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    Battlefield commedy? June 7th

    by Appe96 on 06-07-2012 at 04:28 PM
    Notes Dream Lucid

    This dream is sort of a fragment, and a dream at the same time :S(don't ask xD)I think I was in a tank plutoon, fighting urban combat. I was the commander of a M1A1 Abram tank, and had just finnished a battle. A reporter, who kind of looked like my dad, interviewed me for a while. The reporter worked for some sort of a commedyshow, who interviewed soldiers on the frontline.

    I suddenly got the order from my commander, that we had to commence round two of the battle. After that I did a another interview, and then a new battle. It ended up with five battles and intviews.

    After my sixth battle, I ran up to the reporter and asked if I could get interviewed, and he said: NO! YOU ARE NOT FUNNY ENOUGH!
    I woke up :S

    Real life game? June 4th

    by Appe96 on 06-04-2012 at 10:51 AM
    Notes Dream Lucid

    I just remebered one dream tonight so here it is! We were playing some sort of game. It wasn't a computergame, it was real life. There were two teams. I think that one was defending, and the other attacking.

    Any way my team attacked the other team. Everyone tried to attack the front of the enemy base.
    The base was some sort of a bunker made out of minecraft blocks. The front was this opening at the front that everyone aimed at.

    I got an idea and jumped up on the roof of the "bunker". I pulled out a flashbang and opened a crack at the roof, then I dropped the flashbang down to the bunker.

    All the enemies got stunned, and my team was charging the bunker, and decimated them

    I called my friend on some sort a virtual skype. I asked him if he wanted to play. He said "No, I am already bored as it is!"

    Horror Mansion May 31st 2012

    by Appe96 on 05-31-2012 at 07:02 AM
    Notes Dream Lucid

    Dream 1 I was in this mansion with some dudes that looked like they came straight out from Hogwarts. We were running through the house and for some reason. After a while we came into an elevator and suddenly a monster appeard for a split second and screamed. Everyone except me got so scared that they started to puke.

    We were running to some room again. The monster popped out of nowhere and tried to scare us, but someone threw a magic spell at him and he dissaperd.

    Dream 2 I was sitting next to my sister, as she was talking to a stranger. She tried to convince him that if, he watched the movie, then she automaticly would learn french

    Motivational dream :) May 24th 2012

    by Appe96 on 05-24-2012 at 06:06 AM
    Notes Dream Lucid

    Dream 1: Someone called "Micke" had called me and some dude on skype. He asked what we have done while he was gone, and we told him that we hosted a livestream. I thought to myself that Micke gott a really highpitch voice, and when I say really I mean REALLY :O.

    He asked us if we could play team fortress 2, and we was like "Yeah sure". He told us to play on the map called crossroads, because that was the only map that his computer could handle.

    We played TF2 for a while, and I got a pretty good gameplay. This was something that I really braged about

    I wake up somewhere around here.

    Dream 2: I were going to start jogging after school to become fitt to race that my school will host. I told it to my sister, and she showed me a technique wich makes me run faster, every time I'm running. I mentioned that I usually se Pontus near the route that I was supposed to take when I jogged. She told me that somehow cheats when he is jogging.

    I took the buss to Uppsala, a city close to where I live. The buss stopped close to a forest, wich was the forest that I were going to.

    I wake up somewhere around here. Somehow this dream made me realize that I have to start exercising
    non-lucid , memorable , side notes

    Hungergames? :O May 15th 2012

    by Appe96 on 05-15-2012 at 06:19 AM
    Notes Dream Lucid

    Fragment 1: I was in this hotel, talking to some ladies. It seems that they got their style from 1940 or something.We were talking about hypnosis and some animals, I think :S

    Dream 1:I was in a forest, with a group of people. We were returning home after, we had accomplished a goal/objective. "Home" was the place that we spent the time waiting for objectives.It actually kind of looked like my classroom :S There was a vote on who would get killed, and it happend to be my Patrik, my classmate . He was the "Captain" of our team, wich means that he was the leader of the group.

    The fact that he got killed meant, that we had to get a new leader. Our techer would choose one while we was asleep, and then get the news ay dawn. Guess who became the captain?

    When I got the news, I actually got kind of shocked. I said: "I can't be a leader, I'm bad at leading people!" but my teacher said that it was to late to switch captain.

    We got our objective, wich was running throu the forest, and past all obsticals. We started to run the designated path.
    It's around here were I wake up.

    Dream 2: I had missed the buss, so I was walking to the next busstop. When I finally reached the busstop, I saw Sofia and Sara. One of them is my neighbour, and one of them is my classmate. They were waiting on the buss, but debated if they would take the buss that goes in 5 minutes, or the next one.

    Finally me and them got on to the buss, that were coming in 5 minutes. The thing is tho that they kind of dissapeard. Now I saw Patrik and a 5 years old on the buss. He was telling the kid that it was childish to eat bananaskidz( a type of candy)
    This is where the dream ends.