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    3. Trying to build up motivation to get back on lucid dreaming......

      Since its holiday I have plenty of time, but no motivation.
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    by astraalipaska on 03-19-2011 at 10:12 AM
    I should start writing these down to my 'real' dream journal again, since I've noticed that after I started writing them here I havent really recalled so long dreams what I recalled when I didnt write here...

    Im at this beach, the beach is near a forest. Theres this 'goddess of the sea' or someone like that and shes singing waves to form in the lake. I think that, thats really cool and I pray for the christian god that I could do so, but nothing happens. Then Im really close to the goddess and I start to sing and try to make the wind blow on her face that her hair would go messy. While I sing, her beautiful face suddenly turns into this really creepy looking face and then turns back to the normal face.
    It was because I was trying to sing and compete against a goddess.

    We were singing poems.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Not much of a nightmare...

    by astraalipaska on 03-17-2011 at 07:00 PM
    Im at school about to go to the hall, but T is trying to keep me away from there. I go inside and try to close the 2 doors, but its difficult.
    I play some CD and suddenly the lights start to go off one by one. The soundtrack sounds pretty creepy and the lights flash.
    I go to the other hall and there are some young children sitting on the floor being frightened because of whats happening.
    The teacher of the kids needs help to find the control panel where I could turn the lights on and the music out. I see it immediately and wonder why the teacher doesnt see it. I put the music out. I start to browse some CD's and try to find something playable, but I cant find.

    I try to go to sleep next to my mom but I see that my dog is there and I wont

    Im skipping an hour off from school, and we are at some forest with P and J. I try to make up a good excuse for why I was skipping a lesson and I come up with the idea that my stomach was hurting
    The clock is 11.30 and I start to walk back to school. I hear some weird drumming and I make conclusions that its coming from the elementary school and they are having some show there.

    Almost a lucid dream.

    by astraalipaska on 03-16-2011 at 06:15 PM
    I have bought 3 bags of candy and a 1,5L coca-cola. Im in front of our music classroom and J's friend comes to me and asks me to give him some coke. Hes a big guy and hes like threatening me, but I say no and I start to beat him up. Then YV comes and starts to settle the fight, but suprisingly he doesnt give any detention.

    Then Im at home coming down the stairs. N is sitting on the bench there and asking me to give him some candy. I say "Well ok" and I take my shoes off because the candy is there. He takes some candy from my sweaty shoes and I say something "Well If you like candys that have been in my shoes, then ok..."

    Im collecting some garbage in some hall with JR.

    Im playing a videogame with N,J and some other guy. We are at the 'computerclass'. In the game we are jumping over fences and running, possibly away from something.

    Then Im in the field behind the ice rink with S. We are either standing or sitting. I watch some leaves drop from the trees and suddenly I start to think how Im lying down in my bed and this is a dream, but I dont do any RC's and I dont become lucid. I was just thinking about myself sleeping in my bed.

    That was pretty weird...
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by astraalipaska on 03-15-2011 at 03:20 PM
    Im standing in the line waiting to get to the school cafeteria, I see P there and wonder : "Oh he came back."

    Im at the backyard watching some flowers and plants, and wondering where did I plant one plant.
    I have this bottle wheres some ultragrowing liquid that boosts the flowers/plants growing.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Fast food and a 'party' in my room.

    by astraalipaska on 03-14-2011 at 02:40 PM
    Im walking near Blond café but theres a hesburger where the café should be. Theres also traffic lights in the intersection. Im walking there and first P is driving with his moped near me and Im running behind him, but when we come to the lights he has a bicycle. The lights turn red for the cars and green for us. We cross the road and come to other lights, they turn immediately green when I push the button. We again cross the road and come to the hesburger.
    We go in and sit to this table. I see some guys in another table and I recognise one of them. They are speaking pretty loud, but otherwise they dont make any trouble. Im watching a menu and trying to decide what to eat, while P is eating some kind of burger wheres vegetables or fruits. I decide to order some fries (this point I thought the fries as coal, dont know why maybe because carbohydrate.) and some big meal. P is about to go to order something but I see that the employees pull a curtain over the desk that you cant see whats happening there. P still goes there and Im about to say that dont go there but he still does and then he orders something from these employees.
    I see one employee and think that will she spit to my burger.

    Im sitting on my bed and theres a lot of other people in my bed. We are having some kind of party because we have finished school. M comes to the door but immediately leaves when he sees us, and then some guy with beard comes. (although he was year younger than we he looked alot older.) Hes a metalhead and he starts to sing and play his guitar. Hes singing some really familiar tune, but I cant remember what it is.
    At first his singing sounds really terrible, but after time I start to like it and say to the other guys that "this guy is actually good".

    Some emo girls come out of a red car with A. They start to take their jackets off because its hot outside.
    non-lucid , dream fragment