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    Beware the floating stick!

    by babylemonade on 01-02-2012 at 05:44 AM
    I dreamed that I was in a crowd of people in a green, grassy valley. We were just standing around, I didn't know any of them. Everyone except for me looked like something out of medieval Europe. Anyway, there was a floating stick in the middle of the crowd. It was about the length and width of a recorder-flute-thingy. The stick could also talk, and it would ask people in the crowd random trivia questions. If the person was wrong or unable to answer, the stick would touch the person and *POOF*, they would vanish in a puff of colored smoke. The stick went from person to person, asking them questions and poofing them into nothingness. The people in the crowd were getting pretty panicky, but for some reason they didn't run away. Weird.

    So yeah, it was basically sudden death Jeopardy...with a stick.

    Updated 01-02-2012 at 05:49 AM by babylemonade

    non-lucid , memorable

    Multiple dreams from last night

    by babylemonade on 12-27-2011 at 07:47 AM
    -I was at my mom's church for an event where a Palestinian man and an Israeli man were doing a presentation. The church members were split into two groups on two sides of the Fellowship Hall, one with the Israeli guy and the other with Palestinian guy. I was in the Palestinian guy's group. He tried teaching us an Arabic song, but we couldn't get the words. Then he set off some fireworks for some reason, and everyone else in the group thought he had set off a bomb and freaked out. I knew they were just fireworks, so I laughed at them.

    -Alton Brown from Food Network tried teaching me how to cook something, but I kept screwing up and he got mad and gave up.

    -I accidentally slammed my car into someone else's car. Although the other car was messed up, mine wasn't damaged at all, and the cop that showed up didn't give me a ticket or anything. I just drove away. Awesome!

    -I walked into the most amazing thrift store ever. There were all sorts of awesome books, jewelry and records. There was even a huge pile of 8-tracks. I have no idea why that excited me, but in my dream I thought the 8-tracks were amaaaazing. I wandered around the store until it got dark.

    I've noticed what I think are attempts at lucidity in my dreams. I distinctly remember looking at my hand in the thrift store dream, maybe checking the number of fingers on my hand. So, that's neat.


    Holy improved dream recall, Batman!

    by babylemonade on 12-14-2011 at 06:11 AM
    My dream recall has been improving greatly lately. I attribute it to drinking chamomile tea and eating some peanut butter on toast before bed, along with some other sleep improvements. Anyway, I've been able to recall up to three dreams a night, which is awesome! Here's a quick recap of what I've got written down for just the past week:

    -Ran into my ex-boyfriend at a super-fancy restaurant. He tried to ask me out again, and stuffed dried grass into my shirt pocket. For some reason, in my dream I knew this meant he was very serious about asking me out.

    -Went to the Ohio State Fair (LOL I've only ever been to Ohio once in my life, for a day...and it didn't involve a fair) and walked through the animal barns to look around. As I walked I realized the animals were turning into humans. They were all naked and filthy, and they stared out at me with blank expressions. It was unsettling. I reached a room where some of the "barn humans" were sitting on benches, watching a video recording of a televangelist on a cheap TV. They asked me if I wanted to watch the video, but I refused.

    This dream is pretty significant to me, because I think I tried to go lucid. I distinctly remember thinking "Wait, how do I know this is Ohio?" while I was dreaming. ON MY WAY TO LUCIDITY. AW YEAH.

    -These are all in the same night---1. I won a latte-making contest 2. I participated in a fishing competition at this huge (and to the best of my knowledge, non-existent in real life) college where I ran into a Buddhist monk. 3. I was alone at my high school's swimming pool watching mermaids swim around. Then this crowd of people came from nowhere and started some tribal ritual that involved killing the mermaids. I was heartbroken.

    -I baked cookies with children who had human bodies and bird heads. I remember a cardinal, blue jay, kingfisher and oriole. They were all very polite, and I had a really good time.

    -Found myself rehearsing for the stage version of The Lion King

    -I was in a bright, sunny, green field with songs fluttering around me like butterflies (I have no idea how to explain this, but they were songs and they were fluttering). I had a net, and when I caught a song, it would play. Sometimes the song was good, sometimes it sucked.

    Yeah. Here's to continued good recall. These dreams are really fun, or at least interesting.

    No one cares/ No one can hear me

    by babylemonade on 12-05-2011 at 05:34 AM
    Last night my dream was actually a bit unsettling. In it, I watched as an utility pole came undone outside my house and landed on top of Karen Carpenter...yes, that Karen Carpenter. I was unable to move as poor Karen was electrocuted. She even blew apart into separate parts, right in the middle of the road.

    I ran to my grandma's house and started freaking out. My whole family was there, but no one seemed upset that a 70s legend was lying dead and mutilated in the street. I looked outside to check on her. Her brother (I think his name is Richard?) was by her body, sobbing. It was heartwrenching, man.

    I've noticed that a new recurring theme in my dreams has been people not hearing me or not caring when something happens that I consider important. I'm not sure if or how this applies to my waking life, but it's interesting to notice.

    Multiple dreams remembered in one night and a dream had during a nap

    by babylemonade on 12-05-2011 at 05:17 AM
    A few nights ago, I was able to remember two separate dreams I had in one night, separated by a sort of mini-dream, like an intermission. It was neat.

    The first dream involved some sort of scavenger hunt with my friends. We got lost in an indoor pool area...somehow.

    Then my dream shifted immediately to my friends and I listening to music, and my friends aren't able to remember the title or singer of the song we were hearing. It was "Forever and Ever Amen" by Randy Travis, and I told them that, but they didn't believe me.

    This somehow segued into another dream. I opened a door and was in a movie theater with just my friends. We watched a really miserable movie about a construction worker and his pickup truck, and it was so bad we started yelling and making fun of it. Basically we made our own Mystery Science Theater 3000.

    Oh, and I recalled a dream I had during a power-nap at work: It wasn't much, but in my dream I was a child standing in the middle of a country road wit a group of other children. there was a loud deep voice coming from somewhere (maybe the sky?) saying "I'm warning you..." over and over again. We were all a bit scared.

    A lot of interesting dreams lately.