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    Jack white, handball players in my kitchen and causal flight

    by Bansheet on 01-09-2014 at 03:05 AM
    I finally had a lucid dream in which I didn't wake up almost immediately upon lucidity. Yay for me! :
    It's pretty long even though I feel like I only remember about 60% of it

    Anyway here it is, and sorry it's just a wall of text maybe I'll get around to making it look pretty one day (probably not):

    The earliest thing I remember was that I was having freaking Jack White in my house! (wasn't really my house, but it was in the dream). I was still non lucid at this point.
    He was in the middle of recording a song, but he was blocking my way so I put my hand on his shoulder to communicate that I wanted to pass. There wasn't a lot of room and he tried to keep playing while making room for me to pass. We got all tangled up and he had to stop playing. But it was no problem he just thought it was kinda fun and so did I. One of his crew members however whispered something disrespectful about me to himself though. So I told him "You're in my house so behave nicely". At first he apologized but then the other guy kept the discussion going and I ended up throwing them out. But at this point they had nothing to do with Jack White, Jack White wasn't even there. Instead they where guys from the other end of the country who played handball. Anyway, I told them to get out and they did, I followed them out of the room and we walked into a huge industrial kitchen (was still in my house, guess I must have been rich or something). The area was filled with handball players that had come from all over the country walking around everywhere. Complete chaos.
    Suddenly something happened that I had to move away from quickly. I'm not quite sure what it was but I think maybe something spilled out from a cooking pot or something. Anyway I quickly threw myself backwards and slided along the floor away from whatever it was. For some reason I just kept sliding, must have been some real slippery floor. While sliding I saw a pack of cigarettes on the floor. I picked it up and while I was still sliding I took a cigarette out and lit it.
    I finally stopped gliding and I was sitting next to a girl that used to be in my class like 4-5 years ago. (I never really talked to her or thought anything of her, so I don't really understand what she was doing there). Anyway I notice that my cigarette is roasted (which sucks unless you are about to roll a joint). No problem, I just gave it to the girl and lit a new one (I'm such a gentleman). Damn this was roasted too....
    I give the other useless cigarette to another girl who just appeared and as I do, I remember how my cigarettes are often roasted in dreams and I become lucid.
    Awesome! First thing I think about is that I have to tell my best friend when I meet her in school. And as we all know, in dreams what you think about happens so now I'm together with her and it gets a little blurry here. But the next thing I remember is that we walked into a room filled with instruments and a guy from my class was sitting and playing guitar with some girl I didn't know. We where supposed to have a 2v2 guitar battle against them so I go to pick up a guitar. I find a really cool hollow body electric guitar that looks a little the guitar Jack White uses with a slide.

    But as I pick up the guitar it turns into a contra bass and the others look at me like I don't know what a guitar is. Embarrassing since I'm supposed to be the best guitarist in the room...
    Anyway my friend offers me her guitar and says she'll just play on her toy guitar about the size of a pencil case.
    I take the guitar and sit down. Now the guitar I'm playing is my own guitar from the real world and it's missing a string. But I'm happy cause it's only missing one string (Right now my real guitar has only 3 strings because I'm in a bit of an economical crisis). So 5 strings is pretty good I think and I sit and warm up for the battle by playing inside my head. I play some pretty cool Jack White inspired blues improv, where I play both the rhythm and the lead part at the same time (I actually still remember what I played and if I had more strings on my guitar I could play it right now). It was kinda cool cause I got a lot quicker into my creative state than I usually do. Anyway I'm not sure if my dream just skipped here or if I just don't remember. But the next thing I remember is that my friend and I are sitting in a window. And I tell her that I'm having a lucid dream right now and we talk about how awesome it would be if it was a shared dream (she was totally cool with it, unlike most of the stories I've read in here, probably because she is like that irl as well). I know she has never experienced flying in a dream before so I ask her if she wanna try. I actually don't remember what she said but I pick her up anyway under my right arm and I fly out the window with her. We see the town from Weeds and we fly over it. I can't really seem to get my flying up to speed but then suddenly I manage to accelerate really fast and it felt like an awesome rollercoaster ride except even cooler cause we where flying.
    Now we're back in the building which is now our school (It wasn't anything like my school from irl but it was our school in the dream).

    From here on I don't remember as much detail and there's a lot of missing parts.

    There was some guy, I think he was a cook and that he had made a big cake. We accidentally sit down on his cake and ruin it. He gets really upset but I'm like "it's my dream fuck off, you can't be mad at me". But I eventually feel pity for him and I decide to fix it. I turn towards the cake to restore it with magic. I do motions with my hands kinda like the guys from Star Wars when they try to lift stuff with the power of the force. The cake starts fixing it self slowly from the bottom up as I guide it with my hands but it turns into something else, a statue of Leonardo DiCaprio i think. For some reason the walls are suddenly old and dirty and I go on to clean them up with my magic.
    I end up inside a class room. I remember a dream I had not long ago where I was Spider-Man and the Villains where people I knew it was pretty cool. So I thought that my dream could use a villain as well and I come up with using my most hated teacher from school. And she actually appears. She comes walking through the door and she looks even more evil than usual. Her veins are all dark and very visible. Turns out I didn't enjoy having her in my dream one bit so I left the room.
    I'm now outside some kind of factory and there's a sleazy business man or politician or something like that. I'm sure I knew him from somewhere either from real life or from a movie or something.
    He has dropped his hash pipe. It was filled with some kind of gross foam but in the dream I thought that's just how hash for pipes look (obviously I know that's not true). For some reason I want to throw it away. I don't know why but I think it's linked to something earlier in the dream I don't quite remember but including a hash pipe being thrown away as well.
    As I throw it, he sees me and yells so I fly up in the air. Now I'm just floating in the air thinking about what to do next. I decide to make an attempt at flying to space. So I start flying upwards but I can't seem to gain enough momentum just like earlier. I close my eyes and really focus on speeding up. It works, I can feel that I'm accelerating really fast (felt really cool). Suddenly I stop flying and I open my eyes. It's all dark and I wonder where the stars are.
    This is when I realize I'm staring into my bedroom wall, unfortunately it had awakened me and I never saw space


    Went to bed at 04:30 and woke up at 06:30

    It was one of those nights where you're up all night on your computer and at some point you get so tired that you just shut down the computer, roll over and instantly fall asleep with your clothes still on.

    Which is exactly the conditions I had my few (3) previous lucid dreams under.

    Smokin' with da Snoop to da Dee o' double G

    by Bansheet on 03-25-2013 at 08:10 AM
    I'm in a Danish supermarket with my mom. I'm just having a bag of chips and a fanta. When we get to the payment section we see there are no line but there are a fwe other people going there aswell. So we run for it and fights them for the first spot. We get somewhat in the middle of it. It's some fat, bald guy sitting at the counter. He thinks I'm too slow at finding my money so I pick a fight with him and all different kinds of swear words flies back and forth. (btw. I speak english in my dreams usually) In the end I throw one of my chips on the ground and tells him to go fetch and I walk out of there.
    When I get to the car I see a girl sitting on the backseat. It's one of the girls we competed for front spot with in the store.
    She's actually rather cute I think to myself. But I'm not exactly in a terrific mood so I just say hello and get in the car and starts drinking my fanta.

    Time Skip*

    The girl and I are now in a spanish styled white appartment but I believe it was in California even though I've never been there. We're talking and it's getting a bit hot. She walks out on the balcony and starts taking off her top with her back turned towards me and BAAM! I shoot her :S
    Apparently I was still mad after the supermarket incident...
    I'm like "Wtf I'm gone' do?!" So I light up a homemade ciggaret, you know, the ones that look like small joints. I start walking home, which in this dream was a spanish styled house on the top of a small mountain in the middle of the city. As I'm walking and I light up the second ciggaratte I remember that I quit smoking.
    I'm like "aww daaamn I ruined it" for atleast 3 full seconds then I'm like "whatever this is niiice" My dreamself is really week willed
    I suddenly realize that Snoop Dogg lives just beneath my mountain and he is pushing weed. So I go down there.
    He also lives in a spanish styled house and the entrance is a little hole in the bottom of his wall only large enough to barely squeeze through. So i knock on the wall and look through the hole and Snoop Dogg answers: "What's your name and color"
    So I tell him my name and color and he laughs at me and goes: "White boy? really?!" he then asks if I have smoked before and tells me to describe the smell and taste. I take a deep inhale and I say in a seductive voice: "mhmm... That smell... That taste... How could anyone forget?" Snoop Dogg accepts this and the next instant I'm sitting behind his house with him and some of his friends smoking weed. I tell them that my best friend and I had written a list of things we wanna do before we're thirty. On my friends list is "smoking weed with Snoop Dogg" and I tell them I can't wait to tell him about this. They laugh and we talk a little about my list and cool stuff to do in life.

    Time Skip*

    Next morning we all got some cards. Mine was for passwords for when I wanna buy again. I see one of the other guys has a card whit a mulitple choice question about me. It's about what crime my girlfriend and I was charged with but never convicted. The correct answer was assaulting a beggar or homeless person or something like that :S

    Then I wake up.

    - I quit ciggerattes in oktober last year, hopefully smoking in a dream doesn't count towards breaking that
    - I have tried weed only three times in my life. I'm not against it but I don't seek it out.
    - I have never assaulted or shot anybody and I don't think I ever will

    I have been and still am working on my social skills and confidence lately and it's carrying over in my dreams which is really cool I'm much more charming and easy going now than just a month ago, yay! This might be a reason why I have started befriending celebritys in my dreams. Last it was Brad Pitt and George Clooney ^^

    First Lucid Dream!

    by Bansheet on 02-22-2013 at 03:24 AM
    I'm laying in my bed. My dog is eating some dog food dangerously close to my balls so I reach down and hold his head away from me with my hand while I try to fall asleep again. This is when I get lucid. First of all my dog is never in my room and secondly it was just plain weird. I stand up. The dog is now gone and I think about stabilizing for a second but I go; "whatever, let's go for it". I lift off in the air and I'm now floating a few meters above my bed (my bedroom is very tall). I get an adrenalin rush through my body and my dream starts fading. I try to breath very calmly and I reach out for the wall to stabilize but my stupid arm won't move.
    Next thing I know I'm in a bus non-lucid. I'm on the verge of falling asleep but suddenly I get lucid again. I stand up and go down the bottom of the bus. I try to summon a cute girl but while I'm trying to visualize her my dream fade away again...
    I "wake up" on my madrass (my bed broke some time ago so I'm sleeping on a madrass in the middle of the room. The skeleton of the bed is still standing there). The sheet has fallen off in one end of my madrass. As I'm putting it back on I realize that my madrass is the wrong spot of the room and the 'skeleton' (I honestly don't know a better word to call it than skeleton...) is missing. I get lucid for the third time but I wake up almost immediatly.

    Strangely I have my first lucid dream after a week of complete slacking. I haven't been writing in my DJ for 7 days and lucid dreaming haven't even been on my mind (I have been pretty busy).
    I had been napping for a few hours earlier that day since I was very tired from school. At around 1-1:30 am I was in my bed reading some stuff on my laptop. I got so tired that I just closed the laptop, put it on the floor, rolled over and went to sleep instantly.
    I got almost straight into my dream. I know that for a fact since I woke up at 1:35.

    During the whole dream it felt like I was only half sleeping (more like daydreaming actually) I was very aware of my sleeping body. For instance I could feel my eyes moving rapidly around and I could feel the same tingly feeling all over that you get when trying to WILD.

    I don't know how I could have gone into REM so fast. Perhaps it had to do with my nap even though there was 3-4 hours gap between the nap and my sleep.
    Perhaps it was just guided hypnogogia? But it was so intence that I have a hard time believing it to be just hypnogogia.

    All 3 dreams was very dark. I've read that darkness in dreams can be because of lack of lucidity/stability. It could be the case or it could simply be because it was dark when went to bed and my dream started in my bed etc.

    What did I learn?

    First of all I got an insight into how it feels to be lucid dreaming and I think an insight into how it feels when WILD'ing into a dream.

    I have really good dream control I think. I had no problem at all flying and I'm pretty sure my summoning would have succeeded if the dream didn't change. I think I actually reached a pretty decent level of lucidity since felt clearheaded.

    My stabilization was poor though. Maybe the fact that I was thinking that I needed to stabilize and yet still didn't do it was the reason my dreams fell apart so fast.

    Oh and lastly I remember thinking something a long the lines of "hahahahahah fuck reality checks"

    ps. It was soooo weird to feel my eyes flickering all around my eye sockets.

    pps. I realize that the whole feeling my sleeping body thing could just have been part of the dream but I don't think so since I believe I actually woke up the end because I tried to move my arm of the sleeping body to test it.

    Charlie 'the Demon Midget' Chaplin

    by Bansheet on 01-11-2013 at 10:18 AM
    Jan 10, 2013


    It's in the middle of the night, I'm standing in the kitchin and it's dark outside while the light is on inside so I can pretty much just see the reflection of myself when I look out the window. I think I'm on my way to the bathroom or going to grab some food from the fridge (I've walked this exact route so many times I can actually walk it with closed eyes, tried and tested).
    As I'm walking I get this feeling, like someone is watching me, so I look out the windows and I see a dark silhuet standing just outside, but I can't see it properly so I switch off the lights and look out the window again. As I look into two tiny black demon like eyes my heart starts beating faster and I'm having a hard time breathing. I'm struck by a loud high pitched noice. It's so loud that I'm deafened by it and I'm literally paralyzed for what feels like an eternity but in reality was more like seconds. My eyes are locked with the eyes of this creature. It feels like I'm getting drawn into the bottomless void that is it's eyes and I'm filled with stress and anxiety. It's as if I'm about to burst.
    But then with a snap of the fingers I'm freed from it's grasp as it turns away from me and start walking. My angst is instantly relieved to some extent and I can move again though with great effort as my body is still weary and I have to lean against the kitchen table to remain on my feet.
    The entety has seems to have grown smaller only about a few feet high and it seems confused or panicy like it is just as afraid of me as I am of it. It doesn't move in a straight line and it moves weird. It seems as if it can't bend his legs and it's arms are stiff down the sides. The way it moves actually resemble the way a penguin would move. A vicious demon penguin of evil anyway.
    It's dressed like Chapin so i guess 'it' must be a 'he' and his head is completely unproportionate. It's huge compared to the body. The head alone makes it for atleast one third of his height. His face looks as if it where painted on, he looks very old with long wrinkles like the rings on a tree stub. He has a blank expression on his face and pale skin.
    I'm still having trouble breathing properly, the pitched noice is still there and my hearth is still pulsing through the roof.
    I'm trying to yell out to this demonic midget or whatever it is, but I can't. I'm yelling so hard that my chest is getting sore but no sound escapes my mouth. My efforts are brought to a halt as the noice increases in volume, louder than ever. My hearth is pounding away faster and faster for every second and I seem to lack the ability to breath. My legs are tremblind beneath me and i seem to be on the verge of a collapse as the creature turns around slowly. I stare helplessly at it as I'm paralyzed once more. At the moment where our eyes are locked the noice, my breathing, my hearth, everything just explodes everything becomes a dark blur as I in my bed.


    As I woke up I was breathing really fast and my pulse was definelty faster than usual. Though I realized pretty much instantly that it had just been a dream so i closed my eyes quickly and relazed all my muscles to try and recollect the dream. I seemed to remember some fragments of an earlier dream that night aswell. Namely it seemed like Charles 'the Demon Midget' Chaplin had been haunting me in an earlier dream aswell. All I could see though was a flashing image of 'Chaplin' on a brighter background. Could have been my imagination i guess.

    I haven't had a nightmare since i was a kid, and much less have I actually woke up from one. (as far as i can remember)
    I used to have nightmares somewhat often and i was scared of the dark and everything. I can't honeslty say that I don't feel weird about darkness anymore though I'm easely supressing any weird feelings with logic. I have often experienced my fantasy making me imagine there would be someone watching me at exactly the spot Chaplin 'the Demon Midget' was standing at (just about a yard from the kitchen window). But again I've had no problems brushing it off as mere fantasy.

    I have never had very good dream recall as far as I can remember, but then again i don't remember much from when i was a kid. I never remember more than maybe 1 dream each month.

    That is why I was and am focusing on gaining a good dream recall before trying seriously for lucidity.

    This dream occured after about 2 hours of sleep on the very first night that i attempted to do anything about my dreams.
    I had been researching a lot on lucid dreaming and I was very intent to at the very least recall a dream that night. I also tried to perform a WILD, knowing I would probably fail. And sure i did fail but I had some very interesting hypnogogia before i fell asleep. Furthermore i had set my phones alarm to 4:30 am to attempt the WBTB tecknique.

    I suppose it the sum of all this preperation and my state of mind that caused me to have this extremely vivid dream.
    By far the most vivid dream I remember. The fact that I hardly ever recall my dreams (even when I do recall dreams they are more like fragments and certainly not very vivid) and the fact that it caused me to wake up (a thing no dream has done to me for several years) all made me truly believe that lucidity is very much possible for me.

    This made me sign up here on dreamviews, cause now I'm officially working towards my first lucid dream!

    ps. I've uploaded a web cam photo of the drawning I made of Chaplin. ( keep in mind it was drawn at about 1:30 am )

    pps. Sorry if there are any spelling or grammar errors. The text is too long for me to look through at the moment. Maybe I'll revisit it later to correct errors.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable