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    I'm generally a quiet person. But that doesn't mean I'm unfriendly, so feel free to chat me up! It's nice to meet you :D
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    Completed Non-lucid dreams

    by Actor on 03-25-2015 at 03:48 PM
    All of the dreams today are mostly me in first person, with full completion, resulting in me waking up upon finishing the dream. Sentences in Italics are thoughts I have in dream, while sentence in brackets are thought outside of the dream.

    1. The dream starts of with me wondering down a corridor within the inner campus of a university, where only staff excess is allowed. It resembles the corridors of a hospital, but it's colours are muted. Although I say it resembles a hospital, I know it is not, as I've been to other parts of this university in other dreams before. I don't see anyone around, although I do sense others in the immediate vicinity. I come across a strangely shaped fish tank almost immediately.

    It had a odd elongated back wall with gouges of different size and depth. Water flowed gently across its surface, collecting in it's nooks. It looks like a waterfall, I think to myself.

    Upon closer inspection, I realise there were shrimps in the tank- two to be precise.

    One hung precariously on the edges of one of the gorge, fighting desperately to swim against the 'strong' currents with its small body. The other, with it slightly bigger size, was snuggled cozily in a hole befitting it's breadth. Perhaps it was their contrast, or the smaller shrimp's struggle, I do not know.

    I become gripped with a sudden obsession, one that revolved around the tank and its tiny occupants.

    I spend a few moments trying to help the smallest shrimp, only to cause it time and time again to be swept away by the water. Eventually I manage to balance it on my finger- I pause for a moment, realising that it was the first I've ever seen my hands in a dream, there being no need for my hands until now. I continue on once I took note of this peculiarity- and find a nook suiting its size.

    Stuck in their nooks, they never meet, only seeing the walls of the tank for their entire lives. Such a large tank and small inhabitants. They must be lonely, I ponder.

    I continue down the corridor in search of more fishes to place in the tank.

    Round the corner, I see another tank with an odd array of creatures. Out of all the creature I only recognise the dory fish from Finding Nemo, although I do not know the name of it's species. All of them were suspended in air within the tank absent of water. Unmoving.

    At this point in time, the dream becomes sort of a blur and jumps. I only know that I've made my choice in which to bring with me back to the first tank.

    The dream fast forwards to the first tank filled full with water. The shrimps are now able to swim freely, and they have new companions. And that's when things go down hill. The two shrimps, upon meeting, enter a predator and prey relationship. Ending with the larger shrimp swimming off with the smaller shrimp in it's jaws.

    While the other fishes that I had chosen, although previously in stasis, upon contact with the water, come to life and feast on one another. I'm slightly alarmed and distressed at the results.

    My vision then becomes focused on the dory and one other creature. The dory is one of the first to be eaten, and only an empty outer shell is left behind, the inside entire sucked dry. While the other creature- a strange ugly brown, angular fish with it's face at the top of it's body and wide lips- remains still all this while.

    Suddenly, it's face and jaws snap up just as the shell of the dory lands on it's face. It spit it out a second later when it realises it can't eat the empty shell.

    Dream Jump

    I become worried that the strange creature may starve to death, and take it out from the tank. It becomes a small turtle, smaller than the palm of my hand. I attempt to feed it a copy turtle, and salt. The shell of the original turtle folds and become the jaws of the ugly creature and consumes the copy.
    The dream's story finishes and I wake up. (It's around 3-4am)

    2. In this dream, my body is a man's and I am a mob boss. I get into a white limousine. My grandmother appears before me. I become confused, as I'm sure my grandmother passed away years ago, but I take it in stride, assuming it to be a conspiracy of some sort in my family. Shortly after, the limousine is fired at. We are showered with bullets, but miraculously I am unharmed, my grandmother however has been shot in her side.

    My body becomes back to my original, and my dad and I hold my grandmother up and try to carry her to the nearest hospital. The dream ends with us not making it in time before my grandmother's heart stops beating, and turning into a inflated ballon in the shape of a person upon death. And I think No one has died in my dreams before before I wake up.

    3. My brother and I are on a bus to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, from the Dreamworld singapore . It's a tight squeeze. The bus is slightly dim, but filled with a number of coloured mini monsters/ blobs. (They kinda remind me of something outta Spirited Away)

    We travel for a time before one of my old acquaintance, Darren, board the bus. We exchange greetings, but something about him is off. His grin is slightly...disconcerting. I proceeded to stare out the window, observing the scenery. The scene outside is breath taking. The setting sun turns the sky a blazing blend of gold and red, going well with the rust red of the autumn trees outside. I try to capture the scene with my phone camera but fail as the bus moves on.

    As more time passes, the seats surrounding me start morphing into part and items from my house's laundry room. (Since this was non-lucid I just went with the flow like it was normal lol ) I start hanging up the laundry. Among the laundry there, I find dead mashed up babies and other mashed up bloody meat in between folded clothes. My mother is beside me as I find them, and smiles, revealing two shape row of incisors. Mother did this, I note.

    I continue hanging up the laundry, strangely calm about the fact that my in dream mother is a man eating monster.
    What feels like hours pass, and I start to panic at the endless laundry and am nearly about to cry when I wake up.

    4.I am in an indie game playing as a pink blob called bob. Everything is pixelized and the objective of the game is to look for my burger. I go through a series of tasks and eventually find my hidden burger. The dream then ends