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    1. Hi my names tessa. I use to have dreams of the world ending by flooding every night for five years. I assume the waves were symbolism of a new start considering the world never ended in them. I moved away from my home town(bad family life etc)since then they stopped. I'm very grateful because the negative impact on me emotionally on a day to day bassis is over. Now I have lucid dreams all the time and I've been strengthening my mind to control them. I have them every night and can make myself wake up and once I'm awake if I go right back to bed I can continue them. But a couple days ago I had a non lucid dream where I was raped by three muslim guys. It made absolutely no sense. Since then its like I'm having to start all over with my lucid dreams. Any suggestion why the one random dream? I can't figure out anything that could have triggered it. I had been raped but it was a long long time ago. Nothing had reminded me of it or anything.
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