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      Yo. I placed a new object on small black table from ikea in my room if you feel like remote viewing. I also read that you placed new object without the chest on same place. I will be sendin PM if i feel like im recieving some images.
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    My Ld count in years 2005-2008

    by ATA on 02-05-2015 at 12:14 PM

    In the old days when I used to train LD
    lucid , side notes

    FA - vibrations -vizualzation - vibrations - LD - vibrations - LD - awakening

    by ATA on 12-17-2014 at 11:03 AM
    time : 1:40-2:26 AM
    *probably be unreadable
    I woke up and felt a strong vibration, and try separate bodyes by movement but it not work well and cause a pain . I try to found frequecni of vibration its something about 3,5hz.
    In start of vibrations i hear some voices. Also try found if someone is connected to my /try to contact me --) noone. After i try some visualization but was not stable.Another vibration this time was better i try push left leg inside the bed it cause change of its position but still not get me form body ,add of hand visulization result in very strange "FA/dream" IM still on bed but in different position facing the wall and try to see my hand i get glimpse of hand but not stabilize appearence of wall change i see some strange texture on in . Shapes of texture change and create something like geometric patern my hand become mirrored few times and se 2 to 6 hand in diffrent angles .Try to stabilize the hand visulaly lead to another bizare mirror and geometric textures and hand angles i notice the texture look like portal/liquid and try to push hand to it by intention.This hlep and i get to new state i see a window of scene and try to influnce inside i get to this dream for some time but it was unstable .Wake up form his short LD and another vibrations.This time i try get back to previous LD by intention and try some movemnts of body.Movemnts not work but after a while i get to new dream it was similar like 1st LD but not the smae i was in my room and try like load dream scene /video on my PC littlerpoblem found right folder.I saw flat tV on other side of rooom with dream scene loaded on PC in try infulece it.I was able to influnce some things insice but image was small. I have idea to increase the size of TV , it was like use a mouse found border of TV in increase size of window by mouse movement. First try work and i try oher dimnesions but i have problem be precize and mouse cursor to the border of window/TV. Found better way found inco maximalize somewhere nad TV screen fill whole wall on other side of my room . Try to get in it work but i not hold a dream long .

    Awakening in start felt absolutly real is impossible to say be fealing it was real of false.

    Information from the subconscious .Some basic logging of info was turn ON so i get some usefull infomation.

    Dream tims and lenghts , LD chance

    B-wakefulness (is not mesurment of lucidity but better than nothing)

    Top picture -preception priority of senses
    FP physical proprioreception
    NP non-physical proprioreception 1
    NP non-physical proprioreception 2
    NV non-physical vision
    NA non-physical audio
    lower nuber higher priority

    When i wrote info about dream times i notice strange thing 2 dreams in same time .
    The awakening was false , FP not go to C-preception , but is was realively strong so some influnce to NP2 is possible.

    1min start of false awakening red line NP2 is fealing of non-physical body in dream senery of my bed
    NA some voices
    1min 15s creation of second source NP1 for unknown reason ,it cretae body in slightly diffrent position
    firts vibration and turn off of NA
    1min 45s start of visulization NV (black line) and lowering of priority od second dream body NP1
    2min 40s another vibration this time NP1 have some little advantage
    3min turn off of NP2 dream body created in false awakening ,and strong NV
    4min focus on NV in dream scene also increse of NA audio in scene
    4min another vibration
    5min 45s start of cecond LD string NV
    7min 45s normal awakening

    Picture nad bottom of page try to get better look to NP interaction vibration frequenci 1,8-3,7Hz its look like some Top-down modulated feedback in frequency of cognitive cycle.

    Journey into the forest (physical reality+shamanic journey) 25.10 2013

    by ATA on 12-05-2014 at 03:53 PM
    *i use few yearsold pictures from same place for ilustration

    In the morning at 10 AM something told me that I should head outside into the nature. It was just a feeling. The weather seemed to be OK so I packed few things and headed out.

