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      Hi Just a reminder, for your dream journal entry to be posted, it must be pm'd to me. I noticed that you updated it your dream journal and I would just go through people's dream journals and collect their entries, but theres probably around 40 members now and I don't have the time to do that so I need people to send me their entries. Thanks
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      Thanks. I am looking forward to reading the whole thing!
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    The suckiest lucid dream I've ever had

    by Azra on 07-27-2011 at 12:46 AM
    I have not had internet for a few days. I really don't wanna type all the dreams I had, so I'm just typing the one I had last night, cause I was lucid and excited about that. In order to understand this dream, you gotta know that I did not go to sleep until 8 a.m. this being because me and Cay were up watching Silence of the Lambs and Beatles movies. Time well spent. We were at Cay's house and fell asleep in Cay's bed.

    This is where my dream starts, we wake up in my bed, at my house. I don't question this. However, when I roll off my bed to stand up I step on something and hear a moan. I stepped on a leg. "Hey... Hey! Who are you?" I'm strangely calm for there being a stranger under my bed with his legs poking out. The response I get is, "Your really going to make me move? -sigh-" Aaron crawls out from underneath my bed and stands up beside me, rather drowsy looking. "Your not my boyfriend," I say to him. Aaron smiles at me. "Maybe you are? Gah. Whats your name?" "Aaron." "Shit." (that's what my boyfriends family calls him, which explains my cursing) "How old are you?" "Seventeen." "Your not him!" I do a reality check, boom. Lucid baby. Cay is suddenly up and dressed, ready to go somewhere. She grabs the purse she rarely uses and says, "Let's go." I don't know who she was talking to cause she leaves alone in her family's massive truck.

    At this point, Aaron becomes British. Most likely due to watching two Beatles movies, cause he sounds quite a bit like John Lennon. "What'cha wanna do?" "Find that freakin' temple." I say and go outside. "How ya gonna do that?" I try to teleport. It fails. I pout. Aaron starts stroking my hair like my boyfriend does and says, "There, there, love. Let's drive." "I barely know how its pronounced, much less am I gonna try to drive there." "Know what it looks like?" "Yes." "That's all ya need." He's driving my brother's car again. We go towards this place called Buffalo Market where I live, and end up at the temple where this little gas station should be. I'm puzzled. "This ain't right." I then notice Cay standing outside circling the temple. "Promise it is, dear," Aaron says and we both get out. This thing is a lot bigger than I thought it would be, also. "Your still wrong, Aaron. No one else is here except us, and I'm highly doubting thats even really her. She'd have figured somethin' out by now."

    She disappears shortly after I say that. "Fuck." I'm getting discourged. "Aaron, I'm sad." Aaron walks up to the temple and knocks on the side of it three times. A little door appears and opens. Out runs Brandy, Lady, and Sophie. My two dogs and one of my cats. "No Penny?" My other cat. "That's why I only knocked three times." My cat Penny, is a little unfriendly. "Was this supposed to help?" Aaron looks at me like I'm retarded. "Pick one and cuddle." I picked up Sophie and she was a lot more cuddly then she is in person. I like that... for a little while. Then her eyes suddenly turn red, her claws get really long, and she scratches the shit out of Aaron's leg. I scream and go to help him when Cay's twin wakes me up.

    Gah. That dream is so long and boring and weird. I'm so sorry if you made it this far.


    by Azra on 07-17-2011 at 11:16 AM
    The last dream I had, freaking sucked. It started off with me and my boyfriend and we were arguing. We'd been arguing the night before, so that probably had something to do with it. We were on some sort of ship that had rooms resembling the rooms at my own house. By the end of the argument we had worked things out and all was fine. Shortly after we left to go to the store (the ship was docked). We never went to the store and we were gone for like a week.

    When we got back I found my sister really upset, crying on some stairs near the ship. When I asked her what was wrong she told me my brothers girlfriend had slept with, C.P., a guy she's been talking to for quite a while now. Naturally I was already upset with M.P. (brothers girlfriend) but it got worse. Me and Wes fought again that night. I apparently blew things out of proportion and broke up with him. When I realized that I had made a mistake that night, I went to apologize to him. He was staying in what was my brothers room before he moved out. I walked in and the lights were off. I started to say I was sorry and when I turned on the lights, M.P. was in the bed with him, both of them naked. I was at first hurt. Like my heart had been ripped out and there he was holding it in front of me.

    Then I got extremely pissed. M.P. was sitting there smiling at me. I grabbed her by the hair and beat the crap out of her. W.I. (boyfriend) screaming his apologies the entire time I am. When I had thoroughly beaten her, I turned back to W.I. and smacked him as hard as I could. Hard enough for him to hit the floor. Then I ran off the stupid ship crying. W.I. tried to chase after me but I ended up in some vineyard where Aaron was taking a nap on a in the middle of the field. I tripped over him since my vision was severely blurred due to the tears. He grunted and sat up, staring at me.

