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    1. Well yes and no I'd love to work as a professional music composer, but I'm still thinking that I should just keep it as a hobby though. I occasionally compose music for friends game projects etc.
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      Sounds really great I'm sure that I'm not the only one who think that xD Do you have any plans to work as a music composer?
    3. Yay, A first visitor message! I assume you meant "what music do you listen to?", I listen to a broad collection of music genres... And I also compose music too, here's my blog update with some of my songs

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      Hey how are you doing? I see you are from Finland.. what music do you hear?
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    REM dreamer 2

    by ADEzor on 08-13-2012 at 06:43 AM
    blue = day activity before sleep
    dark orange = dream
    red = lucid dream
    Black = thoughts/notes

    I kept the REM dreamer guide in my pocket and occasionally read the "REM dreamer signals inside a dream" part and visualized myself in those situations plus becoming lucid. I also did reality checks.
    These are the dream fragments. I don't remember much because I had a restless night because my summer vacation ends tonight and I'll be at work tomorrow.
    I again dreamed about my childhood school (what's up with that?) All the schools and classmates along my life had been mixed together in a one "blob" which had anything to do with the word association "school". Our class was discussing about some type of a school trip to somewhere. I had somehow driven to school with my current car (renault megane classic) and with a Toyota landcruiser. Some other dudes had crashed into my Toyota and the front right door had ripped off... It started snowing when I was examining the damage... I woke up soon after.
    I think I had one or two false awakenings because the "REM dreamer" was not responding, until I woke up for real later that night.

    I need to concentrate harder in this!

    REM dreamer 1

    by ADEzor on 08-12-2012 at 03:23 PM
    blue = day activity before sleep
    dark orange = dream
    red = lucid dream
    Black = thoughts/notes

    I decided to give my REM dreamer a try. I had taken a long pause from lucid dreaming in general, but a spontaneous DEILD out of the blue ignited my interest with lucid dreaming. I re-read the REM dreamers small booklet and started observing different light sources during the day + make reality checks
    I spent the whole dream walking around with black goggles/glasses (like in Harry potter but with way thicker bars) and red led light attached to the left nose pad. I was in my childhood school during the whole dream. Some lady asked me if my glasses were one of those famous REM dreamers. I nodded and lended my glasses for her to examine them more closer. I explained her how they let me have lucid dreams and how they would flash a red light when I was dreaming. ...yes... the glasses kept on flashing red as I was saying these things to her. I put the REM dreamer back on and continued the dream without achieving lucidity. I woke up and was infuriated about my dream stupidity. The poor REM dreamer tried to tell me I was dreaming but I didn't take heed. I slowly "faded" back into a dream the red light flooded my field of vision. And I woke up (FA) I took the REM dreamer off and looked at the ceiling.. The red light shined again and I thought "odd, I took the mask off but I still see the red light?" Then I woke up for real... Just as I was about to get lucid.

    The REM dreamer mask takes some getting used to, I woke up occasionally with an urge to turn on my side.. Its possible to sleep on your side, but you need to adjust the position of the mask a bit every time you turn, and sleeping on your back works best with the mask.
    The good thing is that my red flashes are somewhat undisguised, and the presence of the REM dreamer are both very simple and clear dream signals! It won't take long for me to use it in my advantage.
    non-lucid , false awakening