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      You finally did it!
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      Your Welcome
    3. Thanks for the tips anime will imply these asap!
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      BrandonBoss helped me with these
      Hope it will work for you too
      Sweet Dreams!
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      After improving DR you are almost ready for LD
      Do RC a lot during day-before sleep- and after waking up
      Also try AWARENESS techniques
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      I tried to write a dream 5 days ago, the dream was to go to school and one of my friends will say he buy GTA V but I doesnt released and I will realize dreaming and after Reality Check I will fly away!(my ENG is bad I know lol)
      and the exact happened but he told me the game "GTA IV(4)" and I didnt saw anything wrong and missed a LD xD
      But it will help your DR at least
      The next key is banana lolz
      Eat one 10mins before sleep
      I did it 2nights ago and I had two very very long dreams(about 1 hours I think)
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      My opinion is to use MANTRAs, you should say it out loud or in your mind that you will remember your dreams(i will remember my dreams)
      it will work like a charm!
      How many times do you wake up at night? Naturally or by the alarm?
      If you wake up naturally then write your dream right after wake up(you can use mantras like I will wake up after any dream)
      But if you use alarm it should not be loud and cause you to forgot dreams
      Do you have any Android or IOS device? If you do there are several apps to wake you up gently
      I use gentle alarm but last night I used Alarm clock plus(android) it have auto dismiss
      Daydream also helps very much!
    8. well im pretty sure i dream 5 to 6 times, but i remember about i per night, but its weird it feels like i remember all my dreams but i just cant picture it but i d know i am dreaming just cant remember the scenarios, hope this helps
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      how many dreams can you remember per night?
      (i want to help you somehow to LD cuz i want it too lol i had 5 but accidently)
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    weird flower

    by azoller1 on 06-15-2013 at 07:40 PM
    Non LD
    Started out in this took seemed like we were in this huge jungle but it was a very old stone building there were about 5 other people in the room and then there was this pot with green flowers in them and they were kind of big and really slimy then one girl chose a flower then it started to disintegrate and then this black hole thing appeared then she was like controlling it or something and I was like, what the heck is going on, then I wentaahead and chose a flower then it started to vanish and this belt thing appeared on my right bicep and it wrapped around my arm and I was super tight and hurt for a lttile then my arm started moving up and down, so I was suppose to move my arm up and down so then my bicep would be bigger, then some more people chose but I couldn't tell what was happening to their flowers, and then I was walking around until I walked through a few floors and saw large rooms with people and each gender was seperated and they were all wearing green suits or outfits, and they were all looking at me weird then I was in the main floor and I think the dream just kind of faded away

    Awesome Adventure 2

    by azoller1 on 05-28-2013 at 07:54 PM
    This type of adventure game and there are three stages I think and were in this one therapists room that is really scary and old and felt like a rollercoaster and has a temple feel to it or jungle and the first stage was we go on these chairs and ride down these huge elevators for a long time going about 100 mph and then it felt like you were floating and then at the bottom you had to type in your name and I kept messing up so I had to throw this ball a certain amount of times so I could type my name in, and then it ended with the real true side of the therapists and his evil plan. And also it felt like I had this dream before but I can't remember if I have or not, and also this dream is much more complex and in greater detail, but i cant really describe it


    by azoller1 on 05-24-2013 at 05:49 PM
    hmmm dont remember much, but im pretty sure i was holding a spear or sword and not sure if i was fighting or not, someone might of thrown a spear at me....

    Awesome Adventure Half Lucid

    by azoller1 on 04-14-2013 at 05:06 AM
    First it started out me and a few friends were transported to this grocery store and we had to pack up some food and no one was working there so we could get whatever we wanted and we only had a limited amount of time until these alien monster things would attack us they weren't that big maybe 6 foot 6 and then we had to run outside before they got here and get on these flying machines and I got one where you have to drive it for a while and down the road a little bit there is this huge alien ship and my thing can't fly yet so just before I hit the ship I lift off and I start flying slash jumping and then I jump again when I touch the ground and jump over this huge modern trex robot thing and jump some more over some building into a big open field, and in the middle there is this big violent spinning machine that doesn't move and then you have to dodge these lighting things on the ground stretched out like plant roots and you have to dodge the shockwaves for 5 minutes or you loose the game and die and have to restart OK now I beat this stage/round and now I'm transported to round three where were in a small theatre room with a big TV screen and in this stage you have to dodge these heat ray lines that pop up every minute or so and you have to destroy these blocks by dodging the lasers and then a lot more people showed up and I made it all the way through the round and didn't loose a life, so I went outside to these tables where they hand out awards and I got 1st place but I had a waiting time and i guess it was about 10am in my dream and I had to wait till 3pm and then I was talking to some friends and then I hear something and it was my alarm, it was a fun dream

    weird lucid moment

    by azoller1 on 03-21-2013 at 05:35 PM
    Mar 21. 11:33am. Half Lucid?

    There was this big fish monster thing in these weird sea skies and it always tried to get something a small animal but I liked the small animal and didn't want it to be taken so one time I was in the seas the bif fish got mad because I kept the small animal from it and it sent out these three stages to try and stop me and one stage who knows what it was but I got past it and then the next stage also who knows what it was but I beat it then the third stage there was this big goblin monster thing and I needed to defeat it so im not sure if I became lucid or not but in my mind I wanted to create a huge fireball in my hands and throw it at the monster and I did and I defeated it and then the big fish left is alone then the dream ended