    I glanced at him and muttered a sorry but when I tried to run away he grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me down to the ground beside him. He put his arm around me and let me cry. Much like one of my friends would do. when I was calm enough to talk he reassured me that I didn't deserve to be put through that and that I should move on. That I was better than that, and that I had every right to beat the shit out of M.P. Then he rolled over beside me, and dozed off to sleep. The last thing I remember is laying down beside him to take a nap. I woke up crying my eyes out believing it was real.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    'I was gonna show you my tanline but...' 'Pull your pants down.'

    by Azra on 07-15-2011 at 03:05 AM
    My dream recall has seriously sucked these past few days. I'm blaming Cay who I have been inseperable from for about 3 days now. She's currently sitting next to me, creeping on my post and grabbing things with her feet. I'm also having falst memories. The first night she was at my house we went to bed around 4 a.m. I had a dream that I vaguely remember.

    I was at some sort of gathering at the caves that I live nearby that are fairly popular where I live. A lot of people that I knew were there and it was hosted by this guy I used to go to school with and that my boyfriend is good friends with and lives near. L.G. and her boyfriend, J.L. were there, both drunk, both high. I'm pretty sure they went to fuck in one of the caves. That part of the dream was mostly due to the fact that she's told me about her and an ex boyfriend doing certain things in those caves that should not go on.

    Anyway, a few of us, including Cay and myself went to go spelunking through one of the much smaller caves. It started off with about a group of 15 people and slowly dwindled down to me, B.H., and Aaron. When we were done crawling we ended up in a big domed area that was a dead end. All of us fell into the dome and none of us were tall enough to pull ourselves out. So, B.H. ended helping me and Aaron out of the dome and then we pulled him out. I blacked after that apparently.

    Now, heres where the false memories come in. Apparently Cay got up earlier than me and went to take a shower. She told me that when she got up I woke up and looked at her. Then when she got out of the shower I woke up and I asked her why she got up so early, even though it was past eleven. She told me that it wasn't early and that we could go back to sleep if I wanted to. I said that I was already up and there was no point in going back to bed, then I started playing Animal Crossings.

    I do not remember it that way. I don't remember waking up and looking at her, or waking up and asking her what time it was. I remember waking up and she was the one playing Animal Crossings and she threw the controller at me and told me to play. And then today, I don't remember anything about any of my dreams. And I remember waking up on the couch in my living room leaning on Cay, who was drawing, and Cay told me to go brush my teeth if I was gonna lurk that close to her. So I did. By the way, the title of this post is a conversation that just happened between Cay and her twin sister.
    non-lucid , false awakening

    I had to rewrite this three time

    by Azra on 07-12-2011 at 06:01 PM
    Dream 1: In my first dream last night, me and my friends had all turned into my animals... Body swapping is something that has never been in any of my dreams.
    Cay was my cat, Sophie. Their both clumsy and have fluffy hair.

    I was my cat, Penny... not really sure what happened there. That cat is evil. So maybe its because neither of us is a people person.

    My friend D.C. was my dog Lady, both very protective of the people they love.

    And my friend L.G. was my dog Brandy, they both love to eat.

    Now, naturally my friends are freaking out that they have turned into my pets. I however was more concerned with what happened to my pets spirits and our bodies. We were all back on my bed in my bedroom. I told my friends to look for their bodies. I found my own body asleep under my parents bed, which is where Penny hides 90% of the time. Cay's was on the countertop in the kitchen, where Sophie likes to sleep sometimes. D.C. found her's outside in the ditch that Lady likes to nap in. And L.G. found her's in Brandy's favorite chair asleep. I was first thankful that they were all asleep and not up roaming around and causing trouble. Then I began to wonder how in the hell we got this way and how we were supposed to get back in our real bodies before they woke up. We searched my house and while I was in my brother's old room I found an amulet, but woke up because Sophie had jumped on my bed and began walking around on my chest.

    Dream 2: Not really appropriate to write about on the internet. So were just going to move onto the next dream.

    Dream 3: I "woke up" in Cay's bed with Cay at the end of the bed watching Old 97's youtube video's on her laptop. She's been obsessed with Rhett Miller lately. I did my nose reality check like I've been doing every morning and realized I was dreaming. I nudged Cay with my foot, a gesture that normally would have thrown her off the end of the bed. She didn't budge. I teased her about her tired appearance and called her by her nickname, Jim, to see if she was the psycho Cay I'd come to know in my dream. She teased back and called me by my own nickname. A good sign that she wasn't crazy in this dream. I decided to just lay in Cay's bed until the dream ended. I wasn't really up for adventuring anywhere tonight.

