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    My first proper Lucid dream. Yay.

    by albi on 05-15-2013 at 11:55 AM
    >So i was in bed, in the morning after a good night of drinking and partying
    >You know when you're in that state where not quite awake but not quite asleep
    >Open my eyes for a second, look around and then closed them again
    >My mind was functioning faster than usual, Felt this heavy weight push down on me and i knew i was asleep.
    >Open my eyes
    >>Yess. im dreaming.
    >look around, I was in the country side
    >I could feel my heart beating (i must have been excited for finally acheiving this) I spin around as per instructed
    >In front of me now was some kind of barrel/cylander
    >I thought and looked with my mind, imagined it taller and right before my eyes it started growing
    >I walked forward a bit and looked to my side and there was my dad sitting on his chair - a swing
    >He smiled at me and i smiled back
    >I continued walking for a bit
    >Then i tried to make Kimberley appear, I turned back the other way and there she was.
    >She was too tall to be real so i imagined her shorter, looked away and looked back again.
    >boom. Perfect.
    >I walked up to her and said "Hi" smiling
    >This is when i woke up.
    lucid , memorable

    Moonlit stroll..

    by albi on 05-15-2013 at 11:45 AM
    >Be at night
    >With beautiful girl
    >We're in some weird place near the ocean
    >With some other chick aswell who says she's from the U.k
    >Be walking around, decide to go to this underground place we know about, so we start looking for it
    >After walking under an underpass (A tunnel that goes under a track/road) we somehow find the ocean directly in front of us, we're still looking for the tunnel at this point
    >Hear someone getting their cows in for milking
    >"shit" we don't want to be seen by anyone, must be running away from someone at this point
    >We gap it, try hide under the underpass (since the cows are going over the underpass and not through it)
    >The light turns on (wut) keep running, try find somewhere else to hide
    >Find this old mine looking thing with signs like 'do not enter' around it
    >high-tech shit in there
    >>Its the underground place!!
    >Hiding from the people walking around in there as we make our way further into the underground place
    >End up at an underground river
    >Open a cupboard next to me, has an inflatable boat in there that starts inflating itself
    >Girls are still with me
    >For some reason im trying to paddle the boat backwards
    >Girls be like "wow, your good at this"
    >Im like "thanks, i was in the .. (cant remember what i said)
    >Tunnel get smaller, untill eventually it's the perfect size for the boat to fit through
    >The way ahead is blocked, another inflatable boat that is stuck
    >I try to push it through the hole
    >some dude pops his head up from that boat
    >wut the fuck.
    >He pushes my boat back towards the way i just came from
    >My boat is somehow gathering speed as we go back to the underground place with the high-tech shit
    >lose my paddles during this (dammit)
    >Make it back, i look back to the boat, the hot girl is still there but the english girl is gone.
    >Take the hot girl with me, we get out of the tunnel
    >Go back to the underpass and chill by the ocean watching it with the girl untill dawn
    >Wake up

    Motocross Racing

    by albi on 05-15-2013 at 11:22 AM
    >Be in a race
    >On a motorbike
    >Have Fat chick on the back of the bike
    >Going down stairs and hills and stuff
    >Somehow, the bike goes too fast and we end up going off the track into some kind of weird ocean
    >Try to get back on shore, no sign of the fat chick and the bike is too heavy to get out of the water
    >Swim around, Find a spot where i can roll the bike out of the water and someone helps me get it out
    >End up pushing the bike the rest of the way - the bike must have been waterlogged
    >See people from my old high school on the way to the end.
    >wake up
    non-lucid , memorable


    by albi on 05-15-2013 at 11:05 AM
    >Angry For some reason
    >Dad's angry at me too
    >Be playing with my lego set
    >Have chewbacca in there
    >Can't find his helmet, looking around for it (does chewbacca even wear a helmet?)
    >My brother Henry comes up to me and says i owe him $20, I tell him to bugger off, Im angry
    >Wake up all confused
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by albi on 02-28-2013 at 03:25 AM
    -Be in Dannevirke
    -In New World
    -See a familiar face, its kimberley (oh yeah she works there)
    -Walkout of there, didnt even buy anything
    -Walk to my ford fairmont (should have realized i was dreaming at this point since i crashed that car two years ago)
    -Get into my car, see that i left my keys in the ignition, this is when i realize im dreaming since i never leave my keys in the ignition
    -Start driving around. I would have changed my dream into doing something else but i miss that car
    -Find some old dirt roads, start drifting on them. Fuckyeah.jpg
    -Ahh, memories of that car start flooding back.
    -Wake up. Fords gone. Damn
    -Ohwell still got my VW