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    I'm British, a writer, living and working in France with my wife and 2 kids. I'm into dark fiction stories, but will read anything. Been into dreams all my life and am actively trying to enjoy more lucid dreaming. I'd like to have them at least once a week.
    Reading, writing, working out, drawing and painting, making music, meditation
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    lucid dream podcast with Ollie and Mike


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    WBTB Lucid Dream - Coach Station, Kids, Gloves

    by armouredcar on 11-18-2017 at 08:15 AM
    #WBTB Method

    I was woken up by my daughter who's not feeling well. I attended to her and then returned to the kitchen where I thought about stacking the dishwasher. I picked up some random items and stood there for a while ...


    I ate a banana, cos I was kind of hungry and thought about whether to get up or go back to bed.

    It was 4am.

    I was planning to be up between 5 and 6, so going back to bed risked oversleeping. And I wasn't feeling tired.

    I got back into bed to tinker with my new old mobile phone and go back to sleep. I downloaded some apps, including Instagram and Twitter, which is where I ended up. Read some tweets and then tweeted about #wbtb and then read some more. Twitter didn't work properly on the phone.

    Finally, the light and tapping noises seemed to be disturbing my wife's sleep, so I set the device aside and lay down.

    I focused on relaxing and staying aware of how I was feeling.

    I counted every breath.

    I was surprised to find that I was feeling very, very, very relaxed, with my body feeling heavy and almost paralysed, but still aware. I was surprised because I'm normally asleep before noticing this.

    I reached 12 before losing count and being immersed in a pleasurable slumber. It felt like being aware of being asleep. Not aware of dreaming. Is lucid sleeping a thing? Just being asleep and aware of being asleep.

    I could feel the mattress and the blanket and my body. I'm not sure if I couldn't move or didn't want to. It was peaceful and safe; moving was the last thing on my mind.

    Everything was very dark grey and close, like the world was soft around me. I was looking around, so I figured that I was in a dream now. I suppose I was in a kind of doorway to the dream, because there was only sensation. Nothing to see at all except very dark grey.

    I heard my daughter in the kitchen then and she called to me, so I prepared to go to her, disappointed to be roused from bed again ... except I was standing up, leaning against a chest of drawers.

    I walked very carefully across the dark room and considered whether I was sleeping because I had been lying down under the covers earlier and I didn't remember standing up.

    Caution seemed wise. I went out into the kitchen, but the kitchen wasn't there. It was a coach station.


    The key things that I think contributed to lucidity:

    Not being tired
    Eating a banana - at the time, I thought it might help with lucid dreaming. I imagine the thought was more powerful than the banana.
    Reading, looking after daughter, doing something for 30 mins instead of going straight back to sleep.
    Reading about dreams
    Tweeting about lucid dreaming


    In the dream, I'm thinking about what to post on Twitter.

    Focus Dean!

    I'm sure there was something I was meant to do in my next lucid dream...

    Now I'm holding two samurai swords. I spin them round a little bit, but it seems to obvious. I think I should explore a bit.

    A coach is reversing over grey concrete, performing a laborious three-point turn.

    At the end of the coach station that is nearest me, two teachers are sitting at cluttered desks. They call some young students over. A boy who is clearly not interested in being here comes over and collects a drawing from the male teacher. The drawing contains his results for his exam.

    He walks off with it without even looking at it.

    "Hey," I say. "Can I see that? I'm interested."

    He hands it over, looking like he's expecting to fail.

    I'd like to tell him that he's done well, but I can't understand this evaluation at all. It just looks like a kid's drawing. It's not even a good one.

    "Well done, kid," I say. "It'll be okay." And I hand it back to him.

    He takes it and just looks at me. He doesn't even shrug. Then he walks away, sort of swallowed by darkness.

    I catch the eye of the male teacher. He doesn't say anything either, but he looks at me as if to say: "You see? This is what we're dealing with here on a daily basis."

