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      Hey man, I picture you as the fashionable type. Can you give a total noob advice on how to start makeup or overhaul a closet? I made two style boards so I know more or less what I like, but idk how to start. It's overwhelming.
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      Hope you feel better soon!

      Oh look, first message on your new wall... Welcome back!
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    Down The Rabbit Hole / Drugception

    by Alysendra on 08-14-2014 at 05:08 PM
    I didn't make too much of an attempt to remember this dream when I woke up because I don't have any technology with which to log notes at the moment, so the more minor details have been lost to me now. However, I still remember the main plot.

    I have a memory of how this dream started, but I honestly can't remember if it was something that I actually experienced or just a false memory that was added in at some point later on in the plot. Regardless, what I recall is being at some friend's sort of oddly designed house with a few other people, and I think at least one of those people was doing the same thing I was. The main thing I can remember is being given a dose of LSD to take, which I did.

    After that point, the dream got very abstract for a while. It's hard to remember much of what happened, and I have to feel like my mind was simulating ego loss by just making the dream all hazy and third-person. What I do remember though is that at some point there was a flash of scenery that was natural and very beautiful but also physically impossible. I had stronger awareness for just a moment, with which I became lucid.

    I found myself standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a huge drop down into a valley overlooking a vast ocean under a sunset in full view. Floating above this valley was a large section of land with a forest on it, just hanging there in the distance. There was actually forest all around me on the cliffs too, it was all quite serene and aesthetically pleasing. I actually spent most of the lucid that I can recall simply enjoying the breeze at that altitude and taking in everything that I was seeing. I also flew around that area just a little bit and repeatedly used my new technique of taking off my glasses to increase the vividness of the scene, which worked every time.

    At some point after that, things got very hazy and abstract again. There was more that was going on but it was again hard to recall, but the next thing that comes back to me is suddenly snapping into my dream body at the friend's house where I initially took the LSD. I was hit with the sudden realization that everything I had just experienced was a part of my trip, but I was perplexed because I thought it had felt so much lucid dreaming. I mainly spent the rest of the dream thinking back on the experience, until I woke up.

    It was even more of a mindfuck when I actually got up. It was like a lucid dream inside of a trip inside of a non-lucid dream. o.O

    Flashback / You Just Had To Keep Asking Questions

    by Alysendra on 08-11-2014 at 09:34 PM
    I just remembered.... I had a lucid that I totally forgot about until now.

    I recall becoming lucid. I turned to a group of nearby DCs and proclaimed to them (somehow, I don't remember the context but there was one) that this is all just a dream. Enraged that I had learned the truth, the nearest DC grabbed me and the others all swarmed around to murder me, which is the last thing I can remember.

    I don't even know when that happened really, I just had a sudden deja vu moment where the memory came back vividly of me just feeling like oh shit.

    Back to the Shack

    by Alysendra on 08-11-2014 at 02:47 PM
    Note that although this was my first time intentionally going to bed for the night, it sort of counts as a WBTB. I ended up falling asleep on the living room couch in the late afternoon since I never slept the night before and then woke up at night some five hours later. After that I ended up staying up for a few hours to do things online, and then went to bed for real.

    I was back at a new college which in some small ways seemed to double as a mall, and I was just trying to get to all of my classes on time for the first day. I'm pretty sure I checked out at least one regular class before this, like an English or Math class or something, but the first thing that I can vividly recall is going to the first of my two classes that I had with D, my partner. I was just excited to be going to school with her, so I hurried up to meet her for that class.

    Before we found the entrance, which was actually hidden pretty well and involved getting through a mild obstacle course, Godric from True Blood showed up to join us, claiming that he was in the same class as well. However, while D helped me up to the class entrance after she made it, neither of us thought to do the same for Godric until after we had already gone in and passed the point of no return (I guess). However, he did show up maybe a few minutes after that on his own.

    When we first walked in, what we found was very odd for a classroom setup.... All we could see all around us were doors leading to what appeared to be bunks, just all rooms with two beds each and pictures in frames near each of them. There was also a bigger room with just one bed, but by the time I saw that one D had already claimed it and was setting up all of her belongings that she just suddenly had on her. I just continued to wander through all of the rooms until I noticed something: the pictures by the beds were actually of important people in the lives of people who were to be assigned to each room. After seeing the one clearly meant for D, I went back to tell her and saw that the ones in the big room were of people from my life instead. I don't recall who I saw in D's pictures, but upon waking up I realized that the people in mine were just a few lesser characters from Orange is the New Black.

