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      "Singaporean is just the best food in the world."

      I have to agree with that.
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      Erm... You serious? But I barely know you.
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      Oh, intriguing -- mind sharing some songs from this playlist? *Astrosomnia gives no vocal reply, waves his arms in a diffuse circular motion, and mysteriously fades into a blue haze*

      Good image derived from 'Astrosomnia'.... in a word, I get: stargazer (assuming insomnia and astronomy). Do you study astronomy?

      My sentiments exactly. Time to ride to the bookstore on my mammoth unicycle.
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      I got lucky with the update where there was a glitch in the game that made you get rare items as a common drop with a ring of wealth. Managed to get an Spectral and Arcane sigil, which basically paid off the Herblore.

      But now I'm poor because all those extreme potions that are left can't be traded.
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      Blue in the quiescent sense or melancholic sense... or both?

      Scrooge is back in the basement. I hope he stays down there in the darkness - that's his place, not in the limelight. *Realises this makes me seem like I've dissociative identity disorder*

      Hehe, it's always a pity when you have dreams of your normal day to day activities, isn't it? ;p
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      Thank you
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      I don't have an opinion on that as yet, hahaha. I just want to get the degree, and hopefully go to graduate school.
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      Biochemistry and Genetics Double Major
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      Nice colour theme.
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      It doesn't hurt. Don't worry, I've got nothing going on, too. >w<
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    The Space Room...

    by Astrosomnia on 10-16-2012 at 11:21 AM
    dream : comments : lucid
    Tuesday, 18th of October 2012

    Enooooooormous lot of dreams last night. There was one about being chased by a Terminator-like entity which was shooting at me with a minigun and I decided I needed to get out of town.

    The main one was me being in space. Except 'space' was a giant room that slowly gradient-ed into being darker and darker, until the walls and floor disappeared and turned into empty space.
    I walked out onto it (there was apparently an invisible floor) and was scared but excited, knowing that at any moment I could lose the ability to breathe and could freeze. I actually reckoned that the air and temperature from the rest of the room was probably seeping a little way out and making it possible to breathe a bit.

    While out in the space-ness, I came across a tiny (golf ball sized) version of Mars and its two moons floating around. I began playing with the little planet and pushing it around, changing its orbit, moving the moons, and sending it across the vastness.
    Eventually I looked up and saw that in front of me, the blackness had become a thin band and was being replaced by exactly what was behind me. I decided that it was space-time bending around itself and being all wormholeish.

    TLDR; I basically played God for a while and was surprisingly sensible about the whole thing. It was awesome.

    The Back Into It Dream...

    by Astrosomnia on 09-28-2012 at 05:19 PM
    dream : comments : lucid
    Friday, 28th of September 2012

    It's been too long...

    What I remember was that I was in a profoundly awesome city. It was like a city from the Imperium in Warhammer or something like that; giant Cathedral-like buildings and statues of Angels.

    I was just walking through the city with my Dad and brother when they veered off and left me to explore by myself. I kinda just walked around being amazed at the scale and size of the buildings and statues around me. It was pretty intense.

    The Sleekest Awesome City...

    by Astrosomnia on 07-27-2012 at 02:54 AM
    dream : comments : lucid
    Friday, 27th of July 2012

    Man, I've been out of contact for a while. This is just a little entry despite the fact that I had approximately 1 billion dreams last night.

    I was in an amazing Japanese city where every building was the same style. They were completely made of glass, with some panels of frosted glass creating a stylized design. It was as if the city had been completely built by one company (probably Apple, judging by how it looked and the fact that there was an Apple store there) from scratch.
    The buildings were all sleek and curved at the front and the streets were completely empty. I was just jumping around talking about how it was the coolest place ever. EVER.

    Then I went to a shop and bought some squid which was rotten.
    Then I went on a trip to some scary drug dealers house.
    Then I was at Nooks' house and some bad guys kidnapped us and killed us.
    Then we were going on a trek but there was mud and water everywhere.
    Then there were helicopters.

    It was crazy.

    The Meth Lab Mayhem...

    by Astrosomnia on 07-18-2012 at 12:49 PM
    dream : comments : lucid
    Monday 16th of July, 2012

    I was making meth (I've been watching a lot of Breaking Bad and lately heaps of my dreams are about meth!) and the cops caught on to it. I went to a hardware store to get supplies and realised they were following me. I surrendered and they hauled me off to a library, where I had an argument over the fact that my library card had expired. While arguing, I overheard that the police were going to burn our house down to try and kill Nooks and Acka, and make it look like an accident, so I ran off and texted her before they caught me. As I was texting, in some other realm I was also writing my will; evidently I knew this was the end.

    Somehow I got back home where I discovered the house had been bugged. I decided it was best to just leave and went outside and began riding a Vesper.
    It gets a bit hazy there but I honed back in on me sweeping the road, where I stumbled upon an awesome part of town that was a single, fenced off street that had all these tiny, hawker style food carts except they were bars. It was like a market street for partying.


    I got a lift to work from Dad but had to catch a bus halfway there. For some reason I had a cat with me. At work I realised I'd forgotten my uniform and that I should have my car otherwise how would I get home? The cat began acting like a child and eventually became one. With a mohawk. Acka brought my uniform and I started work. Shortly after that I put a wet ball of paper on my face.

    The Truck Crush...

    by Astrosomnia on 07-18-2012 at 12:41 PM
    dream : comments : lucid

    Wednesday 18th of July, 2012

    I was walking in a park kind of area but with several buildings in it. Kind of like Central Park in NY, I suppose. As I walked I came across a little girl rummaging through a bin. She must've been about 6 and she's just humming to herself and digging through garbage. Every now and then she put something she found into a paper bag.
    I watched her for a little bit, feeling sad for her, and then her mum came along. I began berating her asking how she could let her daughter do that, then I noticed she herself was really grimy and she explained that they were homeless.

    Somehow things evolved really quickly and I found myself crying and chasing the mum because of some kind of elaborate love story about how the young girl created some kind of bond. Except it wasn't to do with me. All I was thinking while it was happening was "Man! This would be a good movie"


    I was with a group of friends including my youngest brother and we were sitting in a cul-de-sac talking to the driver of a semi-trailer. Suddenly someone had a guitar and we were all singing Losing My Religion by REM, except everyone was struggling to keep time properly. I remarked that no one had ever realised that it was the hardest song to sing along to ever.
    When we finished the driver, who had been sitting in the cab and leaning out the window, was just like "Thanks!" and began to pull away. As he did the rear of the truck came really close to us and I looked down to notice that my brother was under the truck and about to be squashed by the wheels. I screamed out and raised my hand to reach out to him and as I did so, jolted awake in real life.

    Thinking back on it...was the choice of 'REM' a hint that I was dreaming?

    Updated 07-18-2012 at 12:50 PM by Astrosomnia