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      Yeah dreams can be really confusing and that is partly because there is no logic at all in dreams and partly because it is not very structured it's just random information if you ask something like "What actions would provide most happiness for me in life right now?" and you'll information like book, train, pillow, appartment, your friend, Stockholm, Swedish House Mafia and in the dream you are like o. O But then you wake up and realize it means that you should book a train (don't forget a pillow) and stay in your friend's appartment in Stockholm and see Swedish House Mafia live.

      xD Just a fun example. But that was actually what I did.

      So just ask for an experience and analyze it upon awakening.
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      AiOjou I found the experience of that Dream Girl I talked about. It's not as detailed as I hoped for it to be, although you might think it's an interesting dream anyway.

      Here you go: dreamviews. com/blogs/mastermind/trapped-deam-layer-3-minor-2012-09-20-38780/

      PS. Connect the link because urls are not allowed in messages for some reason. ^-^
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      Great! Although what did you try? Congratulations to the relization anyway, you are on the right track!
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    Another crazy dream.

    by AiOjou on 12-23-2012 at 05:27 AM
    I haven't been on in awhile since I haven't had a dream I could remember all the way. This one I watched porn before I took my nap...and I was wishing horrible things onto a person I really trusted. But before I went to sleep I said I wanted to meet the guy I have a crush on now, clearly that didn't work since this dream happened.

    I walked into a big house, it looked more like a mansion. Kris was there and some ole lady I'm guessing it was his moms. They were sitting on a couch. I walked in and saw them laying there...I was confused but wowed because of the huge and beautiful house. I said hello to Kris and the lady and she waited for me to introduce myself. For some reason I couldn't. When I got ready to Kris cut me off and the lady said that it was fine because she knew all about me...and I was like you do? and she said yes! He never shuts up about you. you're special!

    The mother called me tamatha but everyone else knew I wasn't her and treated me like a normal person and the girls whispered and said that he propose to her on her birthday for they had been together for a year and at dinner he was going to tell everyone that the girl rather said yes. the group of girls about 5 or 6 came they got into a circle and started writing his ma n I tried to be nosy and I said I thought they were whispering no fun. Kris saw me and said I have a surprise for you. He knew I was normal me n still said da girl name. I said you are treating me weird n he said what are you talking bout right before his big brother came. they looked exactly alike. He said that he was his older brother and that he did not look up to him.

    Kris wanted me to follow somewhere n he was down in a cellar type thing crying. I went down to check on him and he pushed me against a wall, jumped up like he was spiderman and had his crouch in my face. he didn't have on boxers and there were I think 3 holes there. he wanted me to suck his dick I said no n tried to push it outta my face n he started to nut his friend or somebody saw us.

    It turned into a false awakening cuz my sis busted into my room wanting me to see something n I said hold on got get my pants which I took off before I took my nap. 5:00 pm wen I woke up

    The guy Kris who I have been talking about we were talking all semester. He has been acting weird all semester. I found his facebook sunday or monday and saw that he actually has a girl and that he has been lying all semester. I texted him today after the dream and I told him this dream and one I made up saying that he saw me and grabbed my arm and said that he was sorry for how he acted all semester it was because he felt guilty. he said that I shouldn't worry about it that it's just a dream. I asked him twice. and he lied both times. I honestly hate liars. I met a new guy and he honestly seems perfect but I'm not holding my breath. I'm tired of being hurt.

    false awakening twice!?

    by AiOjou on 12-04-2012 at 02:18 PM
    from 5:30 to 7 am I had a false awakening to a dream to another false awakening!!!

    I can't remember any details other than the first one other my family and I were at some house, my sister got in trouble at school with some guy, got into a fight I think but my 3rd grade teacher name came up.

    dream some guy really dark and could see his face was being very sexual with me and I didn't like it at all!! I tried to write down everything into my dream journal but myself said I was too lazy so I said my phone then. then i tried it and it was dead and so was my laptop but when i pulled it in my phone started to charge. i think i went lucid then because i heard a chime when i said this doesnt make sense! then I lost it and went back into dream/ false awakening again and started off from the last one and the laptop. my father was hiding in a closet saying he wanted to know why she was in trouble and said mrs miller said a needle would be in her hair. heard another chime and woke up....I'm pissed

    False awakening

    by AiOjou on 11-25-2012 at 12:39 AM
    I have been having a lot of those lately. Thinking I didn't have a dream to find out later in the day I had a false awakening -_-" It was pretty bad too. I was in the room with my little sis and was trying to watch porn trying to hide my computer and everything. then she left the room. and I still tried to watch it for some reason -_-" it was weird That is all I can remember. I looked like my normal self and not my dream self and even had on the same clothes I have on today. The false awakening probably influenced it.
    false awakening