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    The key is 'Inner focus'

    by Aced on 06-22-2015 at 03:53 PM
    Journal entry: 6:30 am
    Mantra: I will remember my Lucid dream tonight.

    I was stood on my balcony the sun had gone down so all I could see was lit up by the street lights. I heard some talking so I lent over to see what was below, there she was but how? I was sure I saw her before somewhere else so it occurred to me "am I dreaming?", my head lowered to look at my hands they where long and boney with a couple of extra fingers...

    My vision had turned completely black, but I was still repeating to myself "I am dreaming" so I tried to open my eyes hoping that I wasn't in my bed. The train station was a pleasant sight, people where all around me so I walked up to a gentlemen sat on a bench and placed my hand on his back then walked around to see his face I took a seat and asked "how can I keep coming here every night?" His reply was sudden and blunt "it requires inner focus". This was the first time I've ever spoken to a dream character while lucid.

    Before the dream escaped me I wanted to fly so I walked over to the other platform bent my knees and jumped into the air but instead of falling back down I kept on going up. I flew over several buildings and even saw someone else up in the air but he had less control. I landed and was about to walk around a corner...
    lucid , memorable

    The jellyfish god

    by Aced on 06-17-2015 at 08:43 PM
    2:38 am

    We was sailing the seas on a big wooden warship, there was others in the distance. Im not sure how exactly it happened but we all went overboard, something took me into its underwater kingdom. Hundreds of jellyfish was circling me, I kept having to swim up to breath but then I realized I could breath underwater, which seemed perfectly normal. Then it started, I god like voice from nowhere started to talk, images of a giant jellyfish kept flashing....

    I was stood on the balcony of my flat but instead of looking into the city all I saw was fields of green grass, another castle in the distance and a river flowing to my left. Below mewas an army we must be under seige, among the crowds was two young girls dressed in simple grey robes. They where whipping other children, I shouted in disgust to those being beaten "hit them back!" so they started to fight back. Then out of nowhere a giant arm came out the ground holding the two girls in it's hand, they where placed on my balcony next to me. They lunged at me, started to scratch my hands, flesh was torn off. They ran for the door but we managed to restrain them, we all sat back on the balcony and smoked together...


    Recall improvement

    by Aced on 06-17-2015 at 08:23 PM
    2:25 am

    The land scape was dry and empty, a vast plain of nothing. There was three of us myself, girlfriend and another male whos identify is unknown. We must of broken down because the only thing other than us was a stationary dark colored jeep, blue or black. The unknown male took the doors off and piled them up, out of nowhere they began to burn, an attempt of a smoke signal. A lone plane began to cross the sky but there was no evidence that it even saw the smoke, its trajectory remained constant. The sun began to set, the fire started to dwindle as if the oxygen was exiting a long with the sun. Panic started to kick in and the realisation of a cold night sunk in, however the tempreture never changed. As we lay on the ground we just a blanket for comfort the itching began, as if the earth was covered in insects.

    Connections to waking life:
    Jeep - I watched casey neistat's vlog which had the exact same jeep, with removable doors.
    Itching - Watched episode of orange is the new black, infestation of bed bugs.

    4:38 am

    My girlfriend is away for a few days, so i decided to have a few friends over for drinks. At some point I must of gone down the stairs and outside with mates for a smoke, on the side of the bulding was a tv which displayed other people in a different flat. Somehow I was able to send a picture of the tv to the people without knowing them, next thing I remember was that they where back in my flat getting drunk. Because my girlfriend wasn't there I took a picture and sent it to her, but the intention was misunderstood she thought I was breaking up with her. There is some faint memory of being back downstairs but this time there was a red coat on a door handle. Then for the final time I was back upstairs but was outside my flat door, my friend lewis was helping his girlfriend carry down four suitcases.

    Connections to waking life:
    Girlfriend - She is going on holiday next week without me.

    I was walking down a road with some small factories, just round the corner from my childhood home. I spent a lot of my time down there when younger, but there was something different,. There where four metal containers, one of them had people in it, I remember them speaking but not the content. I was under the impression they was doing some hardcore drug, I didn't see them intaking but there was some sort of dark presence. I banged on the container and began to run away, they finally apeared, two males and a female...

    Next thing I remember was that im bouldering at some rock climbing centre, they where there, the two males and the female but how? Their faces where dirty and I remember that the womens hair was all bushy, one of the males stood out just a bit, he was huge...

    I'm going back to my parents with my girlfriend, it was night time and I was just around the corner from my house. The street was dark and had some spooky feel to it, Hattie my girlfriends cat was walking across the road just a little further up. I shouted for her "Hattie!", hoping she would follow, something was odd about her as if she understood my intentions so she followed. There I was, stood outside my house finally with a single light on in my childhood bedroom. I didn't go the regular way in, instead I went through the window, fortunately there was a ladder. When I saw my room I was surprised to see how big it had gotten, the bed in the middle of the room was supported up so it was atleast 4 foot of the ground. "I thought it was a middy bed not a high bed"....

    Cars, Dragons and Abandoned factories

    by Aced on 06-14-2015 at 12:25 PM
    The first dream of the night involved the Top Gear cast, they where filming a 'special' episode. Clarkson said it was a remake of the very first episode but with an upgraded car, he kept on trying to say the name of the car but kept on getting it wrong. Finally he got it right "this is an Austin Martin nwmp", which is actually an abbreviation for 'north west mounted police'. The car looked beautiful, it was a nice dark shade of green. The show was being filmed in America, in a big open stretch of open land (I don't know what they're called but you see them all the time in big cities). They started driving down, to find out the time it took to get to certain speeds they moved the sliders on the vents to certain positions and pressed the accelerator and the time would appear. Afterwards they got out of the car and opened the boot, Clarkson said "it's a swimmers trunk" and that "you don't want to get in there it'll cause all sorts of problems".

    Me and my Girlfriend was stopping at an abandoned factory, we was sitting on a ledge high up in the dark. We could see everything on the floor, I recall seeing an abandoned bus/train. After awhile five teens where down there walking through the bus, gina shouted them because she knew them. I turned my head and they where up there with us, doing regular introductions, a small blonde lass stuck out to me because she looked like the blueberry girl from Charlie and the chocolate factory. We went into a living room and all sat around on some sofas, I remember seeing a glass bottle on a table with a cork in it. One of the teens handed gina some cannabis and she started to roll a spliff, she dropped weed on the floor so I went and picked it up.

    Me and my mate swain were hiking up the side of the mountain, it was really sunny. The landscape was dry and endless, a dragon came from around the mountain and searched for us. We had to take cover in a cave the dragon tried getting to us but his flames could not reach. I decided from there on we had to plan our hike so that there was caves not far from us at any time so we could take cover.

    I can only remember a fragment of this dream, but I was mimicking someone's voice. They kept on saying words and I perfectly imitated him.

    Unattractive doorway stripper

    by Aced on 06-12-2015 at 01:46 PM
    I was in my childhood bedroom, such a small room. I was sat up on my bed with my back against the wall. I remember that a women walked into the door way, her face was not clear to me, blurry. From out of no where she started to strip, she was not at all attractive and I felt guilty. I became aware, I thought about my girlfriend, could feel her presence next to me. I couldn't look at the women, just stared at the floor.

    Written at 9:21 am
    Location: childhood bedroom