    Shortly after though, Cay's mom comes in and tells us to pack to go to Florida. Neither of us questioned why we were going to Florida or why I had such a large amount of clothes at Cay's house. On our way to Florida (which only took about ten minutes) I noticed Aaron in a red Dodge Neon that looked just like my brother's, Git-R-Done magnet and all. Since I wasn't panicking I teleported into Aaron's car, this didn't confuse him at all and he just smiled at me. "Hey," I greeted him. "What's up?" He said. "You going to Florida too?" I asked. "Yup. We were supposed to meet at the hotel. I guess you became lucid though." So apparently my DC knows the course of my dreams. Which is good to know. He turned the music up to loud for us to carry on a conversation, so I sat silently listening to Say Anything, most likely what was playing on my ipod since I fell asleep listening to it.

    I found Cay when we arrived at the hotel that was directly in front of the beach, with Aaron right beside me. He has a habit of running off and sleeping in random places. As soon as I found her though it turned dark outside and the water in the ocean turned black and it was all very ominous. "Op, we should get to higher ground," Aaron commented and strolled off towards the elevator. I grabbed Cay's hand and started to pull her with me but she wouldn't move and said, "I wanna go to the beach, Spock." I looked at her in disbelief. Maybe she was a psycho. I managed to call Aaron back over to where she was and shove her into the elevator and to the highest floor of the hotel.

    I watched as waves consumed the beach and came closer and closer to the hotel. The electric went out as soon as the first waves hit the base of the hotel. Cay was complaining about no air conditioning when tons of people came through the stairs door. I opened the door to one of the suites and the three of us locked ourselves in there away from the people. I struggled not to have a panic attack, because even though I knew it was a dream it still scared me. One of my worst fears is drowning. I remembered a way to wake myself up though and
    woke up after about six or seven attempts. My fears always seem to find a way into my dreams. I am not okay with that.

    Crying gives me strange dreams

    by Azra on 07-11-2011 at 05:31 PM
    I was rather upset last night when I went to bed so that could explain why I wasn't lucid at all in my dream, but I won't blame my lack of lucidity on my relationship problems.

    My dream started off in my high school where I was in the science hallway with Cay (R.C. in previous entries). Now, this is kind of important to know, the hallways of the upstairs of our high school is shaped like a giant square and it branches off in a couple of places. When I'm actually in school and we have time before class, me and my friends just walk around this square multiple times, so that's what me and Cay were doing. Meanwhile one of our teachers, Mr. R, who happens to be Cay's cousin, keeps trying to sell us pencils. Really crappy pencils at that. And he's starting to get annoying and eventually starts following us.

    Then later another one of our teachers, Mr. M, tells us we need to go to the cafeteria right away to receive some award. When we get to the cafeteria it's not really our cafeteria. It's more of a giant stadium and in the center of the stadium is the temple and while I'm staring at the temple Mr. M is dragging me across to the other side of this giant stadium thats filled with a hell of a lot more than the four hundred students that go to my school. The person holding my hand shouts my name and when I look back instead of it being my psychology teacher its my brother's bandmate F.W. Maybe Mr. M turned into F.W. because their both redheads? Who knows.

    When I look away from him now though, were standing in the parking lot of some rather shitty hotel. Apparently my brothers band has a show somewhere nearby and the band is staying there with my brother's girlfriend and me and Cay. Their guitar player never seems to show up in the dream though, and neither does their screamer. Both pretty important characters to their band considering their a metal band. Oh well. Anyway, F.W. takes me to the hotel room that my brother, his girlfriend, and their drummer are staying in. F.W. informs me here that me, him, and Cay will be staying in the room right next door. Then I notice that it's really dark outside and I feel really tired. I go to the hotel room where I crawl into bed and Cay is already asleep in hers. F.W. had already told me he'd sleep in the floor. He lied. Shortly after as I'm dozing off to sleep F.W. weasles his way into my bed and starts trying to cuddle with me. I nudge him. "F**** get out of my bed." "Aww. I don't like the floor K******." "Like I care? Get off of me." I then shove him into the floor. I hear him get into Cay's bed and then hear a whimper and Cay say, "Please go away you ginger." Sorry for any redheads that just read that and were offended.

    I close my eyes for a little while. When I open them I'm in a snowy forest and there is a person I watch on youtube trying to kill her brother. For whatever reason. She's running from him at first and then for him. He ends up in a van that Aaron was sleeping in. While he's hiding there, Aaron wakes up and is watching this guy with tired eyes and dishelved hair. Shiloh (the youtuber, her name on youtube is Draculoh) takes a drill out of somewhere, drills the window, then through her brother's head. I mutter ew and lay back down on the ground.

    When I open my eyes again I'm back in my brother's hotel room on a couch with F.W. who's playing video games. He asks me to play Guitar Hero with him, which I try to decline because frankly, I suck at it; but he insists and throws the controller at me, so I do. Meanwhile my brother is modeling clothes for his girlfriend and for some reason trying on some of her clothes. Cay walks into the room with a bloody drill that I notice as the one Shiloh was using. I look at her confused, point at the weapon and am about to question it when I wake up.

    Updated 07-11-2011 at 05:47 PM by Azra

    non-lucid , side notes