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    The Orange World

    by Avian on 02-08-2015 at 10:25 PM
    The experience I had is nearly impossible to explain. The sky was orange. Everything was tinted with orange light. And there were hundreds of worlds, scenarios, that I passed through, one after the other, like a cascade of orange. Sometimes going to a new one, sometimes going to one I had seen before, but always orange. One was a cubicle room with a section of the floor rising and falling like a level in a video game. Another was a place filled with monsters. One time I was on the side of a very small planet, so small that the curve was easily visible. Or maybe it was a hill? I do not know, but what I do know is that beyond my direct vision there was no horizon, there was no "in the distance", just orange. Orange light. Many of the scenes are not possible to explain. They had elements impossible in reality, impossible even to imagine with my awake mind. It was like they had many facets, many ... features, that were confusing. Like reality itself had been cracked. During the final scene, out of hundreds, possibly thousands, I was at a family wedding. At some point there were migrants walking by. They had nothing but rags, and I followed them, along with several other people from the orange world.

    PART 2:

    We followed them, and appeared in a futuristic city. There were thousands of migrants and refugees walking through the city, running from some distant war. I stole a bike, and rode it over a rooftop until I fell off, and the bike broke. As I was about to steal another one, I saw two cops patrolling. I decided I needed to tell them a story so they would go away, and I told them two kids were going to hunt down some murderer. They were clearly going to get killed and the police needed to act now. They told me to get in their car, and I did. We drove in the direction I had pointed at high speeds while they asked me questions. Eventually we reached some airport/mall facility, and we got out. There was only one officer now, I don't know what happened to the other one. His car had folded into a suitcase, which I was now holding. He was walking quickly away from me, and I was trying to give the suitcase back to him. He reached a balcony, and jumped off, plummeting downwards. It wasn't like suicide, it was something cops could do to get around more quickly I guess. I somehow knew that. I decided he didn't need his car anymore and took it for myself. I picked up a friend on the way, because we were both going home (and we live nearby). On the drive home random people would appear in the car. They didn't really "appear"; they were just suddenly there. They would distract me, saying things that made me lose focus and swerve around on the road. I eventually pulled off the highway.

    And then I woke up.

    Dreams from January 3

    by Avian on 01-07-2015 at 06:00 AM
    This whole thing took place in one night, and the dreams were very vivid and realistic in senses. However, there was an extremely powerful - and somewhat surreal - emotional feeling throughout the dream. It changed with the setting, so it was kind of like a sixth sense. Throughout the dreams there was a sense of "we". Me and some other people. Sometimes they were friends, sometimes colleagues. They are described below, but they were never real people. Just "we".

    If anyone sees any key markers throughout the dreams besides what I just described, I would love if you could point them out.

    Someone did something entirely un-realistic like teleporting or just something that was absolutely not real (I can’t remember) and I didn’t even bat an eye but I became lucid because I realized I was in a blank white room. After remarking that it was a weird trigger, my dream faded, so I constructed another one in my mind and let it materialize. I lost consciousness.

    We were doing something like an important business meeting in a city when we (me and my friends) got into a bomber. We were flying over the desert when we decided to bomb an uninhabited part. There was a huge explosion and a mushroom cloud of dust.

    We were going through the desert and stopped at a strip mall. Suddenly it was late afternoon and we now owned all the shops. We for some stupid reason decided to each buy one and rename it something stupid like “fizzy soda” for the soda shop. I think we were also stranded out there. No customers came, not even one. Eventually there was some kind of scuffle over leaving in a car and I think I got shot. There was also some weird video of a guy who went to that strip mall to train in boxing.

    Me and like 11 other people were in a huge last-man-standing brawl. Eventually it was only me, my brother, and a girl left. He went after me but the girl helped me and we threw him out of the ring, eliminating him. The next round would be me vs. her. I was getting really pumped up but the dream faded.

    This dream is kind of foggy. We were in a city and there was some Joker-like guy locked in a cell in a skyscraper. He somehow managed to store bombs and weapons behind a brick on the OUTSIDE wall of the building. He got there by climbing out of his window and hanging by one arm while pulling out the brick with another. We were convinced he was going to do something disastrous with these weapons but despite our efforts he was declared innocent. The dream faded.

