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    Zombie Chase No Weapons, No Defenses.

    by ArchimageDGTAL on 06-25-2013 at 10:37 PM
    It was like a physical Call Of Duty Zombies in the mid 30s level. This took place in a mall settings attached to a sky way downtown, you know those tubes that connect buildings to other building downtown so people don't have to walk in bad weather conditions? That exactly. It is day time, man in suit comes running the opposite way "they're everywhere". I am with a small group of four i believe, and we are on the 4th level, the zombies are in hordes at the lowest level, i mean fucking waves of them are making their way through the levels from the bottom as we watch from the upper level looking down. The mall is quite there are no screams for help just noises from these density of these things looking to obtain us for whatever reason. Presumably that reason some how did not resonate in our best interest but theirs. You know how dream scenes always transitions to new settings UN-noticeably ? We are running they are coming...Fast. We are running through the sky ways we can feel them like 20 yards away! The group and I can feel their violent aggressive aura approaching us which is fueling our escape to safety! The words "tired" do not exist at this time. Two of my guys split as I seen from a different angle ( in dream you get a 360 camera angle) the birds eye view as we part into separate entrances. I am running through offices, floors still being built, classrooms, bedrooms etc. We can feel the pressure of them not letting up I must keep going. There must have been a ramp leading to the top of the building from the entrance were we split at because the end point destination was a big room with a panoramic view of a downtown view of the whole city. I spot a bucket on the floor and a latter hangng down from the ceiling indicating there were window cleaners here that escaped or worse. I jump on to the latter as they are aware I have no where to run like football player trying to tackle me with the ball although miraculously i managed to juked, jumped and avoid stiff arming. Back to the ladder, I jumped onto the latter and proceeded to climb. I thought I was alone another guy is behind me as the zombies are getting close he presses a button by the desk I jumped over and he jumps onto the second ladder beside mine and the button he pressed causes both ladders to rise from the ground up making it unreachable for the evils to access us. Then my ladder bends I smash into the panoramic glass I am still hanging on but then wake up. Thought I'd record this to read sometime later.

    Dream I Can Vividly Remember.

    by ArchimageDGTAL on 06-17-2013 at 11:57 PM
    In this dream I had which I need know journal for because it is very vivid even to this day. I can remember. I was walking in this desert, and with every foot step i took was a big ass lake as if the footprint I made just enlarged and as I was walking lakes where just being created from each step I took in some desert.