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    Hello there! Just your friendly neighbourhood forum-goer. I'm a bamboozled Student studying history, philosophy and Latin. I also love drawing, music, writing, reading and of course, enjoy anime/manga! I also love dreaming and recording my dreams in my journal, A Pierrot's Muse.
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    by A Pierrot's Aria on 06-18-2011 at 09:12 PM
    Saturday 18th June 2011
    I was sitting in my room in the university halls of residence with my sister. I suddenly felt blood seeping out of my nose and it gradually worsened.

    I ran to the bathroom and let my nose bleed out into the sink; it showed no signs of stopping, so I gathered some tissue and held it to my nose. I took this chance to look into the mirror above the sink. My eyes were no longer their normal, dark green colour. They were an icy blue and it seemed to look like the colour was fading further.

    It was then that I thought to myself "I'm dying."


    Car Journey
    Saturday 18th June 2011
    It was late at night and I was gazing out of the car window to the starry sky as we drove along a motorway. I could only see a few stars in the sky, so my gaze fell back into the car.

    However, I decided to look up again and the amount of stars multiplied and their light intensified.
    It was then I realised that I was dreaming. I sat still for a moment to compose myself and looked out of the windscreen of the car. Suddenly, everything started to fade. However, I managed to stabilise my surroundings and readied myself to fly out of the window. I began to float, but I woke up.
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    Yellow Tape

    by A Pierrot's Aria on 03-30-2011 at 01:41 PM
    Wednesday 30th March 2011
    I went into a book shop and browsed for something that I might like. After a couple of minutes of searching, a book on one of the shelves eventually caught my eye.

    I picked up the book from the shelf and inspected the cover; I can't remember what the subject of the book was, but I vaguely remember the cover having the colour red on it. Deciding to flip through the book, I leafed through the pages to find that they had been covered with layers of yellow tape. There were many strips that covered the whole page --none of the original text or images could be seen.

    Going back to the inside cover of the book, I decided to peel it off so I could see what was underneath. Picking at the corner, I eventually got a good hold of the tape and pulled it off. It came off rather easily; and while sticky residue still remained, the ink underneath was left mostly unscathed. There was a pattern of some sort on that page; although I can't remember it clearly.

    I decided to buy the book and attempt to take off the yellow tape from all of the other pages when I got home.
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    The End?

    by A Pierrot's Aria on 03-25-2011 at 10:31 AM
    Friday 25th March 2011
    Myself and many others were trapped in a huge, dark, cold room. That room was surrounded by trees which loomed over the surrounding area, making it look barren and dark. There were so many of these trees that we were effectively trapped inside; so this meant that we had to make our escape by taking down one of the trees.

    However, there was something different about these trees: they were explosive. All except one of them, it seemed. And to our dismay, we didn't know which one to pick. The police warned us that if we cut into the wrong tree with an axe or a saw, it would cause a nuclear explosion that would surely kill us all. (The police donned an 1950s type uniform.) Despite this, the group of policemen went out to see if they could find the right tree and cut it down.

    In the mean time, we all knelt down in the ground and held hands with one another, tears streaming down our cheeks. Grim cries of "I'm going to die!" and "I don't want to die" resounding throughout the room that we thought would surely be our grave site.

    Suddenly, a policeman jumped into the room from what appeared to be a huge hole in the wall, telling us that they'd managed to cut down the right tree. We walked outside, and saw an opening where the tree had once been. Simultaneously, a smile graced each and every one of our faces and we left with our lives.
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    Failed Lucid

    by A Pierrot's Aria on 03-10-2011 at 03:13 PM
    Thursday 10th March 2011
    I struggled to open my eyes; all I could manage was to open my left eye slightly. I slowly raised my hand to verify I was dreaming with a reality check. My hand was see-through. So it was safe to say I was definitely dreaming. I tried to open my other eye, but no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't. I then woke up.

    [It's so frustrating! I can never open my eyes when I go into a lucid.]


    by A Pierrot's Aria on 03-06-2011 at 10:57 AM
    Sunday 6th March 2011
    I walked in to my mum's house only to find her sifting through a curtain of coats on the wall hooks. I asked her where she was going, but I can't quite remember where she said. But for some reason, I had the feeling that she wasn't coming back.

    After she left, I decided to inspect the house. It was very unkempt. Empty bottles and wrappers littered the floor. On the arm of a chair I saw a little bulldog puppy resting there; it had an air of sadness around it.

    I then took my investigation upstairs. What I found was quite upsetting. There were empty packets of dog food on the ground --as well as the very empty food bowls. I then saw two puppies that were so starving that they lay on their sides in exhaustion. Their bones protruded from their skin and fur. They obviously hadn't been fed for a long time.

    I rummaged through the rubbish on the floor and found an unopened packet of puppy food. Rushing downstairs, I remembered that I should also feed the bulldog puppy, which was still perched on the arm of the chair in the livingroom. Everything was so still and quiet, it was eerie.

    A thought then occurred to me that I should feed Sam
    [My step-dad's Labrador--who is actually alive and well!] But then I remembered that he was killed by my step-dad. Meanwhile, I had reached the kitchen and looked in the cupboards for a third bowl for the bulldog puppy. The room was so dilapidated; the cupboard doors detached from their hinges; washing left undone; rubbish bags still needing to be taken out.

    I grabbed the bowl and headed back into the livingroom.
    [This is when I was woken up by my alarm.]

    Updated 03-06-2011 at 11:01 AM by A Pierrot's Aria

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