    In the beginning of my journey a nasty wind blew which almost stopped me in my tracks while trying to ride my bike. Originally I wanted to go to the rafting place and to the shallows, but intuition told me that I should go further to the temple.

    I took the first turn into the woods instead of continuing on the road.

    Sometimes I went on foot. I arrived to Nove Zamky when again intuition told me to change the direction and continue via the meadows instead of continuing via the woods.

    When I was nearing the destination, I had a thought that it wouldnít be a bad idea to paint the inside of the temple. There were a lot of graffiti inside.

    After I arrived, I discovered that the inside is painted and that there are hundreds of lady-bugs inside. They are probably trying to wait out the winter time there.


    I went to go look down to the river where I discovered that the natural stone wall is repaired. There were stones put into place with concrete. I was afraid at first because there was a very strong power place with good quality energy directly below the natural stone.

    Before repaired

    I put down my backpack and went to energetically investigate the place. I found out that the energy flow is somewhat changed, but there were still places with strong energy and fortunately my favorite place wasnít affected at all.

    Power place

    I climbed further up and investigated few other places. I checked out also the temple. It wasnít impressed of its energy. I felt it mostly in its center, while it was more pronounced in front of the window. I went back down.

    I tried to sense whether there are any beings in the vicinity. I didnít sense any.

    I enjoyed the view for few moments.

    It occurred to me to try the shamanic journey into the lower world. I didnít do any preparation work. I just greeted the place and all beings in it. Then I tried to tune in.

    I took out the drum and started drumming in the rhythm set by my sub consciousness. First I was surprised by the sound effect of pulsation. There was a weir about 15 meters from me and I could hear the water fizzling as I was drumming. The drumming disturbed the sound of fizzling. In one ear I heard the drum and in the other I could hear the pulsating fizzle of the water. I didnít do any relaxation. I just tried to visualize a way down the cave. As an entrance I imagined a hole in the rock which was directly behind me. I was just vaguely perceiving visual inputs. There was no additional data. As I was continuing down, I tried to add the sensation of touch and others. After few moments I visualized/perceived a point of light through which I could see outside.

    I neared the place and climbed out below a big tree. Again, I tried to visualize and this time there was something more. I didnít see anything clearly Ė just very vague flashes. I looked around a bit and saw some flashes. I extended greetings and then went up again after few moments. It occurred to me that journeying there an back again few times in a row could improve the journey/experience quality. I did another journay and on the way back, it occurred to me to look at a different place in the middle world which I originally considered to use as entrance into shamanic world. I imagined a turn within the cave and climbed out on a beach in Finisterra. The perceptions were much stronger because I spent there recently 18 days and I could bring up details of this place much better. I stayed there for a moment and then back to the cave and back to the place where I started.

    In the Lower world I maybe sensed my power animals. I tried to get a glimpse especially on the third one. I am not sure but it looked like an armadillo. There was an information coming subconsciously that it doesnít like to leave the Lower world so I can meet him i future mainly there.

    An attempt to sense beings after my return to the cave, while I was still tuned in to perceive the shamanic world resulted in a signal to open my eyes. I looked around and tried to perceive something. I managed to get a brief flash of a lynx on the opposite side of the river and maybe also a hawk. During my next attempt a moment later I tried to improve the connection.

    I remember just fractions because there was a lot that happened.

    I caught a glimpse on a tree on the opposite site of the river. I knew it was a bird, so I asked whether it is a Hawk. The answer was no. I tried to focus better and saw flashes similar to a raven. During communication I discovered that he is not my power animal but rather a teporary guide. I asked him whether he can help me perceive him/them better and he answered that he will try. I tried to follow him. He flew up from the tree and crossed the river. The exercise was about trying to watch him during his flight and perceiving his form. My success was just partial but it improved.

    Next I caught a glimpse of a deer.

    Later I greeted him and asked what he is. He said that he is not my power animal. It was the master of the forest. He could change his form to a ďhumanoidĒ. I asked whether I can stay at this place and whether I am not disturbing anything. He said that it was ok to stay. I asked him whether I can help him somehow but he didnít know of anything. I offered him that he can use my senses so that he can have a look the forest. He was intrigued by that and so we have agreed to try this when I will start my way back.

