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    i try to begin lucid dream in 2011 and early 2012 but it never worked and i lost interest but over last summer of 2013 my friend got into it and it brought me back in so i tried it but after the summer ended we got consumed by school and had such little sleep we had to give up on it. Then around summer of 2014 we were able to get back on it and I tried different methods like WILD and FILD but none of the "get lucid dreams quick" schemes never quite worked.

    I decided to go the good old route of reality checks and dream journals and in a month I would get lucid dreams every weekend. It was great, but during winter break I was away from my DJ and broke habit, and ever since I planned to but never got around to lucid dreaming.

    Until now, in 2017. I feel quite depressed, so I hope to seek asylum in lucid dreams. Hopefully I have the discipline to keep going. I had such great success last time.
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    here at the copa, copacabana
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    fan dream fragment

    by ageofthunder on 07-01-2017 at 06:07 AM
    Last two days have been pretty dry.
    Yesterday I only got 5 hours of sleep. This time around all I had was some fragment about fans.

    I was in my old room, it was pretty empty but had quite a few stand up fans, and one box fan that had weird LED lights at the top and I remember it had an internet connection and had an ethernet port on it and I was trying to hook up an ethernet cord to it. That's all I recall.

    idk getting back into this

    by ageofthunder on 06-28-2017 at 06:16 PM
    this dream occured somewhere past 10am
    its just a few fragments, can't remember much, I know there was a whole lot more to this dream such as driving around town and going to several different houses.
    Parts I remember well are mid-dream
    I'm at my friends house (except it isnt his house, its some made-up house). Half of the room is covered in this checkerboard carpet (colors being a dark green, a dark red, and a beige color), and the other half is tile. I think that part is a kitchen but I can't remember much. I think there was a baby gate but it wasn't blocking anything off.
    When you walk in you begin in the carpeted part of the room, I think there were a few couches, or some kind of furniture we had to walk around. In the back left corner was the 'kitchen' area, and the back right was just empty tile except there was a crate.
    We (some girls and I. but I don't remember who exactly though) walked to the crate and there was my friend's puppy, one of the girls grabbed him out of the cage and picked him up. I think he was a black dog, but that's all I remember of it. One of them mentioned how the puppy thinks its name is "puppy" because my friend was having trouble figuring out a name. I say something like "Oh hey kinda like me, I had trouble figuring out a name for my dog". I think someone said my dogs name was Mary (it's maggie), but before I could correct them something happened. (Idk, I forget anything after this)

    Later I remember going back to his house and we go through some room I don't remember, then some room with a dirty floor, and then to that same room as before except no tile or kitchen area. As soon as you get in to the right is a TV on top of a tall dresser, some couches, and then in the back is another TV. Some stuff happens I don't remember and I think theyre playing some game. It is implied there are people in another room in the house playing and us in the room (idk who else was with me) were also playing, but I was just watching. We were playing on the back TV, but it had little to no sound, while the other TV in the room played all of the sound and music of the game. It was some wii baseball game I think, except not on a wii. The characters looked like mii's, but a lot more detailed. I remember a shot of the coach who had on a blue shirt and baseball cap but his face was detailed a bit much for a mii but still looked cartoony. His two eyes were smushed together and he had a looong phallic nose, and he had patchy stubble. There were players who were less detailed and looked closer to mii's, but I don't remember them much.

    That's all I recall of that fragment. Ik there was more to the dream and I had other dreams, but I don't recall them.

    kara and lucid dream

    by ageofthunder on 11-07-2015 at 06:37 PM
    I don't remember dreams for last night but when I fell back asleep this morning I had at least two, maybe three but I'm pretty sure 2/3 are connected, but I don't know how and I don't know the chronology.
    I remember having sleep paralysis (at this point I can't even tell if it was real or not). I tried reaching for the fan remote that was on the floor by my bed (my arm was hanging off, and the remote was out of view but I knew it was there somehow). I grabbed it but couldn't do anything else. Then I tried pulling my head up, which didn't work, and then I tried wiggling my feet which only worked slightly. Then I just sat there accepting my defeat and waiting for my mind to drift off back to sleep, but I get bored and a little bit annoyed I can't get more comfortable so I try again and suddenly I'm able to peel myself off the bed.

    I get out of bed and look around. It's very dark in my room, but absolutely nothing else is out of place, yet I decide to RC anyway. It works. I decide I'm going to fly around. I fly right through my roof as if it wasn't even there, and I look down at my house and it's like a glitched video game. I can see through the roof and everything around my house on the outside is just pitch black as if it doesn't exist. I can see into all the rooms and I see my dad at his laptop in one. I fly-swim around and drop into another room. It's dark all throughout the house but it's light enough to see things somewhat clearly. I notice a laptop right up against the wall, open, and it's floating in mid air. I ignore it and don't think much of it. I rub my hands together and touch stuff and then I yell dream clarity and everything is pretty clear, I look at the laptop and admire how "HD" everything looks. I began to walk back to my room thinking of what I should do and when I'm about enter my room I feel the dream slipping and I quickly try to think of a way to keep the dream going but I fail.

