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    internet search about choosing dreams


    GOALS: go to my daydream world (only for a few seconds! Close though!)[x] Meet my DG[x] talk to a frequent DC[x] Create a nightmare and follow the storyline [x] Learn to fly [x] Become a character from my story [ ] Wreak total chaos in a city [ ] Complete a Task of the Month [x] Have a date in Italy [ ]
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    The Mansion of Madness

    by Aledrea on 07-15-2012 at 02:28 PM
    7-15-12 (non-lucid): I was driving through a forest road and went past a few buildings. I noticed they were all closed, but thought nothing strange of it; after all, it was a road that people scarcely traveled on. I continued on driving and the road ended when I reached a mansion. It was a bit strange looking, but I took no notice and got out of the car. I went inside; it was very old, but even though it hadnít been used for two hundred years it looked to be in pristine condition, even the furniture, it looked like it had come from the 1800ís. There was some dust but not as much as I had expected and I got this sort of creeped out feeling. But it was my new house, and not to mention a mansion, so it was normal to be creeped out. So I talked to a few people and went up to the top floor and found a room where there was a note on a bed and writing and strange drawings on the wall. The writing on the wall said ďGet outĒ and ďMadness.Ē I was a bit freaked out by this and picked up the note. I donít remember exactly what was written on it, but I remember it saying that the girl who wrote this, her sister died, Iím not sure from what though, maybe sickness. Anyway, and she rambles on after that the house wasnít the same, and how she started seeing things and how some things got displaced and how in the end everyone but her was killed by some strange woman, she described the woman, and said something about running or thereís no hope of turning back. I set the note down a little upset and paid attention to the drawings. There were monsters and weird shadows drawn. I took the drawings down and threw them in the trash and looked at the second bed near the window. I sat on it for a moment and looked outside. I saw an unused garden and started out into a forest of willows and I thought for a moment and looked at the bed. It seemed a bit odd and I realized this was where the girlís sister had died. There was still some sort of impression on it. I stood up and saw a shadow run past the threshold. I went out into the hallway and gripped the railing, and something just clicked. The woman who sold me the house; It was the same woman who had killed her family. My parents had come to visit the house with me and I rushed down the stairs and I heard some sort of sound and looked over and saw a soda can and it just disappeared and the world felt like it was spinning and I ran as fast as I could and saw something out of the corner of my eye and heard laughing. I stumbled, got back up and saw a door. I ran towards it, and when I reached for the doorknob it became just another hallway and I laughed with the realization I was becoming mad, just like the girl in the letter. I kept running and stumbling. I reached the kitchen and saw the realtor woman speaking to my parents and pointing out the ovens to them. I ran up to them and told them it was very nice and everything but I had business to attend to. They told me to have fun and left and the woman glared at me and reached for something and I woke up.

    Updated 07-15-2012 at 03:56 PM by Aledrea

    memorable , non-lucid , nightmare

    Car In the Lake

    by Aledrea on 06-16-2012 at 03:36 AM
    6-15-12 (non-lucid): I was on the edge of a forest, and I was listening to some teenagers talking, no recollection of what they were talking about, but one of them saw me and I turned around and ran through a field towards an outcropping of trees. They soon caught up, there were five or six of them, and they had guns pointed at me. I ran straight through their group and while I ran towards a log cabin in the distance I could hear bullets being fired. I got to the cabin and T. and D.J. said something about shots being fired and I told them it wasnít that big of a deal and I walked outside and got in a car and the person started the car and drove through a forest path and I donít know why, but he drove into a lake and he got out and I panicked and couldnít get out so I started yelling and I was then able to open the door and I got out and dragged myself onto the edge of the shore and woke up.

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    Yet Another Zombie Apocalypse

    by Aledrea on 06-06-2012 at 10:29 AM
    6-6-12 (non-lucid/lucid): I was spending a night at a distant friend’s house. I slept on the couch, and T. slept in the spare bedroom upstairs. No big event happened that night so I slept and in the morning I saw the family rushing around picking up random items. Of course I realized something was wrong so I got up and asked and someone said that there was some sort of disease going around and it was killing people and these people started coming back, etc. And then I got the bad news, my friend was taking their family and leaving me and T. behind and abruptly left and I was left sitting there. I went upstairs thinking maybe T. woke up already so we could get a head start. Nope, he was still asleep, even through all that commotion. I woke him up told him what happened and that my friend left us for dead. I went back downstairs and to the basement where I found an axe, crowbar, knife and a few other things. I took the knife and I brought the axe up to T. We left shortly after; agreeing that staying at the house wasn’t a good idea. We went outside and there were zombies everywhere, luckily they could only walk, and not very fast either. So, wanting to converse energy we walked at a leisurely pace. We definitely took the zombie apocalypse seriously. More zombies were coming our way so we started running and I knifed one or two, and I called my mother and she said she had the Escalade (a big car, not quite a van.) We kept walking and she came by and picked us up and T. had to pick his brothers up from the school. We got there and there was an attack, but the zombies were neutralized, so it was safe. We all went in and T. and I went to go see D.J. who was talking to some other people. I heard some of the teachers talking about what happened and I started to follow, but they stopped talking so I tried becoming invisible and I asked D.J. who was looking right at me, but he said I was invisible, and I realized I was dreaming, but I wanted to go along with the storyline anyway, and occasionally reminded myself I was dreaming. We all went into a room and I took charge of the situation. I was talking about battle plans and thought about doing Task of the Year stuff and said “I may go see the Titanic sink, I don’t know yet.” That got a lot of confused looks until I explained it was Task of the Year stuff, and then I saw a mirror and I went up to it and stuck my head through and I saw a dark tunnel on the other side and it was made out of the same thing as the mirror. So I completed that and I soon lost lucidity. We went to a large carpeted room and we all spent the night there. I got up in the morning and went down to the cafeteria to eat breakfast, which consisted of a cupcake, and cereal (which was mostly marshmallows and only a little bit of cereal.) Then I heard Rajin speaking and the scene switched to a town square, and Rajin was there. It was a little bit after the apocalypse and, hardly any zombies anymore and it started to rain. I ran into a store nearby got a huge umbrella and went back out and opened it. Rajin ran up and went under it with me and we both waited for the rain to stop and then I woke up

