my opponent. I’m training hard and she’s watching me closely. I’m the only one who’s ever dodged knives thrown at me.

    Next episode-
    It’s time for my first fight, after a week of training I must kill this man who has throwing knives for his signature weapon. (Everyone there has a unique weapon; I hadn’t decided on mine yet. It’s an aspect of the ring where “the weapon chooses the warrior.”)
    All I have is a pocket knife, against this guy who out-ranges me completely. This wasn’t his first time in the ring, either. He had won a few fights before fighting me.

    Anyways, it’s time to fight to the death. He begins by throwing his knives, and I begin by dodging all of them. I see them slowing down in front of me, and they become blurry and warped by my vision. I still manage to dodge them and even deflect a few. His last two fly straight at my eyes, and I catch them both. He’s coming at me with his fists now, enraged by my successful dodges. I easily side-step his blows an give him one good slash across the throat. He stops and holds his neck, coughing and sputtering blood onto the sand. I’m now behind him, so I kick the back of his legs and bring him to his knees before stabbing him in the side of the neck, finishing him off. The crowd watching is roaring at my victory. I’m lifted up by my friends, and we celebrate.

    I know it is only the first step towards my freedom.
    Credits roll.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Thursday, 11th of the 6th, 2020

    by 9volt on 06-11-2020 at 06:00 PM
    Dream 1:
    I was a sort of groundskeeper for a Boy Scout camp in the woods. It was the last day, and everyone was ready to go home
    after a week of camping. I was replacing some paper towels in a bathroom dispenser (the kind where it has the lever you
    pull down to dispense the towels) in one of the bathrooms, when I noticed a noise coming to my left side. A giant python
    (dream self knew it was someone's pet) had made its way into the bathroom and was coming right at me. Before I could
    react, it bit my left arm and was starting to wrap around it. I managed to get it off before it could wrap too tightly, and
    I pulled its head off of my arm with my other hand. So there I was, holding this all-black python by its head, bleeding in the
    Somehow I ended up making it home while holding onto the snake. I remember a distinct feeling of soreness in my fingers
    from clamping down on it's head to stop it from biting me again. It also made no more attempts to constrict me, as its
    body just dragged behind the head wherever I took it. I tried many times to kill the snake. One attempt I made, I tried to
    twist its neck and snap its head off. I felt and heard the bones crushing, but it didn't die. I also didn't have a free hand to do it
    any meaningful harm. I went downstairs and asked my mother for help. We took it into the backyard and I held it taught
    as she sawed off its head with my pocketknife. It was such a relief to finally be able to let go of the snake after holding
    so tightly onto it for so long.

    Dream 2:
    I was in the backyard of a very nice house in some tropical / Hollywood-type neighborhood, on the side of a hill.
    Other houses stretched far below to a body of water. The person who's house it was wasn't around, as it seems me and my
    girlfriend were house sitting and watching their dogs. There were at least seven different dogs there, one of whom was the
    leader of their pack. As me and my girlfriend were sitting in the backyard watching them run around and play, one of the
    smaller dogs did something it wasn't supposed to. It knew this because we saw it tuck its tail in and run away from the
    others. The leader saw this happen and it could not go unpunished. The smaller dog jumped into the pool in the back-
    yard and sank to the bottom in an attempt to hide, but it was no use. The leader dog grabbed a double kayak paddle in
    its mouth, swam to the bottom, and began to hit the other dog on the side, while they were both at the bottom of the pool.
    After it was done with the punishment, it swam back up to the surface and got out of the pool, while the other dog lay there
    motionless. We thought it was dead, until a few bubbles emerged from its mouth and floated to the surface. It was a relief to
    know it wasn't dead.

    Updated 06-11-2020 at 08:10 PM by 9volt

    non-lucid , memorable

    Wednesday, 10th of the 6th, 2020 - fragment

    by 9volt on 06-10-2020 at 06:42 PM
    I had a class at either 9:30 or 9:45 am, so I rushed out of the house. I was late and didn't make it until 10:30,
    so I decided to skip for the day and head home. When I got back my Mom was sitting on the porch because she
    got locked out of the house.
    non-lucid , dream fragment