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    I've had several lucid dreams since from an early age, but they have been infrequent in occurrence. Recently decided to devote serious study to the skill of LDing so I can have them at will. Another great interest of mine is metaphysics.
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    Secret Levels

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-27-2018 at 04:20 PM
    I am with another person in a deserted building complex behind a locked gate. We have been there a very long time. We appear to be trapped. There is another person within the complex who is hunting us. It becomes evident that we are his prisoners. We run down the staircase and into the parking lot where my car is. I have a folding baby stroller with me that I put in the backseat. It is very windy. The person with me is making a lot of noise; I begin to hope the wind masks the noise enough to keep us from being detected. We get in and start the car but decided not to charge the gate. We have nowhere to go. We exit the car and go back into the building, which is now very dark. The other person is still there, within the building, hunting us. The building has many multi-levels and he could be anywhere. I try to ask "Google" about the layout of the building and the search reveals many secret entrances and new floors. I see this information as a way to buy us some more time to hide. Dreamt 3/13/2017

    Young Kasparov and Goodbye to Romance

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-27-2018 at 04:06 PM
    I am with a group of people, we are listening to the guitar solo from "Goodbye to Romance" being played by Randy Rhoads. It is a beautiful experience. Among those in the group is Garry Kasparov, looking as he did in back the late 80's. He is sitting down and reading something from a laptop or newspaper. Randy Rhoads is also there in the group of people, but it is not clear if he is playing the solo or listening to the recorded version along with everyone else. Ozzy is not there. Dreamt 3/11/2017

    Velour Sweater Basketball

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-27-2018 at 03:57 PM
    I am playing a game of one-on-one basketball with some black guy in a strip mall parking lot. The parking lot had been converted to a court. I am doing jump shots, lay-ups, and hook shots. It is very realistic; I make some of the shots but also miss some - the dream corresponds exactly to my skill level IWL. At one point the ball goes flying over to where a mailman is. He catches the ball and throws it back to us. When I catch the ball I notice it is larger than before and is covered in a velour material, as though someone put a sweater over it. The cover doesn't fit it right on the basketball; it begins to loosen. Eventually a sleeve comes loose and dangles out, revealing that it is indeed a velour sweater. Dreamt 3/10/2017

    Flying Viper in Kayak

    by AstronomyDomine on 04-27-2018 at 03:47 PM
    I bought a submarine at some sporting goods store and I'm looking for a place to launch it. My wife suggests I try the water over by a Lowe's. I tell her the lake is too shallow, and it doesn't go to the sea. I look over to my left and see an ocean of water in the distance my wife is pointing at: "What about that?"she says. In a flash, there is water all around me and I am adrift on a skinny canoe. The water is dirty. Other people are in boats not far from me. I approach the shore, climb out of the canoe and walk through the shallow water. As I do this, the canoe suddenly turns into a thin tube and opens at both ends. I push it under the surface of the water as I continue to walk toward the shore. A snake appears and enters one of the openings. I carry the tube with the snake in it onto the land and drag it to a tree. The snake then crawls out of the tube and coils into a ball beneath the tree. It has a long pointy nose like a viper. It suddenly launches itself at me like an arrow, but misses. It then rematerializes beneath the tree in a coil and prepares to launch at me again. I am paralyzed in the tree and cannot move. It never strikes me to my recollection, and eventually I drift from the scenario. Dreamt 3/9/2017

    New York Weather Channel & National Guard at Home Depot (frags)

    by AstronomyDomine on 03-10-2018 at 03:53 PM
    1. I am in a house watching a TV with a horrible reception. Someone changes the channel to the weather station. It is the forecast for New York. I tell everyone in the room I used to live in New York. I begin to feel nostalgic listening. I wish I were back in New York, but realize if were, I'd probably grow restless and wish I were someplace else.

    2. I am on a trip with a National Guard unit. I have a big duffel bag that gets lost. It was in a Hummer that left and now I have nothing but the clothes on my back and a small transistor radio I am carrying (a dream sign). I try to find another Hummer but all are already occupied. The rest of the unit and I are stranded at a Home Depot. It is uncertain why we are there. It appears we are waiting for a bus to come get us. The store supervisor meanwhile comes and puts us all to work. There are big swinging pendulums and lots of mechanical equipment all around us. I go to the customer service desk to ask the girl if I can rent a locker for my radio. She tells me there are no more lockers, but she could store it in her car for me for five bucks. People behind me in line are now growing impatient. She tells me she has to leave soon, and if the bus doesn't come before she leaves she'll put the radio on a shelf under a clock. I thank her and yell to everyone in line "She's going to make some money!" and give her the five bucks for her offer.

    Everyone from my unit is gone when I return. I search the entire store for them in vain. I think the bus came while I was at customer service. From here, I somehow end up in a hotel room. I am partially naked and without my radio. I decide to wander around the hotel to look for cards or newspapers or anything to tell me what city I'm in. For some reason I'm thinking Waco. I take an elevator down to the spa. I realize I'm holding my clothes in my arms and lost my room key. I press the button to go down but instead the elevator goes up -- all the way up to the top 16th floor. The door opens and there is a person in a wheelchair looking at me. I step around him and go down a short flight of stairs and suddenly realize I am inside a private room. The walls are decorated with violets and roses and ornate designs. I pass a kitchen. A Hispanic lady is inside it speaking to her teenage son and daughter in Spanish. I ask her where the 'public television' is and she points to the back of the room. It is obvious there is no 'public television'; the TV in the back of the room is hers along with everything else in this apartment. I turn on the TV and she comes over and stretches out beside me on a long ottoman. We strike up a conversation. She asks me if I'm a writer. I tell her yes, in a way -- I keep a dream journal, if that counts. She becomes enthusiastic and tells me how much she loves to dream. I ask her if she's ever had a lucid dream. She doesn't know what they are so I explain: "It's when you wake up inside of a dream." As I tell her this I focus on the details of her face and contours of her attractive body on the ottoman. I find her face very average, but her body smooth and fit. I begin to grow aroused and the dream fades. Dreamt 3/8/2017

    Updated 03-10-2018 at 03:57 PM by AstronomyDomine

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