    I in a room with my friend when he just randomely tried to throw me on the ground. I did a judo flip but messed it up. It worked, but I just didn’t flip him. Instead, he slammed sideways onto the ground, and stopped the fall with his left arm, with which he was holding a cactus. When he hit the ground the cactus touched his eye. He said that, and I felt really bad about it because he couldn’t see very well out of that eye. Then I looked at it and the pupil expanded to cover his whole eye, before receding again. This process just repeated. I did numerous google searches to see if this was a serious condition but could find nothing.

    I was in a jungle tribe that was “Muslim" but in reality they were actually Pagan. This is important because they had a close relationship with their god, who made frequent visits in the form of supernatural events. I was somewhat of a newcomer, as if I had joined them some time between 1-3 years ago, but not so new that I didn’t know about their religion/how to get around their settlement. This takes place in kind of a rainforest, but with less undergrowth and not very many bugs/birds/tropical animals. Just the trees mostly. The terrain was pretty flat, but criss-crossed with rivers and steep banks. Kind of like the Amazon rainforest, at least in terrain. My friend who hit his eye with a cactus was also there. I was with an old lady at the chapel (who was “my mother” but I think she was actually just letting me stay in her house and thats what they called it). The chapel was outside, but dark, because it was surrounded by large jungle trees. There were wooden benches on the ground and a shrine in the front. I was looking at my friend’s eye but still couldn’t think of what to do. He left. Me and my “mother” prayed at the altar and started to put away the benches (as was the custom when leaving if no one else was there). I decided I would help her stack some firewood and then I would go back and finish putting away the benches. As we were stacking firewood inside a large rock structure (about the size of several buses) a girl walked up, who was apparently my friend. Suddenly, in the direction of the chapel, I heard a sound far more bone-chilling then anything I’ve heard in real life. It was an extremely deep, gutteral sound, almost a growl. But it was so loud it echoed throughout the forest. It also carried a very heavy feeling with it. At the same time a cloud rolled over the chapel and engulfed it. I trembled, and decided that I would not be going back there to finish putting away the benches. The girl remarcked “The closest I have ever heard that was across the river” and she pointed in the direction she was talking about.

    Sunset World Part 2

    by Avian on 11-24-2014 at 10:55 PM
    This was the same night as http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/avia...t-world-62421/. I lost lucidity when I woke up, but I think I retained some of it. I was in a post-apocalyptic (zombies + nuclear war) world, and I think it was many years after it happened. I wasn't sure how I got there, but I knew I hadn't lived through the years since the apocalypse. Maybe I was in a coma or time travelled or something, but I decided that wasn't important and focused on surviving. I killed some zombies, and found a group in a huge field. The leader was a bit of a dick, but they had supplies and over-all were pretty nice. It was still sunset, as it had been for several dreams, and I think throughout the night. A plane flew over. We all took cover in the trees, but when no bombs came down, I thought it was safe. Some lady told me to look into the distance. There was a massive explosion coming towards us. It was probably over 100 miles away, but it was moving quickly. The army had been bombing huge stretches of land they considered lost cases. They had this new bomb, which they had invented between the year in real life (2014) and present day in the dream. The leader told me it was derived from napalm or some kind of incendiary we already had. The explosion was miles high, and it was like a mix between a dust storm and a nuclear blast, only way bigger. We put on heat suits, which apparently would help.

    First Lucid Dream - Sunset World

    by Avian on 11-24-2014 at 10:41 PM
    Edit: There will be many edits as more of the dream comes back to me. I will just add them in.

    I have had partial lucids before, but none were really very good. They all either lasted like 1 second or I wasn't lucid enough to even know it was a dream. This one could have been better, but I would say it was pretty good.

    The entire dream, and I think all of my dreams during the night, were at sunset. Everything seemed to glow a beautiful orange, from the rocks to the trees.

    Throughout the night I had several times where I became semi-lucid. At one point, I was on treacherous ground of some sort. I made a false step and started sliding extremely quickly. I couldn't stop myself and before I knew it I flew off a cliff, and it was quite a fall (this is one of my dream/nightmare trends). In my dreams my logic is usually very impaired but my feelings towards danger are entirely real, and I experience them just as I do in real life. So you can imagine I was very scared.

    As I started to fall I realized "THIS IS A DREAM. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT.". I hit the ground and was fine. I was really excited and the dream started to destabilize. Everything got blurry, and I got super dizzy. I felt like it was collapsing. I tried observing the scene around me but it didn't work. I remembered a trick that I read about in a dream journal - pulling a coin from my pocket. I reached and at first I only felt lint, but then my finger brushed a coin. I stared at it and focused on all its features. The dream formed around me again.

