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    Over the Past Month-ish

    by AdelaideVenia on 03-17-2015 at 03:56 AM
    10:33 PM

    Okay so because I'm a lazy butt I haven't been recording my Lucid dreams lately, but I'm going to jot down what I remember really quick.

    Dream 1: (Mid-Febuary?)
    I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night, but every time I fell asleep I had a recurring dream of my friends and I in a weight room. At one point I went lucid and felt myself rolling off of my bed, almost gliding, not in my control. I then started to fall into a void and saw the image of the weight room again but didn't go in because I had a bad feeling about it(pretty sure I saw an older man and that made me uneasy).

    Dream 2: (Early March)

    I had a false awakening and decided to take my dog downstairs to my dad. I put her on the couch, and there were three dogs on the couch. I only own two dogs.

    Dream 3: (Late Febuary)
    I woke up, had a false awakening. Decided to walk downstairs and keep control of my dream, but as I did my P.O.V shifted for a second so it was as if I were a small animal, and then I was floating and "swam" downstairs as I started to lose focus. I managed to get down and walked past my dad, who was asleep on the couch. I decided to go outside and change a scene that way, but it didn't work because I already saw my front yard out my window. I turned the doorknob (the feeling of me gripping it was insanely real) and walked outside. Everything looked rather normal except that the sky was a cartoony red-and-purple night with the moon out. There were also some people outside and a tree was where it wasn't supposed to be. I wanted to turn a corner and see a wolf but that didn't work. I lost lucidity when I found a kid playing with some cat in my yard and went to warn his mother that the cat could hurt him.

    Dream 4: (A week ago)

    I remember being lucid and being proud of how well I was staying stable in my dream. I walked into my sister's room.

    Dream 5: (Last night)

    I remember looking at a girl who cupped her hands and a tiny book appeared when she opened her palms. She then was able to make the old-looking book with a red leather cover life-size. I tried to copy what she did but I think I changed dream scenes by then. I remember doing a hands check and then waking up. I do know that I'll use that hands method to summon objects and maybe even scenes from now on.


    by AdelaideVenia on 01-17-2015 at 05:09 AM
    10:41 PM
    Dream Occurred: 1/14/16 (Wednesday)

    I went to bed rather early for me, 10 or 11 PM. I decided to try WILD, but let my thoughts drift off a bit. I then saw a bright light flash (yellowish-greenish) on my eyelids. I didn’t panic when I normally would have. I then started vibrating and thought “this is normal for going through sleep paralysis”. I accepted that thought, but it almost felt like someone else said it, not that I think about it. I also thought that once I opened my eyes I’d be in my room.
    So I did. I did a nose check and it passed. Since my current LD goal is to transform into a wolf, I tried to turn myself into one. I looked at my stubby hand and tried to make it a paw, but only got as far as making my hand into a black mass.
    I had a number of more fragments where I had FA’s (I think I had two in total but I’m not sure). Here is a list from what I remember of them:
    - Trying to wake up in a bed in my dream world but doubting it would work, so it didn’t.
    - Howling to see if I sounded like a human or wolf (I also wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not)
    - Seeing microbial microscope looking things in front of my eyelids, and this scaring me
    - Telling myself that when I woke up I’d be in my bed, but my friends would be there
    - Two of my friends being in my 7th grade science room with me while I was in my bed. Sorta a morph with the classroom and my bedroom.

    The Tropics & Gatorade

    by AdelaideVenia on 12-30-2014 at 06:54 AM
    4:36 PM

    Man I am really late with this one. Anyways...

    For some reason, last night I had that paranoid feeling when I was in my room and in bed. I had a dream of me being in my room with a panicked feeling. I also remember thinking that I was in a dream but never gained lucidity. I woke up shaking. I waited for that feeling to wear off, did a nose check and went back to sleep.

    In my larger dream, I was in a playground when I saw an electronic-looking sphere that was light blue. There were words on it that said something about a video game and I went inside. I remember thinking that It looked not as real as I would have liked it to. I went inside the sphere anyways and saw I was over a light colored ocean. I tried to dive from the air into the water but once I got in I did not feel any water and the “game” restarted.

