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    1. Thank you! At least this worked.
    2. click the little check box at the end of the line with name owtoty, then on teh bottom of the page, moderate message, then approve. that's all
    3. Hello, there is one notification saying '1 Unapproved Visitor Message' not going away. It's there since about 3 hours. I have already read the newest visitor message on my profile, but it won't go away. What am I supposed to do to fix this?
      Cheers Anna
    4. Could you please log out and back in?
    5. I changed my Password and enabled Cookies. It still Shows the same message.
    6. anna, please also check, that you have cookies enabled for dreamviews.
    7. No, dreamviews is not part of any chain. Does you password include any unusual characters? They should just be normal letters or numbers. you can cahnge it if you wish and try again. And I'm sorry for the trouble.
    8. sorry about that anna. Do you have another account here on DV?
    9. I can't send new messages to you? It says only 3 messages in 60 minutes.
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