    I know I wasn't fully 100% lucid, just enough to know I was dreaming and stuff. So the rest is a bit blurry because I think I lost lucidity for awhile and was just wandering around.

    At one point it was daytime again, but there was a huge storm blowing in. I just wanted it to be a beautiful summer day. I turned away from the storm front, and said out loud "when I turn around those clouds will be gone". They were, but more thunderheads had appeared in different places. I tried for awhile, and eventually it mostly worked. I remembered those beautiful summer days I had when I was younger and I felt really sad for awhile. I decided to go to my house.

    I realized I was hungry and wanted to ask my mom for food. I was really excited because I knew I could have anything for dinner because it was a dream. I told my mom I wanted a huge steak and soda and milkshakes and burritos and spaghetti and sushi and a ton of other dishes. I knew I wasn't confined by the limits of a real stomach. Unfortunately she told me she wasn't making that stuff and made some weird stew instead. It was really good, and as I was eating it I was trying to think of a way to get more food. Summoning things hadn't worked super well for me so far.

    I think my alarm woke me up after this.

    Updated 11-24-2014 at 10:50 PM by Avian

    lucid , memorable

    The Odyssey

    by Avian on 11-16-2014 at 08:07 PM
    My dream reminded me of the book The Odyssey so that is what I am calling it. If you don't know the plot of The Odyssey don't worry about it; it has no significance in the dream.

    The setting of this dream was medieval/wild west/modern. People wore medieval armor and carried swords, but they usually also had guns like winchesters, revolvers, etc. Besides that, things were modern. There were phones, trains, cars, etc.

    I was an older brother, and my younger brother had sworn an oath against me or something. He might have been a step-brother or something. It was not a love-hate relationship though, it was a hate-hate-hate relationship. He used anything he could to ruin things for me. He would lie, cheat, steal and manipulate his way into ruining my day and taking my things.

    Fast forward awhile, until we were both well into our twenties and living on our own (I think we were kids before, or younger adults). I was doing pretty well for myself. This part is really hazy, but I knew he did something really bad.

    Fast forward another 20 years or so. I had grey hair now, and I was doing very well. I had a wife and kids, and a very nice house. My brother hadn't done anything for a long time. One day, him and a bunch of scary looking wild west type people showed up at my house and evicted me. They had legal leverage as well as force, and they would probably kill me if I refused. So they smashed my house, and kicked me out (my family didn't play a big part in the dream, I only saw them like twice). He wanted the house, and he wanted to ruin my livelihood, but he also had some kind of scheme for himself and for some reason a key part of it was me going into "foreclosure".

    I moved to some island. It was about the size of an estate. I could build a nice grand house, a dock, and I could have a nice life going in no time. There was also a WWII tank on the island for some reason. It was fully functional except for the gun, which was malfunctioning. Suddenly I realized there was a modern tank next to me (I was in the old one). A voice came out of it, "Hey, I just want to talk". It was my brother. He said, "You see, foreclosure means you can't own any property, so unfortunately I can't let you live here". I was already enraged at the fact that he would even show his face near me, but when he said this I came close to attacking him. Until I realized he had a modern tank (with the gun functioning) and a band of really scary looking 1800s dudes with guns.

    So I left, and went to some family gathering on my wife's side of the family. There, I realized, was my salvation. I gathered up willing members of her family, and my friend, who had his own posse of people. We got our weapons and prepared to take back what was mine.

    It turned into a massive horse-back wild west gunfight, but everyone had armor. Somehow I lost my horse and as I was running over a bridge I saw one of my guys bleeding out on the ground. I splashed some water on the wound, which apparently made it better, and continued. I eventually reached my brother's hide-out. He only had one goon left, but that guy had a dagger and was about to kill two of my guys. I ran up and hit him in the head with an axe I was holding. Then, I saw my brother, and all his servants. Some of them had wronged me, but the worst of them were traitors who I had trusted. They were just sneering. For some reason there were also people who were not involved in the conflict. They were just bystanders, but they were in the group of people that I was fighting. I charged, swinging my axe left and right until there was only my brother left (and the bystanders, of course.... strangely, they didn't seem to care that there was a bloody battle going on right in front of them). For some reason I randomly forgave him, and decided that instead of killing him I would just banish him from my life forever.

    Updated 11-16-2014 at 08:09 PM by Avian