    I then was flying over the tropics for a while and remember seeing crocodilians. At some point, I was in the store I work at, walking behind my dad. I remembered that it is possible to eat and drink in dreams so I tried to drink some Gatorade. It tasted very watered down. I then saw one of my middle school friends had a stand with brownies. I took one and could feel the texture of it as I ate it. I then woke up.


    by AdelaideVenia on 09-14-2014 at 05:03 PM
    10:30 AM
    Last night/early this morning I had two FA’s in a row. They were both a bit disturbing.
    1st FA:
    I woke up in my room and did a nose check. When it passed I didn’t really believe it since my room was very clear, I hadn’t felt any vibrations, and I could see and feel my entire body. Since my family was asleep I didn’t want to do anything stupid, so I decided to walk downstairs.
    I definitely knew it was a dream when I walked down my hallway. There were things in there like boxes that didn’t belong in my house. As I walked a flashlight beam shone in front of me, as if I was wearing one of those helmets. Once I got downstairs I saw my dad sleeping on the couch. I did a type of pounce/moon jump in front of him.
    Next thing I knew I was back in my bed again, falling asleep. A really giant whooshing noise went into my ears and just wouldn’t stop. I tried to close my eyes and create a new dreamscape, but instead just had another FA.
    2nd FA:
    I “woke up” again to my room being very realistic. I did a nose check which passed and immediately afterwards looked down at my feet (and in the process squishing up my blanket). My legs and entire body were there. I tried to float and create a new dreamscape but neither worked. I then walked downstairs.
    My living room, for some reason, was in the morning daylight. My parents were downstairs eating a box of something and arguing over if I was asleep or not. One of them said “she’s right there” while the counter to that was “no, she’s in her REM cycle”. At first I didn’t say anything, but then I remembered that it was a good thing to speak to dream characters. I then said “I’m awake” in a calm tone and both of my parents turned into dark figures. They threw the black box at me, but I didn’t feel it hit me or anything.
    I then went downstairs, deciding that I wanted to create a giant feast for myself (you can’t gain calories by eating dream food ). Instead I walked farther into my den and near my bird’s cage. I then turned around and saw the figure of my dad (still pitch-black) and the silhouette of my dog. I called her and wanted to pet her, but suddenly I was in my room again.
    This part is a bit fuzzy. This may have even been a 3rd FA but I can’t really remember. Once I was in my room again I started to panic a bit. I kept doing nose checks and breathing in quickly to try and wake myself up. I laid down again and the whooshing sound came back with another metallic sound mixed in.
    I then woke up for real and did a few nose checks which failed. Then I looked in my school planner to see if I could read correctly. I never checked the time but changed sleeping positions and told myself I would have a normal dream. I did.


    by AdelaideVenia on 09-14-2014 at 05:02 PM
    10:57 PM
    After three long months of basically having nothing, I finally had another lucid dream last night. I was having trouble sleeping. Before I fell asleep, I had thoughts about “going back to a happy time”.
    For some reason I thought of the summer of 2009. I was in the top bunk of my bed (around 2011 I got the room for myself and I now sleep in the bottom bunk) and was wearing my old purple nightgown. I had my IPod plugged in and was listening to songs I own now, but didn’t have back then, including Oh No by Marina and the Diamonds. I was also afraid that a screamer audio would come on my music and some monster would grab me in the night.
    At one point I had trouble opening my eyes, and I didn’t think much of it since I had this problem once when I was very tired (I think that might have been the night of my annoying fragments). Well, I managed to open my eyes and my room was extremely blurry and bright. I felt a vibration in my side and knew from a previous nightmare that went lucid that this meant I was dreaming. I also did a nose check, but I didn’t feel my hands on my nose. I didn’t really feel like I had a body. I didn’t have 100% control and didn’t really think things out, but instead decided that I could fly in my room. I started floating to one corner of my room from the bunk and woke up suddenly.
    Once I opened my eyes again I was in my real room, and did another check to be sure. I checked the time and saw that it was 2:33 AM. I’m going to set an alarm tonight for 2AM and try the WBTB method.
    Another indicator for dreaming I have decided to use is music. I had a non-lucid dream once where I was on a boat with a young man and we were releasing captive fish into the sea. He began singing Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and I broke down in tears. I’ve decided that hearing that song could mean that I am dreaming. Hopefully it works.