    Once I figured out the room setup, for whatever reason I was suddenly struck with the feeling that I was supposed to be given the "master" room because they wanted me to lead some kind of project, and everyone else in these individual bunks were supposed to be my workers that were going to help me. I walked out of that room and back down the hall to a new area that I'm not entirely sure I had noticed before, or if it had even existed. There seemed to be some construction going on back there with employees from the college just tidying everything up to be ready for arrival. I didn't see what they were working on at first, until I turned back around to the entrance and saw what was just beside it behind me. Potted cannabis plants grew almost as tall as the ceiling, and that's when I knew... they wanted me to run a grow up. Figures they would do this, they don't really care about our educations.

    I woke up briefly after this, and I'm not sure what time it was but it was dark outside so I just ended up falling back asleep. The same dream appeared to continue just shortly after it left off, so I'm including it in this same entry.

    I want to say I went to another totally normal English or Math type class again after I left the grow op area (which seems to have resolved itself somehow), but again it is hard for me to say. The next thing that I can remember is going to my other class that I had with D, hoping that it was going to be a bit more normal. I found the right room and walked in, this time getting there alone and being the first one to arrive. It seemed to be just a regular classroom with one long table and a couple of desks, so I was confident that it would be more like a normal setup.

    I vaguely recall that when I had first showed up there was some really annoying person following me, a girl I think. I was worried that when I came in she would follow me in here as well, so I had hurried to lock the door. The regular lock on the door didn't actually work no matter which way I turned it (of course), but luckily there was an extra latch above it that did the trick. When D showed up eventually I still saw this person waiting out in the hallway too, so I made sure she only opened the door slightly and hurried inside so that we could lock it fully again.

    I was ready to spend some fun quality time alone with D for a little while and every day (considering that it's just a college class), but we were rudely interrupted by some group of students who just needed to come in for some reason. I don't really remember what their reason was anymore, but D was sympathetic to them. They came in to sit down and figure out whatever issue it was that they were working on, but at the same time I felt like their chat was very lighthearted and it seemed more like they came here just to not have to deal with that for a while, rather than to figure out a solution to it. Unfortunately, they never really showed any sign of leaving, so finally I regretfully just had to leave the class without getting to share much time with D.

    I walked just a little bit further down the hall to my next and possibly last class, regularly checking my printed out schedule to make sure that I was heading to the right room. Now that I think about it, the room number probably kept changing as it was quite confusing.... If only I had been more observant. Anyway though, I was excited for it because this class was actually supposed to be a double-blocked class entirely about the band Weezer, who I really like. I ended up waiting outside the door with a crowd of people standing there only to see the door open and find out that the class was being taught by Weezer themselves. I was pumped, and they even made a comment about how part of teaching this class was related to promoting their new album, which one person interjected by saying it sucks (even though it's not out yet), making the whole thing super awkward for a moment.

    They all continued to talk about the class and I continued to be really enthusiastic for it except for me now acute hatred of that one guy who had spoken out, but unfortunately I never got to see what the class was like as I woke up before that whole exchange had ended.

    If only real school was as exciting as it is in my dreams....

    Note: Mind Music

    by Alysendra on 08-09-2014 at 04:10 PM
    This isn't actually an entry about a dream, but it falls within my definition of dream-like phenomena.

    I was just sort of lost in my own mind when I swear I started just kind of creating a complete and kind of dark metal/rock cover of this song on the fly in my head.

    It actually had a really awesome guitar solo too. >.>

    I hear music in my imagination a lot but it's usually not like this, except for when I'm dreaming. In a dream I can hear the most amazing club music I've ever heard just generated effortlessly, so I know that the mind is capable of this.... I just thought it was worth noting because it happened to me this vividly while awake and it just happened to be kind of random.

    That is all.
    memorable , side notes

    Taking Off My Glasses Practice

    by Alysendra on 08-08-2014 at 01:57 AM
    I just wanted to add this really quick, it's not much but it counts. I had this dream when I fell asleep in mid-afternoon while watching anime with a friend (who also fell asleep).

    When my memory kicks in I was already lucid, and the dream was a little hazy. In my previous lucid I had successfully increased the vividness by repeatedly taking off my glasses without ever putting them back in, so I decided to try that again. It worked several times in a row, but I'm not really sure if the change stuck around for long as that's the last thing that I can recall.

    I feel like there was more to that dream and I probably did some totally badass things just to make me feel about forgetting out now, as usual. Maybe more will come back over time but we'll see....
    lucid , dream fragment