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    December challenges

    by AlexLou on 12-26-2012 at 02:35 AM
    I seem to have lost my old DJ. Where did it go? And what is this? Oh well.

    I'm laying in bed looking out the window at the night sky. Huh! This seems like a good dream to try those monthly tasks out in. I fly out the window and up into the sky. Out of habit maybe, I fly around for a while just looking down on the sleeping, dark world, the horizon far below me.

    What was I supposed to do? I fly straight up at some speed while looking down toward the earth and sing Jingle Bells. I try to pay attention to the lyrics. Am I getting them right? I think so. There are lyrics there and they seem correct to my dreaming mind. I am self-aware that dreaming minds are deceptive. Who knows? I sing it well, very well on the non-chorus parts, making it artsy and professional.

    What were the other things? Aurora borealis... I wonder briefly if I should do all the tasks now or space them out in different dreams. I don't feel like I'll forget this dream yet and decide to proceed. I look around in the sky and find a spot of twisting green light in what I suppose is the north. I direct my attention to a different, dark part of the sky and try to make my own, with no success. A couple more times I try before I realize the problem. Making light where there is none is one of the hardest things for me to do, personally. When I try, I always have meager success if any. I'm flying around and landing on buildings as I do this and I keep coming across my recently deceased grandmother. There's something ineffably glowing and mystical about her. I come down into a large window opening of a roof-less, tall building. For the first time, I really notice her as she stands beside me. Could she be the one making the aurora borealis? "Grandma, are you...?" She gives me a sly smile and a small nod yes. "Show me how do do it! Grandma, will you show me?" She gets a serious look on her face and leans in close so our faces are almost touching. She says in a low voice as if it's a secret, and very seriously, "These things are not for you to know. These are not for you. This year the world will become what it is going to be!" I think: Whoa, cryptic! Gotta remember that one! But I just fly off to play with her auora borealis.

    In the sky I stretch my arms out wide, then narrow them as if to direct the glowing green to collapse in on itself. And it does. Aurora borealis gone. I stretch out my hands again and the sky explodes, not only with the green light from before but with orange and red and colorful planets. I collapse it again, and explode it again. I see what's going on here! Because there was already light there from my grandma's aurora borealis, that lets me create things of light in the same spot in my dreamscape. I play with it a while more, collapsing and filling the sky with light, rotating it.

    Then I decide it's time to find those ghosts of Christmas. Whatever they have to tell me should be interesting. I go to the ground and start wandering around. I walk into a well-lit cafe that has big open spaces leading to the outside. What walls it does have are made of glass. There is a man sitting there. He looks older with strange, yellowish eyes. "Are you the ghost of Christmas past, present for future?" I ask him. He shakes his head, no. I turn away but then look back at him. I often feel lonely in my dreams maybe he'll come with me. "Maybe you.." I start to say. "Maybe I can come with you?" he says smiling, reading my thoughts. And so we leave together. We enter a maze of hallways. I see a woman with long flowing hair that seems to defy gravity. "Are you the ghost of Christmas past, present, or future?" I ask. No, but she wants to tag along as well. DCs from all around as we wander take notice of us and some follow wanting to see how this turns out. Five to seven of them follow as I continue. I emerge from the hallways onto a balcony. I climb up onto the railing and hold my arms out to either side. I start to sing as I float up into the air. 2 of the DCs have climbed up on either side of me and grab onto me as my feet leave the rail wanting to fly up too. But their weight pulls me down. I try simply to slow our fall so they don't get hurt, but also notice that there's a pool on the level below us. We land in the pool and I reflect on my spontaneous singing and flying. Seems like I'm about to enter a stage of dreaming where I'm less in control and this might be the time to wake up or risk losing my memory of it all. I recollect on the dream so far and find that I can remember it; that's good. But it seems long and it's probably a good time to wake up solidify things into conscious memory. Details of dreams dreamed too long begin to vanish.

    I open my eyes.
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