    I lose the dream here for a while, but I remember thinking about flying or doing a super jump, but again, I didn't want to do anything obvious.

    I end up outside with my wife who is gardening. I was thinking about gardening in waking life earlier and I make the connection in the dream.

    A friend arrives. She's brought us gardening gloves. I smile at her, delighted, but she avoids my gaze. At first, I think she's being modest about her gift, but then I think that maybe I've misconstrued the situation.

    I start to suspect that these are not gifts but only a loan.

    As I have the thought, she glances at me, as if she heard it and is agreeing.

    Under my gaze, the gloves degenerate; holes appear in the fingers and palms.

    I'm aware of my body in bed and I shift to get more comfortable. I'm still in the dream, but it closes on me and again it goes dark grey. There is no up or down, just comfort and gentle floating.

    In the darkness I hear my wife getting out of bed.

    The light comes on.

    Alarmed by Alarms

    by armouredcar on 10-08-2017 at 11:49 AM
    My alarm is going off. It's incredibly loud and annoying, and my hands are trembling as I try to shut it off. I'm swiping for all I'm worth, and the icons on the screen are sliding left and right, but that sound continues.

    I realize that it's not my phone ringing at all. It's my wife's phone. I grab her phone from her and swipe ... swipe ... swipe! ...

    The sound is piercing and persistent and annoying.

    It goes on for about ten seconds, and I'm thinking about launching the phone at the wall when it dawns on me that this phone isn't ringing either. The ringtone is different.

    I wake myself up, genuinely rising out of sleep, and I open my heavy eyes. Beside the bed, my wife's Kindle alarm is going off.

    I reach over like a man clawing toward safety, grab the Kindle, swipe toward 'dismiss' or whatever it says.

    Finally, It stops.

    Lucid Tower Meditation

    by armouredcar on 06-28-2017 at 06:12 AM
    I'm outdoors on a lush, green landscape. It's like a park that is being gradually infiltrated by warehouses, factories, barns, and public buildings.

    Everything is very vivid. The light has a strange, beautiful quality, as if the light itself is full of possibility.

    I know that I'm dreaming.

    In the middle of the landscape is what might be a children's playground or what's left of an industrial plant. It's hard to tell, but I swing on a horizontal bar like an athlete, having fun.

    I drop down to the ground, thinking that I was supposed to do something the next time I was lucid, but I can't remember what it was. I don't want to waste the entire dream trying to remember, so I decide to fly. Predictible, yes, but a great feeling and not only is it less effort than ever with more control, but I also feel no anxiety as I rush up into the air.

    Ahead, there is a green hill with a tunnel going into it. Now there is some anxiety, as I wonder it was going to come out of the entrance.

    A large bus/short train comes speeding out and I jump high into the air to avoid it. It is yellow and reminiscent of a child's drawing of a bus/train. It has passengers.

    Then I recall that I was thinking about meditating in a lucid dream, which I've done once before and had a great experience.

    I close my eyes and I feel that I'm inside a tower. Opening my eyes intermittently, I see the translucent skeleton of the building's internal framework.

    Eyes closed, I rise up through the tower, hovering up what feels like about 40 floors. Hovering in the middle of this semi-visible building, I enter a deep meditation.

    I feel myself in bed, lying beneath the covers.

    I feel myself standing in the dream.

    I feel myself hovering in the middle of the building.

    I am the building too. I'm the structure, the beams and frames, stretching up and surrounding myself.

    When I hear footsteps, I open my eyes and my friend is quietly entering a kitchen in a fluffy white dressing gown.

    "I'm just making myself a drink," she says. "I can't sleep. You want one?"

    "No," I say and close my eyes.

    I stay in the dream, lucid, deeply meditating and just experiencing the various states at once for what feels like a few minutes, until my 'in bed' state feels very uncomfortable - I feel like all my weight is on one arm - and I wake myself up enough to turn over.
    lucid , memorable