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      Hey, just letting you know its me, AustralianFire
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      Your avatar is fantastic!!!!!! What book is that from! I have been trying to remember the title for ages because I HAVE to buy it! I spent HOURS and HOURS staring at those pictures when I was little! Thumbs up!
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    Recent Entries

    Walking down the street

    by Aurata on 02-17-2012 at 11:15 PM

    Identification: (No. 89) Walking down the street
    Time Recorded: 8:50, 18-02-2012
    Genre: Ordinary
    Character(s): -
    Method(s): -
    Lucid: Yes (DILD)

    I am walking along a footpath, down a suburban street. I realise that I am dreaming. I wonder if I really am in a dream, and so I run up to two men in suits and scream "I am dreaming!"

    Updated 03-02-2012 at 11:56 PM by Aurata


    Battle at primary school

    by Aurata on 02-17-2012 at 11:10 PM

    Identification: (No. 87) Battle at primary school
    Time Recorded: 7:30, 08-02-2012
    Genre: Ordinary
    Character(s): Daniel D., Michael D.
    Method(s): -
    Lucid: (Possibly) Yes (DILD)

    I am at my old primary school, on the oval with Daniel and Michael. We are talking about something dream related, which I suddenly jump out and say "hey, I'm actually dreaming right now". I am taking cover behind a crate on the oval, from the men with guns that I am trying to kill with my gun. I am telling Michael about how I realised I was dreaming but ended up fighting some men and forgot that I was dreaming.

    Summoning attempt

    by Aurata on 01-30-2012 at 11:40 PM

    Identification: (No. 78) Summoning attempt
    Time Recorded: 9:00, 31-01-2012
    Genre: Ordinary
    Character(s): Gavin D.
    Method(s): Mantra
    Lucid: Yes (DILD)

    I am sitting in my bedroom, at my desk, looking at a series of written messages on a single sheet of paper. For each paragraph there is an illustration on the right, of a lady dressed in 3-century-old clothing, from various angles. I somehow realise that I am dreaming and become lucid. I stand up from my desk chair and walk towards my door, thinking about what I should do. I get the impulse to summon someone. I look away, thinking to myself that someone will be there when I look back. I fall on my clothes drawer and lie there. I can hear Gavin's quiet feint voice, calling my name. I believe that Gavin is going to come here and wake me up. I start to loose the dream, so I try concentrating on the dream again, but it is too late.

    Updated 02-18-2012 at 02:27 AM by Aurata

    lucid , dream fragment


    by Aurata on 01-23-2012 at 08:29 AM

    Identification: (No. 73) Super-jump
    Time recorded: 8:00, 20-01-2012
    Genre: Adventure
    Character(s): Daniel D., Michael D.
    Method(s): Mantra
    Lucid: Yes (DILD)

    I am standing at the mall with Daniel and Michael. There is an Asian mime here. As some Asian people and families walk past, the mime does something funny. An Italian woman comes to me, accompanied by her husband. She asks me (in very poor English) where to find a bathroom. I speak to her in Italian to get her to follow me. So the Italian woman, Daniel, Michael and I, head off to the nearest toilets. As we are walking across a gravel court, Daniel criticises me about my past pronunciation of an Italian word in the plural. We arrive at my primary school's oval. At this point I begin to doubt we have gone in the right direction. We go forward despite of this. We jump the fence and cross a long, arid area, until we arrive in a small town. The men there wear nothing but shorts, and have tattoos. Everyone lives in caravans or tents. When we arrive the people are gathered around a camp-fire, smoking drugs, so I take a different direction. I see a toilet block, and point it out to the Italian woman, who walks off to go to it.
    We are now in a different area, there is a gate, trees, gravel ground and a wooden rail that goes around the edge of a cliff with a nice view of a forest. I remember that we have been here before, and tell Daniel that he should be filming this place. Daniel says there is no reason to, because he remembers it all... in his dream. I calmly, and blindly accept that this is a dream. Then Daniel questions why I am not reality checking. I become lucid. Firstly I think of what I should do. Daniel is yelling at me to fly. I try to fly, but I end up jumping a few meters off the ground. I try to land on the wooden side rail, but I miss and land before it. I feel that I am going to wake up, so I rub my hands together to keep the dream stable. Both Daniel and Michael are nagging to me, asking what I am doing. I try to ignore them and keep rubbing my hands. I place my hands on the wooden handrail and concentrate of the texture of the wood. I go back to rubbing my hands. I tell Michael to stop talking, who is still screaming at me, to tell him what I am doing. I then apologize to him. I keep rubbing my hands, but the constant distraction of Daniel and Michael is too great.

    Updated 02-18-2012 at 02:28 AM by Aurata


    Air-show in a bus

    by Aurata on 01-23-2012 at 08:26 AM

    Identification: (No. 61) Air-show in a bus
    Time Recorded: 7:30, 02-01-012
    Genre: Sci-fi
    Character(s): Daniel D., Melanie O.
    Method(s): Not recorded
    Lucid: Yes (DILD)

    Daniel and I are standing on the footpath beside the road that comes past our house. we see first a single flying speed-boat, then another, both had a loud engine roar. Next came an extremely large airship, powered by it's two very large (e.g. 1km wingspan) and powerful red wings. It had a very synchronised and strong down stroke. At this point it became apparent that we were watching a Japanese air-show. Next, a young, anamatronic Japanese girl walks past us, followed by another robot girl who was fatter. It stops and looks at me and tried to lean in to give me a kiss. I use my hands to push her away. As I do this, Melanie appears from behind Daniel, and says to me "did you just...?"
    I find myself climbing up a rope in a place that is called 'hell'. The floor is red and there are flashing lights everywhere. I somehow know that the Japanese are responsible for the transformation of this place.
    I believe I have just woken up from my sleep on the bus. Somehow I suspect that this is a false awakening. I urge myself to reality check, but before I get the chance I become lucid. I start to think about whether I'm going to wake up, and to my surprise I have remained asleep. I wonder what I should do. Because the dream still doesn't feel very realistic, I decide to try touching some objects. All I can think of is touching the glass window, so I lean my head against it - it is cold. I look at the bus driver and the sides of the bus. It still feels very unrealistic. I get the sensation that I am drooling, but I don't do anything about it because I fear a distraction might make me loose my lucidity. The bus stops and I get off. I go inside a shed with some people inside. I'm not sure why. but they are hanging large spiders (the size of dinner plates) up on the ceiling in two rows. At the end of each row are some dead apes, with their arms hanging down. Both men and women are picking out the largest spiders, and taking them down. I watch one lady unhook an ape and hold it's dead body.

    Updated 02-18-2012 at 02:28 AM by Aurata

    lucid , false awakening