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      Yay a guilmon lover hey
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      No joke. I got it at goodwill, and it has those exact words written in a crooked font below the cartoon-ish image of a little bird with it's head stuck straight up. Or something like that.
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      I'm wearing a shirt that has your signature on it right now.
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      I use MILD. Along with DEILD.
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      aren't you using the arx for your fighter pilot on steel titans? i 'm building my battle suit pilot for that
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      weren't we gonna meet on the Arx instead of the moon?
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      The other night I did my first all-nighter. I stayed up until about 8:30 AM making videos with my friends. Then I went to bed and slept for a half-hour. have you ever had microsleep? cause it happened to me once the next day. anyways I gotta start sleeping more regularly if we're gonna pull this off. How are things on your end?
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      ne neither. I did have a nightmare last night where I went to greet the people who just moved into my neighborhood, and one of the guys there picked up a pickaxe and chased me all phycho-style. it was really scary. O_o man, I wish i had greeted them BEFORE i had that nightmare, because something tells me that's not gonna happen now lol.
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      Hey, have you had any lucids lately?
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      I think if you stay up for a REALLY long time you start hallucinating. I'm not sure, the latest i ever stayed up was around 5:00 AM and I didn't see any problems.
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    I have conquered the universe!

    by Alpha502 on 08-11-2011 at 02:08 PM
    The first dream was very strange...
    My cat and I had an... interesting conversation. I don't remember the words, or what exactly was happening. Somehow I didn't become lucid though.

    Second dream- I had three small spaceships, one that looked like a box, one that looked like a miniature capitol ship, and a fighter. A huge ship flew in, and I jumped into the mini-capitol. Turns out it was the command ship. Everyone turned and stared at me, then one of them said "Welcome back commander."

    The huge ship started firing at us, and I panicked. I found someone on board who looked like a scientist, and I said "Go research... something..."

    -lapse in memory-

    We now had two ships that looked like jedi starfighters.One of them flew at the huge ship, and docked. A freighter knocked it away from the ship, and the bigger ship started to explode.
    The scientist looked at me and said "There was a robot marine in that ship."

    Headcrabs and a caterpillar

    by Alpha502 on 08-02-2011 at 03:18 PM
    (non-lucid notes)

    I don't remember the first dream, but it had something to do with minecraft.

    I woke up for a few minutes, then fell asleep again.

    [COLOR="black']There was a girl waiting in a small room, and she was holding a handgun. The door opened, and led into a much larger room. She tried to go through very quietly, and looked into the window of the next room. There were zombies and headcrabs, most of them were hiding behind boxes. She paniked and her eyes turned white, then she just walked through the room and the zombies ignored her. There was a hallway, and flames shot out of the side when she walked past. She also somehow ignored the flames, and didn't catch on fire.

    The final door led to an icy room with two tracks and two sleds. One of them was a toboggan, and the other was a blue sled with metal runners. She said something about the toboggan being unstable, and went down the track in the blue sled.

    Below the track was a pit filled with zombies, so I guess it was important not to fall off. She dropped someth9ing important into the pit, then the dream faded away.


    I was in the yard of a house I have never seen before, with my two brothers and someone I haven't seen before. I can't remember most of the details, but my brother kept trying to dissect a caterpillar and I didn't want him to.n A few minutes before I woke up, I saw my cat laying in the grass. I walked to him and I woke up.

    Evil robots at TGI friday's

    by Alpha502 on 08-01-2011 at 03:24 PM

    I was at TGI fridays (I have never been to this restaurant before.) with a friend, and there were very few people there.

    (lapse in memory)

    There was something about a contest or raffle, and I remember a wooden box with a glass lid and a bunch of sheets of paper in it.

    (Another lapse in memory)

    There was aback room of the restaurant, and it was bigger inside than outside. My friend was gone, and there was an inventor there. The room looked like a pool with bleachers on all sides, and no door. Small robots came out of the water, and it turned dark purple. The robots were only in the water for now, but then some grew legs and came on land. We both panicked, and tried to escape. There was no door though.

    I somehow turned on Noclip (like on GMod) and flew out of the room. The robots blasted down the wall and came after me. They could fly, but not through walls.

    I knew I had to build something, so I flew inside of a column on the floor. The robots couldn't get me, but then I tripped and fell out of the column. I continued hiding inside of things for a few minuted, then I tried to go into the floor. I couldn't breathe, then I woke up.


    by Alpha502 on 07-19-2011 at 02:31 PM

    I was in the passenger seat of a massive tank-like vehicle, it looked like a miniature version of the crawler that carried the space shuttle. He was obviously trying to be nice to me, but wasn't doing a very good job at it. Another crawler drove in front of the one I was in, and I could see children waving at us out of the back windows.

    Both of the crawlers stopped somewhere, but the memory is blurry and I don't remember where it was.

    Both of the crawlers were moving again, and they parked on two huge bridges. Each crawler was on a different bridge.

    I can't remember anything after this.


    (I knew I was dreaming, but wasn't fully aware of the dream)

    I was the black creature again, it always happens in lucid dreams. I was in some kind of maze, and I picked up a phone at a dead-end of the maze. I picked it up and called Professor X from X-men. I told him I found a new species, and he started freaking out.

    I teleported to a black van, and opened the back. Professor X was next to me, and he was ignoring the fact that I was a black lizard creature. I turned around and started looking for someone in the forest behind me, but the person I was expecting wasn't there. I opened a hatch in the floor of the van, and there were a lot of first-level digimon. Some of them were actual ones from the TV show, and others were just plain weird. I freaked out and woke up.

    Arctic floods

    by Alpha502 on 07-16-2011 at 03:22 PM

    I was climbing on huge chunks of ice, like icebergs in the arctic. I was following someone else, and he seemed to know where we were going. He fell into the water, and the dream changed.


    Me and my brothers were in a house, and there was a steering wheel at the front. A flood came up behind us, and someone jumped into the driver's seat of the house (XD). The flood picked up the house, and carried us onto a road. Me and my brothers steered the house by leaning the direction we wanted to go, and it worked. The flood ended and we ended up back where the house was supposed to be, then I woke up.


    I somehow fell asleep again, right back into another dream. I was at the house from the previous dream, but I was just feeding cats. XD
    I started wondering how I got there, but I woke up when I looked at my hands.