    Back on the meditation place.

    I saw the lynx again on the other river bank and tried to communicate. A thought came that he would like to come to me but didnít know any way across the water without going into it. And he didnít like the idea of getting wet. Later it turned out that it was more a communication test to see whether I could understand his thoughts. I created for him a visualization in form of an energy bridge across which he crossed to the other river bank. After that I cancelled that bridge.

    A moment later a thought came from him whether I would like to run. Well, why not? Although running isnít my strong suite, it was fun. A good perception exercise. I always looked around and perceived where he is even with visual perceptions. I wasnít fast enough but he always waited for me. He chose hard paths like for example upward of a steep slope, jumping across fallen trees, climbing a rock, on the rocks above water. He enjoyed it quite visibly.

    On one place I played a funny trick on him. It was a place which was in my opinion hart for him, but he jumped over it in the end. He then went for a run into the forest but then I saw him as he was crossing the river over the rocks. I asked him whether he is limited by physical laws or whether he doesnít ? ..He jumped about 15m acros the river.

    Raven when he left and flew into the portal and disappeared with a flash of light (image in the head)

    I contacted the deer and enabled him access to my senses so that he can connect and later to even manipulate my hands. It was a strange feeling but he succeeded after a while to perceive via my senses and I could observe his reactions. Everything was new for him. He looked at the trees and turned (wanted me to turn) after each noise of bird or fizzing sound of the river. He tried to perceive the bark of a tree and fallen leafs on the ground via the sense of touch.

    It was a very good experience. I allowed him to look even when I was leaving the forest. He said that he is master of only a part of the forest Ė divided by the road from another part. He asked me few things so I later gave him access to my sub consciousness so that he doesnít have to ask and transfer data more qickly.

    Finally we said our goodbyes and I continued on my way back home.

    When I went to the below Lower, I remembered Cerunos the Master of the Forest. But in the below world I couldnít perceive him. It looks like the deer was the Master of the forest was quite similar type of being but in this case just a local one.

    **thanks to Pali for the help with the translation

    DILD-Task of the Month and improvement of visual quality of dream

    by ATA on 12-03-2014 at 10:32 AM
    go to sleep 3 AM
    wake to WC 5 AM
    wake 9:40 AM
    Lucidity : good
    Acces to memory : good
    Control: little above avrege
    Logic of thought: good
    Data from the subconscious:
    Lenght of LD 7min 42s , LD part 4min 27s
    Time of LD around 8:20h
    Memory of the dream 6,7%
    Memory of the second dream 42% (4min before awake)
    Before sllep i work on disinhibition of LD by finaly complete some porgrams/proses in my subconscious it work only partily when i woke up in 5AM i foud lots of errors and other mesages about programs and give intention to slove them.

    chnance to LD : last 7 day

    (whole night average)
    27% (today)

    before sleep 79%
    first part 3-5AM 0,03% (errors)
    second part 47% (to solve : 27 Err ,342 notice, 1262info )


    Interesting parts :

    Try to imporve quality of dream scene by Saying intent or pure intent . I gain more visual detail and after i try change color contrast dream become more "live like" in one part a little overdid it and color and contrast were unnatural. I also try change size of my visual field it work but i dount remember details if field actualy become bigger or if i can only better previve by peripheral vision.

    I try some fireballs

    I try summon one beaing (didind work but i try only one time without too strong intention or special method)

    Go trought some old house from garden and try to get to some civilization.

    I went down the street to small square and in front of one store i saw some girl and i remember dream task i read before sleep here in forum "Basic Task i - Hit a DC with a snowball and report their reaction - (kilham)" I give it a try , no snow in dream scene so i materialize snow ball directly . Reaction of DC when i hit her with snowball was: What are you doing . From the next part of dream i remember only small pieces. I know that I have tried to materialize another snowballs and try them on other people, also something with telekinesis and teleportation of a snowballs.

    Updated 12-03-2014 at 10:41 AM by ATA

    lucid , dream fragment , task of the month