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      Hi there

      Saw your post in the dream buddy thread.

      Any chance youre still looking for one ?
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    The AntiChrist?

    by alpatich on 04-29-2017 at 04:23 AM
    In my backyard there is a wooden platform, it has a garden on top of it. Standing in the garden is a beautiful women, she is wearing a white robe, and has long, wavy, brown hair. There are others surrounded her on their knees as she is reaching out her hand towards one of them. Everyone is memorized, I feel bliss, her is presence feels like something holy. My vision flashes and everything is the same, besides the garden is no longer there. The women in white is still interacting with the others. I now feel a very evil presence, so horrifying that I drop to my knees feeling sick, not being able to process thought. I look over and I see 4 blonde girls, running around in a circle, I recognize one and I call her over. I tell her what happened, and explain that something bad is going on, and I didn't get much interaction back. I realize everyone is in an altered brainwashed like state. I look down and try to move, as I crawl forward, a syringe stabs me in the hand, as I pull it out more start popping into my hands and arms. I repeatedly pull them out until I wake up feeling sick.
    memorable , non-lucid , nightmare

    Astral Travel? Time Travel, and Possessed Dog.

    by alpatich on 02-14-2017 at 10:47 PM
    Feb. 8th 2017



    I quickly woke up feeling vibrations through out my body, my first thought was to try to astral project. My legs projected out first, and next thing I know I am hovering in my room. I looked at my body and I was on my stomach but that didn't make sense, because I was on my back. I went to go flew through my window but I had trouble moving into the right direction, I would move left and my body would go right. Eventually I got a hang of it and went through my window, and was flying in my back yard, I head down my road towards town.

    Now I'm in a new scenery, with my girlfriend going outside in my backyard, it is snowing. My girlfriend had my dog on a red leash, she opened the door and my dog ran outside and off. I started to scream, falling to my hands and knees. I went to my girlfriend and told her we needed to meditate, I told her we needed to go back in time 2 hours before my dog ran off. I started meditating and focused on what was happening 2 hours earlier.

    I'm inside my house, in the living room sitting on the couch, my mom is in her chair. I got up and started walking out of the room, where I saw my dog laying by the back door. She was laying on her back in an angle. I asked my mom when she let her inside, and she said about 2 hours ago.

    I feel like I'm inside of a video game, where a evil ghost puts a spell on my dog and I have to walk up to her and slash her, to remove the spell. It was frustrating because I didn't want to play this game, and the ghost was putting spells on my dog when I wasn't near by. This went on for 3 rounds.

    I'm back in an astral like body, and I formed a new body. I'm at my college, with very vivid vision, and stability doesn't seem to be a problem. The other dream characters seemed to be aware that I shouldn't be lucid, and they started to walk towards me. I tried changing the characters into different people but they didn't work. I went in an utility closet, 2 other characters got in, and I tried changing one, however the person I thought of came behind me and had a different hair color, and skin color. My body started vibrating, and I felt my astral body lift up. As it vibrated it slowly back into my real body.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable

    Moon Puppies

    by alpatich on 04-03-2016 at 03:13 AM
    I had a false awakening, I knew I was dreaming because I heard voices from a TV/radio. It was very hard for me to get out of my bed, my body was moving very slow. I kept focusing and once I got out, I walked out my room towards the front door. I counted my fingers on my right hand and their were 6 of them. I went outside and started flying to the right. I then was flying up, and I could actually see myself as I was jumping up, I wasn't wearing a shirt.

    Next thing I know, I fall down and I'm on the surface of the moon. I started to fly around, I saw some building, they looked like they were made from moon rock. I landed and wanted to go inside one. Then a bunch of moon puppies started chasing me. They were all blue and looked liked skeleton dogs. They reminded me of skinny ryhorns, from Pokemon.

    My Attempt to Fly to the Moon and the Meaning of Life?

    by alpatich on 06-26-2015 at 05:57 PM
    I got semi-lucid, and flew out of a building after I heard an explosion from it. I was flying around and decided to go back to it. On my way back the buildings reminded me of a something that would be in Devil May Cry, they were made of stone and the stairs were upside down on top of the building. I saw an old high school classmate as I was flying and did the hush sign, she was with a friend.

    When I found my original building, I remembered my goal of trying to fly to the moon. I hit a strong level of lucidity and flew off. I hit an invisible shield up in the clouds, I remembered the wall trick that a friend told me. I turned around and jetted like Iron Man through the force field. The clouds were now black and I may have projected out of my dream body. I could still move though, bodiless I turned around and tried again, this time the sky and black clouds turned cartoony. It was still 3d so everything looked liked paper, the moon reminded me of the moon from South Eater, but without the face. I kept trying but it was just alternating back and forth.

    I'm in a different place now, lost lucidity. It was my friend's house, there were many people there. I felt like I needed to go back (maybe to my previous dream?) I wanted to time travel. I found a cigarette and picked it up, my excuse was to pretend to smoke it as figured out how to go back. his dad lit it for me, an older guy was there watching us. Pretty sure it was the grandpa from Supernatural. The cigarette caught on fire but I didn't care.

    I went outside and shook the cigarette to make it looked used. I went around the house and "Grandpa" was there saying he knew what I wanted. I replied "what?" And he said "back to November" Somehow he knew and I decided to trust him.

    I'm now in this brown dull looking room. There's a machine shaped like a bed, with clear fluid inside. In this "bed" was an alien, it's skin was a light pinkish color and looked very smooth/slippery. It's eyes were circle shaped slightly bigger than a humans. I felt like this being had some connection to the "Grandpa"

    The alien told me that life was predetermined and that we needed to be awoken. He had a weird stick object, same color as his body. The tip was circular and it was placed on where his 3rd eye would be.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable