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    Assassins Creed(ish) Dream + ToTM (Maybe)

    by Baggins on 07-11-2010 at 08:07 AM
    Dream Lucid Comments

    I have not been updating my DJ lately because most of my dreams are dull and lifeless.

    I am walking with a few of my friends, if I recall correctly, about 4. We're in our school but there are areas which look like they are from my primary school and a few in which are colorless. Something begins pulling me to the ground, I'm trying to yell but can't when it suddenly stops. I turn my head and see someone who resembles one of my old friends "Jarred?... Jarred Hale?" he just smiled and nodded.
    We broke out into a big conversation about anything and everything "Oi dick, hurry up!" I heard a friend yell.
    We said our goodbyes and I headed off with my friends I know there was more dream here but I just can't remember it
    I'm standing in the gym, it's me, AM, BB and CN. I'm standing near one end of the gym and the rest our down the other one playing basketball. I signal for the ball and BB passes it to me "I'll get it from here!" I say whilst lining up the shot.
    I take the shot and as it's leaving my hands I scream "This is all a dream!"
    The shot goes no more than 2 meters while I turn around and begin to walk to the door just behind me. I open the door to see a big white bridge leading to another roof, it resembled a building from Assassin's Creed 2. I look at my hands and then the ToTM clicked to me, I needed to clone myself but how. I stood there for a little bit trying to remember what someone had posted about how they cloned themselves. "Raven Knight used a song by disturbed, but wha.. Divide Duhh!"
    The song begins to play in my head, I focus on forming at least 1 clone but to no avail. I look around and it looks a lot like the ally ways of I think Venice from Assassin's Creed 2 and still being on the second floor I just jump down. On flat land now I walk around for a bit, as I progress down this ally it becomes more and more like the game "I wonder where the Templars are?" I say while giggling.
    Further down the ally I turn a corner and see a cart full of Templars being pulled by 2 horses and I begin to get worried so I thought it's a great time to fly. I steady myself and jump but once again, face first on the ground. I look around for a hiding spot because my lucid skills are minimum at best, I see a hole in a wall and quickly jump in. They pass and I jump straight out only to see Ezio standing in his robe, holding a smoke while sweeping. I walk over to him and look at my hand to see if the detail has increased but I don't have one "I'm a ghost!" I scream.
    I look at Ezio and reach out to him but for some reason I get sucked into his body (well mine now:S), I look at my wrist to see if I had a hidden blade but I don't "WTF, Ezio's a assassin with no blades?"
    I turn around, I could feel my dream fading so I decide to try cloning myself again, I focus on myself jumping out of Ezio while I remain but instead 2 cardboard cutouts appear "Epic fail" I mumble
    One of the cutouts began to move but now he was 3D, the second is now the same as well. Both now fully animated the view goes to 3rd person and there is 3 versions of me, the 2 clones hi-5 each other and I ask what they want to do. The clones look at me weird and turned to mindless DC's and just walked away "Shit!" as the dream fades I watch them walk off.

    I wake up "Bloody hell, I hope that counts" when I wake up again, I RC and it turns out I actually woke up.

    Murder on my mind

    by Baggins on 07-06-2010 at 04:31 AM
    Dream Lucid Comments

    There was more of the dream before this but it is very cloudy.
    The reason why I have so much anger towards this Micheal fellow is because he is just a straight up tool. He calls me names, I give him one back and he starts crying, he has started on me on the streets but I was not in the mood, so I just laughed in his face yet he cried to his Mum and got me in trouble through school.

    I was sitting in a car "I'm going to murder him" I stated to the other people with me.
    I felt all my anger, I have never been that angry in waking life before. We're driving down the road I live on, all the way down the opposite end. (It's about two kilometers in length, I live all the way near the end) I was constantly scanning where I could see, I knew I was looking for this kid Micheal from my class because of how much anger he has built up in me. I spotted him and so did the driver, he slammed on the brakes and I jumped out of the car and started walking over to him "OI! right here, right now!"
    He turned around a gave me a confused look "You know what I'm talking about faggot!"
    "What? Why are you here?"
    "I'm going to fuck-you-up!"
    He started to run but I gave chase, I was gaining on him when we reached a round-a-bout and I started to feel heavy. He was starting to get away "NO! COME FIGHT ME!" I screamed at him.
    He looked back and laughed at me before starting to run again. My friend came up behind me "It's just not meant to happen this way" everything began to fade.

    Scene Change

    I'm standing in what looks like a top notch restaurant kitchen except there are urinals on the walls and there are stalls "I need _____" I forgot what I needed
    I walk over to the closest door and open it, it leads to my school oval "What the fuck?"
    I continue outside and see a few of my old mates which I hate now so I decide to walk over to them. I open my mouth to say something when a massive weight begins to pull me down, when i touched the ground I woke up.


    -hanging out with Harold from Harold and Kumar
    -Eating something that I could on describe as "The best thing I've ever tasted!"
    -A lot of walking around.

    ToTM Completetion + A tiny Mole Gecko!

    by Baggins on 07-02-2010 at 11:37 PM
    Dream Lucid Comment

    I was laying down in on my bed, in my room. It was very dark but I could still pick up the shadows and shapes etc. I thought I will try have a WILD so I went to grab my drink but I got disstracted by a weird shadow on the wall, it was in the shape of a lizard when I woke up.

    RC + Drink then back to sleep for me!

    I was back in my room, it was sort of sunny outside so I decided to get out of bed. I walk into the living room and see my friend texting someone on his phone. I turn around and look out the window behind me and see the sun but I also see the shadow of a person moving along the ground, I turn to my friend "WTF... Did you hear my mum get up?"
    He did not reply so I waited to see the person, it was some Indian lady wearing a purple head thingy (Sorry, forgot the name) and in a white dress. I thought nothing of it, she just calmly walked around the cars and looked and smiled at me as she went out of my view "WTF.." I think to myself as I'm walking back to my room.
    In my room I laid back down and was going to try WILD when the thing on my wall caught my eye again so I decide to investigate. I take a look at it, it has a brown furry body like a tiny gecko with a moles head "Awesome... never seen one of these before!" I poke my head out my door "COREY!!! Come check this out!"
    I hear my brother come running "What? What?"
    He looks at the thing on my wall and his mouth drops in awe "Wha... What is it?"
    "I have no clue but he is mine now"

    The scene changes

    Now me and my brother are sitting down next to my bed observing the animal/insect, it is now like a bigger lady bug with 10cm high whiskers. "Must be a Wombat!" My brother says.
    I look at him weirdly and look back at the thing, it is now just a bigger lady bug, everything is the same just overgrown. I tell my brother to get out but he refuses, we get into a big arguement about how come he should stay and observe. He finally gives up and puts hand down to get up... Squashing the coolest thing I've ever found! I begin to get teary as I wake up.

    RC + Drink

    I tried to WILD but failed + This dream has a long boring part which I will cut out.

    I'm standing in my room, it is really dark again but this time I can barely see anything. I hear a noise... someone is in here with me and I begin to get scared. I see a few sparks when a green flare is lit and my whole room is illuminated, I see the man who had just lit it he turns to me and says "We're watching you, always have and always will" I get scared when there is a...

    Scene Change

    I'm standing near my dresser and it is fairly bright outside. I look down and see my ipod touch and decide to play some Megadeth. I select it but no sound comes out "Weird.. oh I didn't turn it up"
    I click the button on the side multiply times when the music goes Extremely loud but I turn it down as quickly as it went up "Wtf... they don't go that loud.. I must be dreaming!" I look around and am excited about being lucid "Wait.. better RC!" I pinch my nose and breathe in. I look at my hands which both have 5 fingers so I decide to do the RC with my finger through my hand (I've never done it before and was wondering what it felt like) with a wriggle and a push my finger goes through. I moved my finger while through my hand and I could feel the bone so I just pulled it out and went outside. I started running screaming out how I'm going to fly but when I jump I fail, so I try to make someone appear "When I turn around CT will be standing there!" but I turn around to no CT. "Hmm.. I should ring her" I pull out my phone and it was already calling her.
    "Hey where are you?"
    "At school, where you should be!"
    "What.. it has just started holidays.. tripping balls much?"
    "Fuck you then" she hangs up.
    "Well I'll be damned, shes not happy..."
    I look around to see if she was hiding but when I turn around I'm getting chased by Bees "Bees... WTF!! Why are they chasing me?" I'm flailing my arms around in the air like a maniac as I head for the door.
    Inside I go looking for my mum so the first place I check is her room and she is there "Mum, how can I find someone in a dream?"
    She looks confused and says "Like everything, the net"
    I look down at my hands to RC cause I could feel I was waking up when I got distracted thinking about how to find someone over the internet like my mum said.
    The I woke up.

    Updated 07-02-2010 at 11:41 PM by Baggins

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    Lake Guano

    by Baggins on 07-02-2010 at 07:28 AM
    Dream Lucid Comments

    I was standing in a dark room, well I thought I was anyway. I knew there were more people around me but I was unsure how many when my vision started to come in. I was standing on a wooden platform with my back against a wall, there was a lake in front of me which was a weird brown color and smelt really bad. I noticed that there were 3 females and another male standing on the platform as well as I. A man appeared out of nowhere and began saying something about us being on a game show. Some lady dived into the lake and began to swim around when a jet ski appeared in front of me. The man that appeared to be the game show host was talking about how we had to do all these pointless tasks in the lake and mentioned something about poo but I couldn't hear him properly. I was about to hop on the jet ski when some lady jumped on first. She took off fast, flying around on the water I noticed the other lady still swimming around next to me and how she had a white top that was now brown and the look of happiness on her face. "Wait 'til we tell them they are swimming in shit" one of the men said and then burst into laughter.
    I looked back at the lady and she smiled at me revealing the brown chunks in between her teeth, I turned away and nearly blew chunks when I saw the other lady coming back on the jet ski when I woke up.

    Driving down a big hill leading to a hoop that I was meant to ride on.

    something about me flying around.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    God Damned Fragments!

    by Baggins on 07-01-2010 at 01:21 AM
    Dream Lucid In Dream Thoughts

    Inflatable playground in our living room.

    Finding a packet of cigarettes on the floor, pulled one out and it lit itself and the trying to put it out but couldn't.

    Something about flying around with rocket boots or something.

    Getting in a argument with a kid in my class which caused us to have a fight and then he pulled out a knife.
    non-lucid , dream fragment