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    Bit of a weirdo. Very much a nerd. Been on this planet quite a while now. I love nature but am deeply cynical about human activities. I'm a rationalistic sceptic but believe 3rd person physics cannot account for 1st person consciousness.
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    Virtual Forest with Billboards

    by AcidicBeing on 09-24-2023 at 09:12 PM
    Partway through a dream I entered a sort of virtual world, green like a woodland or jungle that someone had modelled (possibly as an academic project) and added lots of billboards all along it with floral and artistic designs and possibly some jokey / advert ones. It turned out my school friend J [DREAM SIGN: school / school colleagues] was walking along in the environment with me and he told me there was a hidden model of a military leader in an area of dense trees between two paths. I looked there and it was like a really giant statue.

    Around this point he told me he was having a lucid dream. I fairly matter-of-factly told him that I must be having one too then. (SEMI-LUCID / PSEUDO LUCID or LUCID DREAM?)
    We started climbing up something pretty close to where the statue had been but it was almost like a giant beanstalk though I wasn't paying a lot of attention to it. Instead I was asking him about how he kept from waking up or maybe was asking whether what we were doing would help to keep us from waking up.

    I think at that point the dream abruptly changed scene into us climbing up some kind of slightly cramped, gloomy, industrial or urban looking staircase (spiral or rotating flights of stairs) in ISTR either concrete or maybe red painted metal. I think in the back of my mind the idea of pronlonging the dream or avoiding waking up was still there and the dream seemed to literally fragment like these little rounded bits of glass or bits of an image with ISTR blackness maybe between. I possibly have a very vague memory of an outdoor concrete scene with white metal railings on a fence (like a school car park or something, maybe with a school or library building to the left) [though this could be a fragment from another dream].

    Then it faded to nothing and I tried to see if I could get back into another dream but I just woke up after a few moments.

    I'm going to call this one a PSEUDO-LUCID simply because I didn't get to exercise any interesting conscious control, act on or think of any dream goals (other than an attempt at dream prolonging / dream duration control), or do any reality checks.

    Beautiful Road

    by AcidicBeing on 07-25-2023 at 08:15 PM
    In the car with my mother, suddenly and unexpectedly we were on a strange but beautiful road through an arid landscape with large, low, bulbous overhead lights, so I said to her this is an unfamiliar location and she said yes; then I realized one or both of us might be dreaming it in the car and she might be asleep at the wheel so I warned her! Remained non-lucid.

    Almost Lucid at School, Aircraft, Washing Up, Salt Levels

    by AcidicBeing on 01-04-2023 at 02:54 AM
    Night before Monday 2nd January

    The second of these two dreams I had great progress, as even though I woke up in that one just before becoming lucid, this marked the most times I've managed to do reality checks in dreams in 12 months. The scene, which involved a recurring theme about school, was unusually vivid this time.

    * I was about to kiss a woman I knew from long ago, at my Mum's dining table, and weirdly we both put on these very small imitation glasses cut out of white paper. Mine had spirals cut into them over the eyes. I paused just before the kiss and realised that I wasn't attracted to that person. The dream scene [and perhaps the dream] ended there.

    * I was on holiday with my Dad and he had been driving us down south but we suddenly arrived in a northern, beautiful mountainous part of the world. It was a green natural space with mountains in the distance. I think they were green too, the bits I remember noticing. The sun seemd to be out [mainly going by level of daylight I remember] but it seemed like very late afternoon, early evening (though not a noticeable sunset). I had in my mind that it was Canada.

    I asked Dad as we had been heading south why had he diverted [or turned around?] and come so far north? He told me he had cows up here and needed to give them water. I think I asked how we got here so quickly and he said he made great time and did it in two hours. He mentioned how economical it was pointing out that it was costing him less than a flight up there. At this point I remembered it was in his old car and given how worn out the car was, I wondered if the wear and tear on the car would end up costing him more [Interesting I was asking QUESTIONS a lot / good CRITICAL THINKING].

    We started walking through a grassy area with a worn public dirt path. It was obviously a natural space popular with lots of tourists. Dad's cows seemed to be roaming free here. At this point I wondered why he would need to drive all this way to give them water and wouldn't all the people around give them drinks [Not the best dream logic, but neither is looking after cows hundreds of miles away and driving there unplanned to provide water].

    After that I thought about how long we were staying in that part of the country before we had to move on and decided I had enough time to drive somewhere [for the evening? Also where did I suddenly get my own car from up here? I thought I came in Dad's?].

    The dream seemed to cut to me having arrived in the road by my old school. [SCHOOL: Huge DREAM SIGN]. I seemed to know that I wasn't a pupil at this school anymore [I didn't really reflect on this, I just knew like I would when I'm awake, like I knew that I'm older now and don't go to school anymore, without actually thinking those thoughts specifically. This is a big step from my usual dreams about school where I almost invariably don't know that].

    I saw the pupils walking around. For some reason I had to attend lessons at the school today, even though I was now a guest. I started to think about which lesson I needed to go to first (as I had no timetable) [SCHOOL: Not knowing where to be next / missing / incomplete timetable, one of my biggest DREAM SIGNS]. I immediately thought to myself that this is what normally happens in my dreams - I think I thought it a couple of times - but I didn't immediately become lucid because this dream was one of the most vivid I can remember and I can still remember how strikingly it felt 100% real. The visuals were very vivid and clear. [I don't remember noticing temperature, any breeze, really noticing any noise but that's because I wasn't paying attention to any of them, just where I was and where I needed to be next].

    I remembered what I needed to do to find out what lesson I needed to go to next, as I dream about the problem so often, that I needed to go to the classroom where my tutor was who was responsible for dictating my timetable at the start of the year. The very next thing I knew was I was pinching my nose to do a REALITY CHECK - but I have no memory of deciding to do so. I couldn't breathe when I held my nose and I remember instantly trying to make sense of this [I guess thinking it's not a dream or it's not a lucid dream or similar] whilst at the same time noticing that the dream had just disappeared and I saw the blackness of my closed eyes and realised I was awake.

    Night before Tuesday 3rd January

    * I was sitting on the right hand side (maybe 3/4 of the way towards the back) of what could have been a coach but later turned out to be an aircraft. I had a number of belongings that I was trying to gather up on my lap - I think articles of clothing, a rucksack and maybe some other bags. I think it was almost time to leave. I seemed to be worried that a guy to my left would try to mess with or steal some of my stuff, so I was trying to pack it all away in a way he wouldn't be able to get at it. I think I decided I was going to have to clip or tie something - maybe another bag - onto the back of the rucksack and I was worried he might try to steal from it when I wore it on my back.

    * I was in some big canteen or cafe with some young guys. We had to wash the food off the dirty plates but we weren't doing all of the washing up work, we just seemed to be doing one step to make other people's jobs easier. I think we were supposed to take them and put them somewhere or do some other extra step and I think I was trying to skip that step (to save time and effort) and the other guys were telling me not to.

    * In some very incoherent scene someone was wearing an LCD display. I think it was on their lower chest. It showed something to do with a salt level I think - but in this dream I'm pretty sure it wasn't anything as meaningful as the salt level in their blood (electrolyte balance). I had a task I had to keep repeating [which I can only remember very faintly and was probably very vaguely defined in the dream. It could have changed from moment to moment] which might have been getting table salt, presumably to influence this reading on his screen.

    Updated 01-04-2023 at 04:16 AM by AcidicBeing


    Hotel Rooms

    by AcidicBeing on 12-18-2022 at 10:40 PM
    I think I remember scenes from one continuous dream but they could've been separate dreams. Either way, I think the scenes I can remember were all on ground level. Most of them seemed to be inside various rooms of a hotel and bar (though in some scenes it might have been a different building in another place - it had a similar feel at the very least though) and in the car park outside it. As it was all ground level it must have been a single storey building like a bungalow.

    * I was working with some other guys who were very faintly defined. I barely noticed they were there and at times I suppose they weren't. I vaguely remember we might have been moving around the building looking for various (mechanical?) parts. I remember a brightly lit white or lightly painted room with a row of large, tallish white framed windows with daylight coming into the room. Later we, or at least I, were outside in the car park and I had to fit lots of strange parts onto what seemed to be a motorcycle (as parts had obviously been removed). I had a sense we needed to get this ready for some kind of a job (maybe something a bit dodgy). One part I remember was smallish and made of grey metal. Part of it was sort of tubular like it was an exhaust tip or exhaust baffle and at the back it had a very rough shape like it had been melted or very poorly cast. I had to fit that near the back of the bike. It would make sense that it was going on the exhaust but my dream brain wasn't clear if this thing even had an exhaust. It quickly morphed into me working on what looked like the area where a back wheel would go, the hub or axle components maybe.

    * In another large hotel (reception or lounge) room maybe facing a car park, again with quite a few largeish windows I think, I was complaining to someone about how my relationship was going badly. I think it was about a girlfriend losing interest or possibly showing signs of leaving. I think I was asking if I should take her on more dates (to rekindle interest) or the DC suggested it to me/agreed. But then I was saying something like there are only so many times I can take her to the cinema or [some other date ideas]. I get a sense I was frustrated about a number of relationships not really working out, rather than necessarily just this one.

    * I was moving around a crowded bar area which might well have been part of the same hotel. In the middle of the wall opposite the bar was the front door with a large enclosed porch. I don't remember seeing tables in the bar. I think there were just lots of people standing all around the room. I got a sense that I had some sort of task or mission to complete which was why I had to keep walking back and forth through the crowd of people [This having some fuzzily defined mission / quest / assignment seems to be a recurring theme in my dreams lately. New DREAM SIGN: fuzzy or strange mission].

    * I think I remember choosing food in a large canteen. It could've even been school [hazy about this - it might not have even been in this morning's dreams].

    Couple of Fragments

    by AcidicBeing on 12-15-2022 at 09:25 PM
    Very little dream recall. Just a couple of vague memories of dream fragments:

    * A vague impression of maybe searching for a DC (some kind of mission?), possibly seeing boxy almost cubic houses. I think there were quite bright colours, red.

    * I remember being in some kind of a street. I think I saw a large view of a traffic light. I don't think it looked real.
    non-lucid , dream fragment