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    Lolita Girl and Starcraft Style. LOL

    by Aprilade on 01-30-2011 at 12:11 AM
    Part 1:
    The setting starts off as a chase scene in a rainy, downtown New York area. There are two police cars in a pursuit with a black sports car (if I can recall.) The view is a third person, sideways scroll. Sort of like in those 2D mario games, except everything is moving 3x as fast. One of the police car's window opens and a gun appears along with an officer's unusually long arms. Bullets are flying everywhere and you finally get a close up of the getaway car. Inside there's are two men in their twenties, looking as criminal as can be. One is driving while the other is gunning at the police cars. In the backseat, there is a small girl is tied up and sobbing uncontrollably. The criminal driving turns back to see if the cop cars are slowing down, but doesn't realize the giant warehouse that magically appears in front of him. The car crashes through the wall, creating this humongous hole in the warehouse wall. The police cars rush in and arrest the two and take the girl out of the car. Suddenly, the guy driving magically breaks out of his hand cuffs and the police is yelling at the girl to run like hell. So she does.

    Part 2:
    So this action packed dream suddenly turns into a first person, with me being the freaking girl. I hear the maniacal killer behind me running with some random knife. I'm running two times faster than I can usually and as I try to find an exit to the warehouse, I see glass, automatic sliding doors and I rush through them. Through the doors, is a shopping mall, and this is only the furniture department. I run all around the shelves, trying to get the killer off of my trail. The way I was running and leaping over things, I felt like Leonardo Dicaprio, like in Inception. It works and I estimate that he won't be able to catch up to me within 5 minutes of escape time. I run out of the furniture department and into this luxurious mall with stands and shops full of jewelry and clothing. I hate jewelry and clothes, so I don't even give a glance to any of the stands. I run into a giant, hot pink room with about like 10 barely clothed ladies and I'm thinking "Oh crap, what's going on now.."
    Apparently I've run into some type of girl Lolita strip club or whatever. There's one guy in the whole room, and he's drunk off his butt. Seeing that the killer was probably on his way through the stands already I ask for a place to hide. The drunk man allows me to in the bar cabinets and because I'm a little child, I fit in an empty one perfectly. As my reality check, I take a look at my hands and try to snap my fingers. I know no one will hear me because the club is playing abnormally loud music.

    The dream ends when I hear the killer step into the bar, demanding beer and women angrily. I find this to be really disturbing, I've had this dream before, except I walked into an arcade with Starcraft addicts.

    Wait, what?!

    by Aprilade on 01-29-2011 at 01:17 AM
    Part 1: The mood starts off in a dark stage like area. Only dim candles light the room. My family and I are sitting in the seats when I realize something dark and gloomy sliding along the walls. The candles, one by one started to fade into darkness. The sounds of a zombie apocalypse rising were coming into play. I guided my family out of the stage area, but they seem not to notice all the creepiness of the atmosphere. It scares me and pisses me off at the same time. My parents are there, my sisters are there, but NOOO. I'm the one who has to half shove them out of the imaginary door. This is where I do my reality check. I can't see my hands, I'm not touching anything, but there are two blurry arms in front of me and my family is making a sort of shoved motion. So we get out of the building and the outside is sort of like a cultural city/marketplace. Judging by the colors, I'd say that the time was about 5PM and the sky is beginning to turn orange. I see a bunch of random people and due to the dream logic, they are my "family." Some of my real family members are in there, but the rest are just random. Two dogs appear, one a yorkshire terrier, and one a much bigger version. Both are making that menacing zombie sound and showing small, but sharp teeth. I guess you can say they've been hit by the zombie virus or whatever. Even though I sort of know I'm dreaming, I run over and stand next to my family defensively. The two dogs run off and I follow them in a quiet and short pursuit. We arrive at this random, fancy house which my dream logic currently says belongs to my Uncle Vien. Vien is up in the bathroom taking a shower while I'm raiding the kitchen looking for something to feed/satisfy the dogs with. You can hear the two eating and killing Vien's real life dog, Cassie. I look through more cabinets and I hear them run upstairs over to the bathroom. Barking begins and I'm viciously tearing through the fridge and even looking at the oven. All I find are pots of cookies and milk. More barking appears and the sound of Vien's voice in the shower is ringing in my ears. "Bad!", "No!", and "Stop it!". I can hear their paws/claws slashing and hitting the glass of the shower door. The running water and the shrieking of the glass is pounding through my eardrums. I finally hear them give up and go down the stairs in record time. I think about trying to climb up the island, but assuming that Vien was safe and that they've been calm, I decide not to. They appear before my eyes and they're looking as innocent as can be. The virus must have left them, I suppose.

