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    About Aeona
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    a lot
    I Am Chela and a Nagual... but I am known by several names and terms LOL
    I have Synesthesia, and a controlled folly maker

    My mantra for now is: I can not fault those who Fear, that is a effect of the defunct grid overlaying the Earth, nor their Will that they mistakenly think as Free Will
    Keylontic Science, Techno (and most music in general), Lucid Dreaming, shamanism, Quantum mechanics
    polarity/energetic healing
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    I have heard there are troubles of more than one kind. Some come from ahead and some come from behind. But I've bought a big bat. I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me! Dr. Seuss


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    Fragment_ guy steals spacesuit

    by Aeona on 05-25-2011 at 03:23 PM
    May 25
    7.5 hours of sleep

    I am sitting with my boyfriend on couch in a mutual friends house. The room was wood paneled and the lamp causing a yellowish quality of light in the room. Directly in front of us, our friend sat talking about things I will just say was very self important, so I was tuning him out.

    Coming from the hallway, behind our friend, a guy walked toward us trying to sneak past us, he looked to me about age 15, with short dark brown hair and brown eyes. He did not want to be seen, obviously, walking out of the house in the spacesuit that his brother (our friend) had recently 'acquired'. I understood this instantly and grinned.

    I decided to help him, feeling very mischievous and also that the kid was right. His older brother had no right to take this spacesuit from ___ (I can't recall the name) and then hide it in his house. I leaned forward and started talking in a quiet tone, like telling a secret to make their attention to be focused on me while he slipped by and out the door. The suit was light blue with no insignia that I could see.

    Later, we left the house with our friend and I got into the back of my friends car. My Bf was still just chatting away with our friend. When we were on a long stretch of an unlit road, I looked out the window to glimpse at the stars. There was a flash of light and for a moment I saw within the wormhole before it closed. I turned my head and the guy in the space suit now was sitting by me in the car. I laughed. He now was older, looked about 50, his hair grown long with gray streaks and slightly curly. He said to me "You haven't aged a bit" and I replied "Why WOULD I have aged? I didn't go anywhere" and winked.

    Updated 05-25-2011 at 03:27 PM by Aeona


    Fragment May 17

    by Aeona on 05-17-2011 at 04:43 PM
    The Full Moon, as usual for me, effected my dreams and recall.

    Society had crumbled and there were only two major 'countries', neither of which was I part of. Me and mine had a separate and very isolated city.
    Standing with several people in a large room, the was one man I thought for whatever reason was a reporter. He wanted access to our fortified community. He was a tall white man, maybe 165 pounds wearing a blue business shirt. I didn't think he had any good intent for us..so I said I thought he should go on his way back to where ever he came from. The next thing I knew, he was slung over the shoulder of another man. This..bothered me. I said to the man " I really hope you are not planning to use him for a blood sacrifice".


    On a funnier note, night before last I had intended to do May's dream task. But once I was IN Dream, I thought that it was not such a good idea for me to crash Luna into the Earth. (maybe this was in part due to the almost full moon..dunno)
    dream fragment

    No rest for the..

    by Aeona on 05-14-2011 at 05:26 AM
    Again, a midday nap/AP beckoned...literally.

    I closed my eyes and immediately I
    Saw swirling purple energy that after a moment became man shaped. I knew this person, I was greeted with a "Hello Aeona" then he hugged me.
    Purple wrapped around me.

    We had just gotten to a beach, it looked around sunset and we walked..without talking. Like usual I was wary of the scourge commonly called seagulls, and I thought I hope no one has fed them lately. I had an odd feeling then..

    I heard a friend talking. She was upset about people coming into her dreams lately, and in general ruining her dream-space. As I heard her, I saw my home page on facebook where she was posting word for word what I was hearing. I was still at the beach with facebook in the sky. This amused me very much and was glad I hadn't be pulled away; I didn't want to leave where I was at. I responded with "There's a lot of that going around lately" empathising with her.
    I was pushed forwards lightly, I turned and looked at Him and he said to me teasingly "Go on..tell her what this is all about."

    I started talking to her, seeing my words written in the sky, about impersonators that some call templars and other unethical Dream behavior adding what their purpose behind this was. She asked me how I heard her, and I explained "I was in a place very close to where you were. Since I know you well, I could feel your distress and you called to me and got my attention." She asked me how we were even speaking (I knew she was asleep and not lucid) so I told her "we are talking on dream facebook." Then she was gone.

    I turned around and said to Him that I need a real vacation.

    School Days

    by Aeona on 05-11-2011 at 05:42 PM
    Choline supplement taken during a brief waking period 3.5 hours after 'bedtime'

    (background) Myself, and a few others, opened a school..that was proving to be very unpopular to most of the 'people' in the area.
    "Touch lightly with your awareness here, ___, and see what happens" I told my student. As her fingertips hovered over the tablet a hologram appeared. She squealed with delight, much like any other 4 year old girl does and I grinned in response to her joy. "What is special about this" I continue, "is how you see this 'display' both in front of you and in your mind's eye; so later after you go home, you can recall perfectly what you learned here today."
    I dismissed her and the other students ranging from childhood to older adults reminding them "to play and always follow where their joy leads them" and closed and locked the door.

    I changed..into the face I have had to wear outside the school lately. I look into a bit of reflective glass and see a very very old man looking back at me and I sigh at the sight.
    While walking to the back door to leave, I notify 'O' that I will be there shortly and to wait for me. I take a deep breath and walk outside.

    I look across the field, and scanned the tree lines at my my far right and left for un-friendlies before started to cross the field. I made a person note to self to mind my peripheral vision. Halfway across, others start milling toward me, quite aimlessly, I hoped, as I pulled a large knife out it's sheath. The red truck that 'O' had seemed very vibrant in the gloom of the surroundings and I was very glad he was there. Looking inside, I focused on 'O's eyes (which were just like my own blue gray) and sent the message " Open up and let me in, you KNOW me". As I got comfortable inside the cab I asked him jokingly "If he had EVER thought in his wildest dreams that we would look like two old men?" We decided that soon we would be seen through the old man disguises and needed a more aesthetic appearance for outside the school very soon.

    A shared "dream" with Cs dead mother

    by Aeona on 05-10-2011 at 10:20 PM
    (Typically lately, I have been taking rather long naps in the day and have contemplated that I might be being pulled by another dreamer into doing so)

    I became lucid as I noticed the car going a bit too fast. I was in the passenger seat and C's mother was driving a sports car inbound on I-10. This did not shock me, and I remembered fully that she and I often had shared lucid dreams in the past but made the decision to teleport out if she got out of hand. She wanted to 'discuss' my behavior over the last few years...so I tuned her out and just watched the landscape go by for a while, and started singing The Mission by Puscifer as she carried on. I heard bits of what she said and finally decided to end this..to her railing I said this "Insane isn't defending yourself or reacting to a threat like I do (or defending others), as compared to your definition of insane... or even your own behavior while alive."

    I showed her an 'movie' of a spider/woman creeping around, doing fucked up things for no reason at all and not even knowing why ever herself, with several inner dialogs going on within her own head all at once.
    "This is the perfect example of insane. Did you recognize the woman?"
    She said no, quietly. "I am not surprised at all, you that didn't. This was you." I said. "I don't see a way you COULD have known after years being like that".
    I told her it was time to move on, that we had forgiven her and I exited Dream.

    YouTube - Puscifer - "The Mission"