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    1. Hey, Alu Thanks for recommending Mistborn: The Final Empire! Was a nice book, I was totally caught up in it for days. Though I am not sure now if I should read the sequel, because I am afraid that it will turn bad, I just can't imagine how he will continue it now with Kelsier and the Lord Ruler dead. At least it will be pretty different from the first Book, or? I can imagine it being more about Politics now with the Skaa ruling the Central Dominance and Vin maybe trying to find out what the Deepness is and I am not sure if I would like that. Whats your opinion about the second Book?
    2. Haha no, sadly not I will, as soon as I remember the name of the site, tell you where my Avatar is from.
    3. Did you draw that avatar yourself, derp?
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