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    lucid , non-lucid , memorable , task of the month

    Trail of Glass

    by Aledrea on 06-04-2012 at 12:04 AM
    6-3-12 (non-lucid/lucid): It all started at the grocery store. I was walking in the fruit and vegetable isle, shopping for a party that was going to be later and D. and T. walked up to me and T. started saying something, and then called me his girlfriend and I said ďYouíve never called me that, Iím definitely dreaming!Ē But as soon as I became lucid the scene changed to an amusement park and I unfortunately lost lucidity. It was around the middle of the night (Not sure why itís always dark in my dreams) and T. just got on a ride, so I stood at the top of a large hill and waited for the ride to end. He got off it and instead of walking I decided to glide over (totally normal.) I was able to glide for a short time then started to fall so I grew dragon wings and was flying and enjoying it immensely and I eventually landed and we walked through the park. We came across a few other friends and found people playing volleyball in what looked like a tennis court. We joined in and just like in real life I was the worst player there and the opposite team was throwing the balls at me. I almost got in a fight but T. and I left and for some reason he had to leave so I said goodbye and walked through the park by myself. I soon came across a floating glass path while I was flying. I landed on it and as I was walking down it the scene changed to a mountain and as I walked further along I heard a voice warning me. I turned around and saw a woman in a black dress with a glass knife running along the trail. I sped up my pace and the path eventually ended and I found a cave with a hidden doorway, the door looked like the rock wall. I walked down some stairs and found a small circular room and a circle of stones with runes carved upon them. In the middle of the circle was a person sitting there meditating I walked up to the person, who looked like some sort of elf and she was talking to me. She mentioned someone coming after me and I would have to do some sort of quest to defeat them or something like that and after she finished talking I woke up.

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    lucid , non-lucid

    Tortured Minds

    by Aledrea on 05-26-2012 at 12:32 AM
    5-25-12 (non-lucid/lucid): I was in a huge building, with rows of benches and some tables and it was just crowded with people. I walked around, trying to recognize anyone. I couldn't. Then I soon heard a noise coming from the back of the building. I looked behind me and saw the back door jolt and dent and it soon fell off the hinges and a person walked through. It was a very pale woman with glowing white eyes, long black hair and wearing a long white dress. While everyone stared at the intruder she calmly walked around the building and her eyes started glowing red. The room grew darker and the lights flickered for a brief moment. I don’t remember much of the next part. Just running towards the entrance of the building; people chasing me (apparently they had been brainwashed.) I got to the entrance, but I didn’t get out. I remember getting caught and everything getting dark and someone grasping my hand in the darkness. A figure appeared from the void. That figure just happened to be my DG Rajin. I realized I was dreaming, and we ran through the darkness. The building appeared again, this time we were on the outside. I walked up to the front of it, nodded to Rajin and thanked him. I became Lilith again. My dark brown hair got longer and turned to white. A breeze picked up, and my hair blew around my face and I calmly walked inside the building. I said to myself as a bit of motivation: “I have infinite power here. I can do anything.” So I decided to act like a total badass. I yelled at the top of my lungs, power flowing through my words “Where is T.!” The whole room echoed with my voice and the people there turned around and looked at me and ran right at me. I gathered power as the people came at me and I thrust my arms out, fingers extended and red energy flowed out of my fingertips and they stopped. I walked towards the back door, my focus wavered and yet again, I was running. So I got through the door and shut it. I turned around and walked down a hallway. Going further and further I eventually lost lucidity and I walked into a town, which looked medieval. Dirt roads, the people walking around in the town were dressed according to that time period. I don’t remember much of what I did there. I do remember that I walked through the muddy roads through the town square, but that’s about it.

    Updated 05-26-2012 at 01:11 AM by Aledrea

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