    Another dream I had I was going into Karazhan raid tryouts (in WoW). I was with my friend who was playing, and we go through the entrance, to the right into this huge room with a large disk, almost CD-looking but with a large hole in the middle. It was about the width of the room and it was kind of floating off the ground. In the middle was a giant robot looking thing (looks JUST like this https://www.dandwiki.com/w/images/2/2f/Arcane-golem.jpg). He was the boss we were going to fight. We all hop on the disk and it begans wobbling and spinning around the boss and it's really tough to stay on. I remember looking at a warlock to the left of me, it was an orc female, and I also looked to the right and saw my friend trying to stay on and stab the boss. I think we ended up killing him or something, and getting off the disk and walking back to the first room.

    This third dream is connected to one of the last dreams, but I don't remember which. It begins with me falling out of the sky into the water into some minecraft world. I look out and to the right of me is a shore, left is a mountain, and forward is a mountain shaped like a creeper head, with eyes popping out. Suddenly there is a creeper in the water and I begin punching it and I notice it is only a creeper head. It's taking damage from something and it keeps trying to blow up and I deliver the finishing blow. I assumed it was drowning and that's why it was taking so much damage. I then swam to shore. I remember other things happened in that dream, like I flew around and talked to some people in a chat. I also think the dream started before I fell down into the water.

    Mansion dream I guess: The Return

    by ageofthunder on 08-13-2015 at 12:04 PM
    I remember the dream begins me in Katie's house (using people's names for the sake of my own memory) and there were two TVs, one in front facing the couch and one to the side of the couch. The one on the side was being used and it was the larger TV. I remember having false memories of watching that TV while playing on a laptop, and I watched them mess with the larger TV to try and get it to work. I also remember wondering why they don't switch TVs so you wouldn't have to look to the side to watch TV. And there was a nasty part... I remember having several pins (i guess they were more akin to nails) stuck under my skin and I could see them through the holes they made. I remember fishing them out... thaaaat was gross. While I was doing that someone mentioned something about the mongols.

    Fast forward and now we're at my aunt wendy's house except it's our house. My dad has someone over in his master bedroom and then they leave. I'm talking to my dad in the living room and we hear something weird coming from his room... it's a voice. My dad goes and looks for something under my bed... with the lights off in my room for some reason so I decide to use the flashlight on my tablet. He finds it but I stay behind a few seconds because I have a REAAALLY hard time turning off the flashlight, I keep accidentally turning it back on. I finally give up and leave. It turns out it is just a bunch of dolls on his ceiling fan (first it was one and then a lot more appeared before me but dream me didn't see this as weird). It was the guy my dad had over who did it and we took them down.

    Fast forward again and we're going to this older man's mansion for some reason, it's on a hill. The distinct parts I remember were his sliding glass window and how it had a couch facing looking out of the sliding glass door. Outside there was a bar on patio and there was a pool, this was all at the bottom of the hill. We went in his house at one point... talked... whatever, I think we were doing some job for him? This guy I know named Castro was there, too. We rode in his white car, it was a bit messy on the inside, and had stained seats. I remember driving and seeing the bay near where I live. Later we return on some huge 12-wheel vehicle, and I'm thinking the rich man is going to be upset we're driving this huge thing on his lawn so I jump off but I look back and it just has tiny metal wheels, like one on a little red wagon. We talked to him but I walked off. I was going in the mansion for some reason, but I saw human luna and someone else sitting on that couch through the sliding glass window and for some reason just turned back, lol. I went and sat at the bar down there across from human rarity and I could see the other human versions of the mane 6 in the background. We talked about... something. That's all I remember

    Wednesday Gym and magician bats, Thursday flying bus, Friday night carnival

    by ageofthunder on 04-25-2015 at 05:20 PM
    I could not recall any dreams from Tuesday night

    Wednesday night I remember being in a huge version of my school gym, and a lot of people were playing basketball. I walked around and I vaguely remember talking to my friend andrew. There were a LOT of people in the gym, though.
    Then I had a dream about these two bats, one was a girl and the other a boy. I can only remember the ending where they become magician bats and there's the stage which is split into the bottom part and a top part. At the bottom left is a tiny doorway the girl comes out and some announcer introduces her as the assistant, then the other bat is at the top as the actual magician. Suddenly I'm in the dream and I'm the magician, and the two bats are now squirrels. I walk up to the top part of the stage (there's stairs) and I'm thinking to myself how I'm going to do this because I know nothing about magic. I wake up

    Thursday I dreamt I was on a flying bus. Just casually flying through above this road. There's actually two roads below us, and a huge median that's a hill. On the other sides is just a forest that goes on for a while. I'm riding on this flying bus just chilling and say to myself "I should reality check just in case". I plug my nose, breathe, it don't work. (WTF come on). Later I somehow get off the flying bus, it's flying away and I'm on the ground. I don't really distress, I just walk down the road and I remember there being some rundown wooden house on the median up the hill and I think the inside was actually pretty nice.

    Friday night I arrived at some carnival with my friend. My former crush was there and she greeted me with an extended hug. The carnival slightly resembled the mullet festival. We were kind of hanging around the ticket booth til we moved on. We accumulated a slightly larger group, but I don't know how. We ended up in some store-looking place. It was white and we were looking at the shelf for something. I thought to myself that I should reality check, which I did, and it failed. Then I woke up to the sound of the friggin blitzkrieg outside my house (thunderstorm).
    Then I went back to sleep when I realized it was saturday morning and had a dream I was driving around with my friend again, it was a pretty damn long dream but I only really remember being parked in a parking lot and talking to this dude Sam from the track team.