    Part 2: The area switches to the lobby of an apartment complex. The dogs are still there and I catch sight of my real family going up the stairs, including Vien. The dogs and I follow them up and Kingdom Heart music plays. On the roof of the complex, the sky is full of night light and stars. We spot off in the distance a floating ship with spinning blades on the bottom, allowing the aircraft to hover above. Shadow like monsters and dropping from the sky and it suddenly feels like I'm playing a game of Kingdom Hearts. The dream ends when we are finally surrounded and about to face our ultimate doom. This is sort of like a nightmare to me. It wouldn't be if my family was actually trying to make an effort to save themselves, but all the work was laid on me. So that was pretty much the only pressuring part.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    A Returning Memory

    by Aprilade on 01-27-2011 at 01:32 AM
    Part 1:
    The dream starts off next to a Barnes and Noble bookstore. It's then I realize that this dream is a replay of a memory I had about a year ago, but it's like totally DIFFERENT. Well first of all, while I'm walking with my dad over to the bookstore, and the second I'm looking away, his clothes change into his work outfit. The next thing I notice is that the glass entrance doors just disintegrates and out comes two wooden grand entrance doors. We walk in and he speaks some type of gibberish. From the real life memory, he was telling me to go find the book I want, so in the dream, I just go ahead to the book shelves. I grab a random book from the biography section and head over back to the counter where my dad is casually talking to the woman. The trip over there is a lot longer than usual, my pace is fine, but the time to get there is long. By the time I get there, my dad scrunches down a little and puts his hand on my shoulder. He tells me that he's being sued by Barnes and Nobles for no absolute reason. Now in the real life memory, it was him telling me that he forgot his money in the car and he had to go back and get it.

    Part 2:
    The scenario switches to us and the rest of my family in front of my house with all of our belongings in boxes. Images flash that show how my family was supposedly summoned to court and how my dad confesses he does not have he money to pay back for what ever he did. We lose our money and our house, and the dream switches back to in front of the house. The dream ends as we are trying, but failing to get jobs.

    Yeah, this is pretty sad, but I'm sure we would've survived.... barely.

    What kind of a game is this??

    by Aprilade on 01-26-2011 at 04:12 AM
    Part 1:
    So it started when I was at school, everything was normal, but it was abnormally foggy. All students were immediately sent to their 1st Period classes instead of homeroom to escape the fog. My 1st Period takes place in the computer lab, and for some reason, the electricity wasn't working, so we were basically doing nothing. Everyone is goofing around, and our teacher is no where to be seen. My classmate, Arthur, suggests that we ditch class. Because he's the only one agreeing with himself, he runs out of class and is struck by a random bolt of lighting.

    Part 2:
    The dream suddenly switches to a video game perspective. Pacman music is playing in the background and the graphics are like how they would be in the Sims 3. I would like to note here that I've never played the Sims series, nor have I even owned any so I don't see how this happened. The POV is from the sky, like an overview on the whole city and I suddenly see The Legend of Zelda monsters rush in and stand on certain spaces, like how characters would on a game board. I also don't know where this came from, but I suddenly saw cannons go off and the monsters being squished or having the despawning animation they do.

    Part 3:
    The scene switches to real life, but still from the view in the sky. The cannons are still being fired from nowhere and I'm back at school. All the students are being rushed into bathrooms for some reason, I suppose for protection?? As we're being rushed in, a secret agent gets a hold of me and brings me to this high elevated area where he opens up his secret base. He speaks gibberish and a bunch of mush that I don't understand, but I'm assuming he wants help fighting the mobs when he points to a lone cannon.

    This is when I wake up and awkwardly find myself on the brink of falling off the bed.